11 Do’s and Don’ts of Custom Wall Stickers that you should keep in mind!

In the past stickers, the industry was just limited to cars, sports, and promotional stickers and decals. But with the passage of time and with the help of innovation this took a drastic turn and made its way to the décor industry too. 

What happens then, the wall décor stickers become one of the most selling articles among the decals. People instead of using wall paints or coatings started using wall stickers. This brought a boom to the sticker industry and wall decals become the star of the market. 

However, it is not easy to select custom-made wall stickers as they are to portray the taste and display of your statement shout out loud. Therefore, you have to be extra careful while selecting your wall decal. Otherwise, instead of looking attractive and beautiful, they will ruin the appearance of your room or hall or any place where you have utilized them. 

Therefore, to get the best out of them, I have gathered a list of 11 Do’s and Don’ts that you should keep in mind while selecting your wall stickers for your bedrooms, office rooms, corridors, or whatever place you want to be decorated. 

The Do’s: 

First, let’s talk about the Do’s. 

Know your design thoroughly:

The first and foremost thing that you should keep in mind while getting custom wall stickers is what type of design you want. Or simple to put it, what idea you have to materialize and paste in form of a decal or sticker on your wall. 

So, if you are confused or have dwindling thoughts that I should go with a Lamborghini car wall sticker or should I just get the text of its name, you will not get the perfect results. 

You have to be precise and apt about what you want in form of your stickers, then you will be able to go for further steps. Otherwise, you will get your sticker but it will not make you happy. 

Selection of the Place to Paste:

Where do you want to paste your sticker is the most important question? For instance, you have four walls in your room, let’s suppose it’s a bedroom. You have selected what you want to get a scene from the river as your wall sticker. 

The first part is done. Now, think that which wall would suit to put this sticker on. The trick here is that deduce the wall on which it does not appear enthralling. Eventually, you will get the wall where you should put it. 

Wall selected, 50% of the task is done. 

Completely know the Size of Space: 

One of the major mistakes that people commit while ordering wall stickers for bedrooms, office rooms, or halls, is that they do not get the size right. And just order the stickers. What happens, is that the sticker does not come at par with the requirements of the wall space. 

Therefore, the final result will be just a disaster and a waste of money and time. So, it is highly essential that you must know the wall size and space size on that wall where you put the sticker. Also, when you get the space size, you will automatically have the idea of which size of the sticker you want. 

Keep in Mind the Aura of your Room:

The third major Do is that you must know the mood of your room. What is meant by this is that you should have the idea that your room is dark and have the aura of serenity or your room is light and have a funky mood. 

Select your wall sticker that compliments the mood of your room. Let suppose, it is dark in color and the furniture articles are also give a sense of silence. The best sticker option would be something like meditation, relaxing buddha, or some relieving quote. 

If both the mood of your room and the sticker you select are parallel, the results would be amazing. 

Here another thing that is to keep in mind is the colors of your sticker. The selection of colors is crucial and should be chosen carefully. You have selected the design with the mood of your room, keep the color too according to the appearance of your room. 

Choose the area carefully: 

While selecting the wall for a custom sticker, choose it carefully according to the space. Meaning by if you are choosing stickers for kitchen walls, bedroom walls, or living room walls. Whether you want to cover two walls or a single one. Also either you want to cover the ceiling or not. 

All these things matter because according to the selection of space your choose the wall sticker. 

Select the material of your custom wall sticker with kid gloves:

One crucial decision is the selection of the material for wall stickers. It depends on the type of wall and the style of the sticker. I can be from the category of custom vinyl wall stickers or the house of plastic sheet stickers. 

But in significant cases, vinyl wall stickers are preferred and used. As they are more reliable and have a long life. Also, it can depend on the size of the sticker, if it is massively huge, it should be in vinyl material otherwise you will not get the required results. 

The Don’ts:

After getting an idea about the Do’s, let’s dig into some Don’ts of the custom wall stickers. 

Don’t Go for Bright Colors for Office Wall Stickers:

If you are selecting stickers for the wall in your office room or office corridors, do not go for so bright colors. As the office has some aura that needs to be catered to and bright colors do not go for it. 

Try to choose sober colors, even if you have to choose bright ones, try to select a single scheme not a mixture of various colors. As it will look complete overworked wall. 

It is not a wall in any café, it is a wall in an office, therefore, it must be according to the requirement of the place. 

Don’t Paste your stickers on Paint or Uncleaned surface:  

No doubt there are wall stickers or custom wall decals in the market that keep your wall paint intact and do not harm it. However, unless you want to hide the paint on the wall, do not use stickers on your wall. Otherwise, when you peel off the sticker it will ruin your wall paint.

So, make the surface rugged first and then past your stickers. Also, if the surface is not clean and has particles of dust or smudges, the sticker will not remain intact on the wall. Try to clean the surface thoroughly to get the best results. 

Don’t paste the sticker abruptly:

When you get your sticker don’t paste it swiftly. First, try to make its placement and measure that this place would be good if you paste it here or you have to make some adjustments. 

So, firstly, check the sticker by putting it on the wall with its back cover. When you feel complete satisfaction, then peel it off and paste it on the wall. 

Giving some time to this step will not let you down. You will be confident while pasting your custom wall sticker. Ultimately, you will get the desired results that would be up to the mark. 

Don’t peel off the upper paper layer first: 

While pasting the sticker on the wall, don’t at all peel off the upper layer of paper first. It will make the sticker vulnerable to cribs and turn into a reshaped sticker. That means you will destroy your sticker if you do this as wall décor stickers are sensitive. 

Hence, try not to peel off the upper layer first. Peel the back seal first, paste it on the wall and then peel off the upper layer. Then get the exact wall sticker that you want. 

Don’t select the large fonts for quotes wall stickers:

If you select quotes as stickers for your walls then try to get the font size right. It is certain that the custom quote wall stickers are used for office walls in meeting rooms or corridors, therefore, the font size must be appropriate according to the space of the wall. 

If it is a meeting room, the font should be according to the meeting room. If it is used in the executive room, then it must be according to that.  As font plays a vital role in making the wall beautiful. 

Final Thoughts!

So, now you have all the secrets of custom wall stickers, that make or destroy your wall. Hence, try to keep these things in mind while ordering your wall stickers. And also while pasting it on the wall to get the top-notch results. 

Do You Know the Best Ways to Use Transparent Stickers for Your Business?

Transparent stickers, give a buzz to you? If not, they will! Yes, custom transparent stickers can be used for various purposes for your business. No idea! Don’t worry, we are here to guide you about it. 

Since the boom sticker industry, transparent stickers have their own identity and according to a magazine report published in 2017, the most used stickers are transparent stickers. As these stickers are for multi-faceted purposes and are used by businesses for various reasons. 

Before digging into the versatile ways, first things first, let us give you an idea, of what are transparent stickers. 

Anatomy of Transparent Stickers:

Have you ever seen something written on the door of a hypersmart of a coffee shop that gets you curious how it is so clearly written and can be read from both sides of the glass? It’s magic! Yup! It’s the magic of personalized transparent stickers that brands have invested in. They use them to make their statement out in the market. 

Also, you have seen some glazed printed stickers on tech articles boxes, like on laptops, mobile phones, etc. All those are clear transparent stickers. 

Now, you must know what they are made of! 

  • Custom transparent stickers are made of a special kind of sheet, they can be gloss or matte. 
  • It has two layers; one is clear, and the other is printed. 
  • On its back, it has a magic-strong adhesive that keeps it stuck to the surface. 
  • The upper layers are thick and strong which makes sit easy to peel it while pasting.
  • Transparent layers are made of vinyl. 

All these are customizable and can be done according to the needs of the ordering brands. 

So, now you get the basic idea of transparent stickers. Let’s know more about its best and most useful 

Transparent Stickers as a tool for Making Statement:

Brands are known due to their key characteristic and some identity pointer they have among their customers and even in the competitive market. Personalized transparent stickers are the best way to make that statement.  Customize them and get your statement to reach your customers. 

Therefore, whether it is a tech brand or a cosmetic articles manufacturer, all use transparent stickers as they are minimal, attractive, and more prone to get the job done. 

Companies use cute transparent stickers to stand out their products from their competitors. These stickers offer them an identity and that makes their customer confident about their choice. 

At some point, you have surely seen that tech brands use clear stickers on their items or even on the packaging of their items. Why? Because it is minimal, uses less space, and presents the company or brand itself. 

Useable for Multi-Products:

Now, you are thinking that how these are relevant to you as you are a clothing brand or cosmetic brand, or food brand. It is relevant though. Custom transparent stickers you can use for any product. Let’s suppose you have manufactured new world cup campaign T-shirts and want to make them stand out, use transparent stickers. Yes! They are economical, customer-friendly, and above all every-catching. 

Pro Tip: Black T-Shirts look marvelous when they are decorated with transparent stickers.

Furthermore, if your product falls in the food industry, you have seen a lot of examples yourself of clear stickers printed on the packaging of those items. 

The automobile industry is one of the top users of these stickers. They use it for windscreens of cars, elaboration of bonnets, decoration of spoilers, and show off the alloy rims.

Hence, no matter what product you manufacture you can use transparent stickers for the product and for its packaging too.  

Use Clear Stickers in Colorful Ways:

As you know colors add joy to life. Likewise, the colorful stickers add attraction to your product. So, another best way to use transparent stickers is to get them in colorful inks, instead of a monochromatic theme. No doubt the single-color theme gives buzz and a minimal look. But obviously, you cannot use it for every product. 

Hence, add colors to your stickers, eventually, it will add colors to your customers’ lives. 

Also, it makes your product appears more attention-grabbing than other products. Eventually, it will lead to solid sales because the customer will go for it. 

Cute Transparent Stickers for Promotion Instead of Flyers or Brochures:

You and we, both are living in the modern era where everything is rapidly moving towards innovation and novelty. So, why no innovation in promotion ideas?

The others don’t do this! No worries. You do it and become the bearer of a new trend. Yes! Use custom-made transparent stickers for the promotion of your new product, your brand, or any other campaign your want to run. Use it! We guarantee you; that it will create a huge impact. 

Add some minimal, funky, or colorful cute transparent stickers in your product packaging according to your product. It will give a message of your campaign to your customers and allow them to feel a relationship with your brand. 

So, next time you order custom transparent stickers, keep these ways of usage in mind and make a statement in the market. 

Some FAQs? What do you say? Let’s have them!


What are transparent stickers called? 

Transparent stickers are also known as clear stickers in the industry. Most are for promotional and campaign purposes and 

Are transparent stickers available in vinyl?

Yes! They are. Vinyl is the sheet that is used in creating transparent stickers. The clear layer of the sticker is made of vinyl and the other layer has the adhesive glue on it. 

Do we have transparent stickers in colors? 

Yes! You can have that. Transparent stickers are available in colors, even mostly ordered in colors. You can get transparent stickers online at Premium Custom Stickers.

Transparent stickers and transparent labels, what is the difference between them?

There is no major difference in both. Transparent stickers are for anything, whereas transparent labels are mostly used to label something, it can be the product or the packaging itself. 

Can You Deny the Importance of Bumper Stickers? Hell No!

Sometimes it is very easy to deny something like the thing that is under scrutiny is of no stature and has no solid footing. Eventually, it loses the case and is denied by the masses. But often the thing that is under discussion and brought for denial has a strong history, roots, and existence, that nobody can deny it. Later in the case of bumper stickers. 

Certainly, you are now thinking wait what is the importance of car bumper stickers and their denial. Yes, you can take it as an insane approach, but it is true and has a history. 

Bumper stickers, no matter used on car bumpers or billboard bumpers, have a strong history. Back in the 1980s, it was the first time to use stickers on car bumpers. And people use them to just show off or to decorate their vehicles. 

But a time came when it became controversial to use custom-made bumper stickers on your cars. And this controversy started in Texas and Dallas. When some people used politically charged bumpers stickers against the sitting political party. It ultimately took the supporters of that party to rage and turned into a massive neighborhood fight. 

So, a time came that it was BANNED! Yeh, Bumper stickers were banned. 

bumper stickers wholesale

Bumper Stickers Came Back With a Blow!

Then a time came when these stickers came back with a blow by adding to the revenue of the country. According to the research of FORBES, the stickers industry adds a massive chunk of money to the national exchequer by selling stickers in-country and abroad.

Almost 30,000 registered companies are there to manufacture stickers. Among which the 30% share is only of bumper stickers and the remaining 70% is collective of all other types of stickers. 

Every year around 100 million stickers are manufactured and used on car bumpers. Ultimately, adding to the stock of the country. 

This is the blow that bumper stickers made for banning them. Stickers manufacturers offer extraordinary customization options to their B2B and B2C customers and the flow of custom magnetic bumper stickers in the market is increasing rapidly. 

If they are adding this much, how can one deny their importance and it is just one reason, the others are on their way. 

Custom Bumper Stickers are Emotions of Masses!

People use custom-made bumper stickers to portray their emotions. Some paste stickers of their favorite team. Some paste of their favorite player. Many feel proud to show their road rage by pasting racing bumper decals. 

Many people like to display kids in the cars stickers, hazardous stickers, and funny characters bumper stickers. So, almost everyone has his own reason to paste the stickers on their cars. 

Even not only these vinyl bumpers stickers that are custom made, used only on car bumpers. They are also used by many restaurants and cafes to show warnings, signs, and mottos. You have seen at many places that people have pasted these stickers to convey their messages. Seat reserved stickers, coffee corner stickers, children playing area stickers, and many others like them. 

In other words, they have become an inevitable part of American culture. As people use them to express their emotions, political views, attachment, devotion, and social understanding. Hence, no one can deny their existence. 

Source of Promotion and Advertisement:

Custom car stickers have been used as a source of advertisement too. A lot of brands and companies use them to promote their business. Because the best way to promote your product is to take them to the customers and going on road everyone can see it clearly if it is pasted on some vehicle. Almost everyone can see it even not thoroughly but superficially. However, it will remain in the mind of whoever sees it. And it is what you call promotion. 

Also, it becomes word of mouth when someone sees your ad and will surely tell his or her friends whenever talked about it. 

In many cases, someone is going to buy something and sees its ad on your service cars, for instance, and gets your number from there. They call you and book an order. Your product will be sold. This is an advertisement. 

Many times you have seen social workers’ statements through bumper stickers and you want to donate. But before that, you could not find an organization according to your ideas. From this advertisement sticker, you get what you want.  Ultimately, what those bumper stickers have done is called help. 

In this way, these stickers sail through among others and have inevitable importance. 

Long-lasting and Have a Variety of Materials:

The variety of materials you get for custom bumper stickers, you cannot get for other types of stickers. Whether you want vinyl-made bumper stickers or stickers made of plastic sheets or glazed paper, you can get them.  

Whatever, size you are looking for, you can get bumper stickers. The message you want to print is completely your choice. The quantity you need depends on you. 

Above all, get these stickers in any material and forget about getting them again. As it will remain there for long life. You will not need another. 

Shapes that you like will be available for you whether it is custom oval-shaped bumper stickers or just simple rectangular or square ones. Every shape is easy to get it. If you want round stickers for your campaign, order them and get them. The bumper stickers market offers you a wide variety and covers all your needs. 

Final Verdict!

I can assume now that till this moment after this much explanation you get a quite elaborative idea that why it is almost impossible to deny the importance of bumper stickers. So, if you were having dwindling thoughts about using them, now it will be cleared in your mind. 

So, paste them, portray your emotions, display your product and run your campaign, whatever your need is,  they will not let you down. 


Can any stickers be bumper stickers?

Any sticker can be marked as bumper stickers that you use on your car bumper. But the fact is that bumper stickers are special and made of a special kind of vinyl sheet and adhesive material that keep the paint of your bumper unharmed. 

Is it illegal to put a bumper sticker on someone’s car?

It is not illegal, but immoral to put a bumper sticker on someone’s car as it is an act of vandalism and bad character. As bumper stickers mostly express ideas or emotions, therefore, do not do this. 

Can we put bumper stickers on car windows?

Yes, you can put bumper stickers on car windows. It is your message that you want to express through your sticker, put anywhere you want on your car.

Is Vinyl bumper sticker better than paper stickers?

Yes, the vinyl bumper sticker is long-lasting, waterproof, and dustproof. It stays for a long time and also does not affect the paint of your car. 

Are Brand Stickers Effective Source of Marketing or Not?

Marketing is one of the major things that brands work on and invest in as it is the source of lead generation and can boost sales. Even the leading magazine of the world, Forbes gave the verdict in 2020 that “Marketing matters now more than ever”. 

Therefore, companies spend a huge chunk of their budget and resources to get their brand marketing top-notch and customer friendly. For that purpose, brands use versatile strategies and tools to get the required outcome, the usage of brand stickers is among the top ones on the list. Brand stickers are the most effective way to grab the attention of the customer and the easiest way to advertise the product and brand identity. 

Hard to digest this reality? Let me explain more to you for your understanding. 

Brand Stickers as a Source of Brand Identity:

Going by a Starbucks coffee shop or passing through an alley and you see a printed logo sticker of Adidas on the wall, what will you feel or think after seeing them? The answer is it will refer to you as the core brand of that name sticker. Yes! Those name brand stickers are the keeper of brand identity and the same they are conveying to you. 

Pro Tip! It will only happen when that brand is really established and renowned. Otherwise, the usage of stickers showing brand names will not be useful for that brand. 

Another example is that you go to hypermart to buy some product. Suddenly, you see the brand counter indicating through product sticker and you will go to that counter and buy the required product. What those stickers have done to the brand? They have marketed its product.

Want to Know More About the Product, Stickers Will Tell You:

In recent years, the trend is soaring in the market, that the stickers are information containers for the customers. If you want to purchase something, you just can have a thorough look at the printed sticker on the product, you get your questions answered.

The brands are making it customer-friendly and providing them with as consolidated information related to that product as they can. Even if that product is from the cosmetic racks or an item of clothing, it has printed stickers on it.

The clothing brands, nowadays, are campaigning more and more to aid their buyers. They are using custom brand stickers to make the customer able for making a statement. 

So, helping the customer is a fair source of marketing the product?

Curious to know more? Let’s dig into it. 

Unboxing and Brands Stickers:

The experience of unboxing is gaining huge attention from the customers. One can observe all these unboxing trends on social media sites that are becoming viral with time. It becomes one of the obvious sources of marketing. If the unboxing experience is thrilling, the customer will surely go for products of that brand again. 

Companies, to make their unboxing mechanism more attractive than their competitors are using cool brand stickers with remarkable innovative ideas. Also, they are using eco-friendly packaging ideas to make their product unboxing experience more unique. 

To make it more out of the box, the brands who have done market research on their customers use custom stickers in the packaging of their products. They add cool stickers that their customers can use to display on their laptops, walls, speakers, or anywhere they want. 

Eventually, it makes their customer base strong and that leads to bulged sales. 

Brand Stickers and Special Occasions:

Stickers offer a funky and jovial feeling when someone sees their colorful structure. On occasions, brands use these stickers to make their customers’ moments full of joy. It gives a sense of getting something extra and rewarding. So, if there are Christmas or valentine’s days, according to the event the brands add themes to the stickers they paste and add some extra ones in the package as a reward. 

Also, these stickers are used as brand campaigns during those eventful days. For instance, if there is some crisis, to show solidarity these stickers are used. Ultimately, it creates a brand statement that it stands with the cause. It brings customers and makes them attached to the brand as they feel proud for choosing its products. 

Again, it has done marketing for the products. So, nobody can deny the fact that brand stickers are one of the effective ways of marketing any product. Only the selection of stickers must be up to the mark and have some tint of innovation, it will automatically turn into a marketing tool. 


Why are stickers important in business?

Stickers have the same importance as the flyers and cards have for any business. They portray the brand identity and make the product information for the customer at hand. Also, with these stickers, the brands can convey their message to their customers which will boost the confidence of customers in their brand. 

How long do brand stickers last? 

It depends on the quality of papers and glues too. If the sticker is made up of high-quality glue and it is vinyl, then it will last longer than compared to a sticker made up of simple paper. Moreover, it will be waterproof and dustproof. 

How are stickers used in brand marketing?

Stickers advertise your brand if they are put in the right place. Yes! Stickers are one of the major sources of marketing. You can put them on your product, on the glass door of a coffee shop, or the hypermarket counter. Wherever you put it, it will advertise and market your brand. 

How can I make stickers last longer?

If you DIY your sticker, chances are there that it will not give you the required output you want. No need to worry about it. Premium Custom Stickers is here to help you in this regard. You can have our friendly package and can customize the quality of the sticker as you want. Hence, you can get long-lasting brand stickers on this platform. 

Is Hologram Stickers Industry Dying?

Hologram stickers are the remarkable invention of their time. Got confused about the word ‘hologram’? Don’t worry, let me explain that to you. The hologram is a technology that uses light to reflect and portray exposure to different colors. In holography, the wave nature of light is used, whereas in a normal photograph the lens is used for focus. 

Hologram stickers are custom stickers that offer various colors while moving them at a specific angle as they have traveled through the process of holography. 

I hope now you have a random idea of what is a hologram sticker. While going through the blog, you will get a better idea of it.  So, without further ado, let’s jump into its history. 

History of custom-made hologram stickers:

According to research, the first hologram was made by Gabor in 1947 while he was refining the filtered light. It was the first time that the system of holography was invented “accidentally”. However, after that, this system was recognized and used for different purposes. Among these, hologram sticker printing is at the top. 

Custom hologram stickers saw a huge boom in their time since the invention of this technology. Various genres used these stickers ranging from security stickers and company logo stickers to hologram stickers custom-made for entry passes and QR code stickers. 

But over time this usage of these stickers became rare as modern technology of three-dimensional stickers overcomes it. 

Yet the question is is this industry dying? The answer is a big no!

Current Market of Custom Hologram Stickers:

The results of various research show that the current stickers market has an almost 47% share of hologram stickers. And among them, the major chunk is security hologram stickers. Even you can recall your experiences of having to interact with these stickers, while getting your checkbooks, on buying authentic products, seals on mobile phone boxes, security passes of the secured area, all use custom hologram stickers as they requirements. 

In addition to that, the market for hologram stickers becomes skyrocketed since the gadget era started. The techy companies are the major customers of hologram printing services. As these products require a guarantee from the manufacturer, hence, the seal made of three-dimensional stickers that cannot be copied is a guarantee for them. According to a rough estimate, among security stickers, 76% of hologram stickers are ordered by these techy enterprises. 

hologram stickers wholesale img

These three-dimension stickers are secure and cannot be replicated, hence, the product cannot be replicated, and the customer gets the authentic product. 

Including security stickers, hologram stickers are used for various other purposes too. For instance, the second most used hologram sticker is as labeling of a company brand. Different companies used these hologram stickers to label their products and offer a seal to confirm that this product is authentic and that customers can buy it without an iota of doubt. 

Types of Hologram Stickers that kept it at the Top of the Competition:

To some extent, you have now got the idea that hologram stickers are giving strict competition to other types of decals and stickers. And from this, it is almost vivid that this industry is not going anywhere. However, to make it more substantial, let me explain the types of custom hologram stickers that played a vital role in making them a strong competitor in the market. 

1. Self-adhesive Hologram Stickers:

One can say that all the stickers are self-adhesive, but this is not the real case. Only hologram stickers are considered self-adhesive stickers as they are manufactured this way they can be pasted without any hurdle. Moreover, the UV inks that are used in these stickers made them stand out in the competition. 

2. Temper Proof hologram Stickers:

This characteristic makes hologram stickers custom-made, as it provides complete freedom to the company, whatever it wants to print on the back side of the sticker, it can. Furthermore, it offers a sense of security as when this sticker is peeled off from the surface, it will leave something written on the surface. From which one can assess that there was something pasted. Ultimately, it is a guarantee of security.

3. Promotional Stickers

Companies use hologram stickers for the promotion of their products. Why do they use this sticker? The answer is it is long life and waterproof too. In addition to that, it offers a variety of colors and designs. Hence, promoting among the strict competition, it is a brilliant option. 

These are some examples of hologram stickers that make them inevitable in the competitive market. 

Hologram Stickers cannot be left behind:

Some things are made to be there forever and even if they have strict and solid competition, they cannot be left behind. The same is the case with hologram stickers. They have made their undeniable position in the market. 

The modern trend is going towards more secure transactions, devices, and tech. Custom hologram stickers have a strong footed place there. You can clearly see the credit cards, and debit cards, they have hologram printing and stickers on them. this shows their viability. The modern identity cards, chips, and passes all have hologram stickers pasted on them in any way. 

As these things are making progress, so as the hologram stickers. Even statistics show that recently, the most searched question regarding stickers is how to make hologram stickers. This shows that the brands, companies, and enterprises are striving to get these stickers for their product and items. 

This eventually proves that the hologram sticker industry is not going to die, at least not in this decade. 

hologram stickers wholesale img


Why are hologram stickers used for authentication?

Hologram stickers are made of special material that cannot be removed easily, and the ink used in them is of high quality that offers a three-dimensional image. This offers a guarantee of authentication to the customer. Therefore, they are used as authentication stickers. 

How to make hologram stickers?

Hologram stickers can be made at home too but for that, you need to have various items like inks, papers, and machines. Hence, Premium Custom Stickers is here to help you in this regard. Ask us and we will prepare for you the best custom hologram stickers on the market. 

Can hologram stickers be copied?

No, the hologram stickers cannot be copied as they are manufactured in a specific die and unless you have that die, you cannot copy them. 

Our Holographic Stickers Waterproof?

Yes! Holographic stickers are waterproof as they are made of a semi-plastic sheet that can resist water. 

Kiss Cut Stickers & Die-Cut Stickers Aren’t The Same

Did you ever know kiss cut and die-cut stickers were not the same?

Sorry for bursting your bubble, but they really are.

They might look so similar, but in reality, they aren’t. To be precise, the die-cut stickers are cut to the shape of the design, whereas a kiss cut sticker has a square background behind the design, making it bigger than the size of the actual sticker.  However, one can easily get confused while using both types of stickers, but how can you differentiate?

Correctly speaking, the die-cut stickers are easy to use and can easily fit the shape of the design, making them look ethereal. On the contrary, the kiss cut stickers are only cut through the vinyl, and the background stays. If you wish to enhance the stickers, you can always add extra glare and style on the back of the design.

Which stickers do people prefer more?

It is not wrong to say that both the stickers have pros and cons, but people love buying die-cut stickers over kiss-cut stickers only because of popularity and presentation.

However, to not jinx your thoughts, here’s an insight into both stickers, and you can easily choose whichever you like.

What Is A Kiss Cut Sticker?

So basically, the kiss cut stickers are cut through the vinyl layer around the design without removing or cutting the paper in the background. This makes the stickers even more durable because of that additional layer.

What does kiss-cut mean literally?

The kiss-cut stickers have cuts on the border of the stickers, so you can easily peel them off without removing the backing material. You can also call a bundle of kiss-cut stickers a sticker sheet that has numerous types of custom kiss-cut stickers.

These stickers are usually available in a plethora of choices and sizes. So, you can choose whichever fits your requirements perfectly. Not only are these stickers cut clean with exact lines, but they also have intricate detailing, making them stand out among the rest. Moreover, it is not wrong to say that the kiss cut stickers are best for making extremely detailed designs because they will be protected with the backing. No matter what the information is or the design, you can get it printed on these stickers.

More About Kiss Cut Stickers

The kiss-cut stickers have different coatings that can help enhance their appeal and make them worthy of buying. You can either use glossy or matte finishes for the stickers to give them a nice look. Along with that, you have the opportunity to get in any shape, size, and style that you want. So, these easy-to-use and easy to peel stickers are also easy to apply. A win-win situation.

Lastly, if you wish to store these stickers, you can do so without having to worry about them ruining or their colour withering off because none of it happens.

What Is a Die Cut Sticker?

On the contrary to kiss-cut stickers, here’s some information about die-cut stickers. These die-cut stickers are basically one of the best stickers available in the market. They have cut around edges for the design and are available in various shapes and sizes.

What do die-cut stickers mean literally?

The die-cut stickers are custom-shaped stickers with a unique shape, style, and size. Also, you can print anything on them regardless of what that is. Entirely efficient for any artwork

The Advantages Of Kiss Cut Stickers & Die Cut Stickers

It is not wrong to say that both the kiss cut and die stickers have advantages and disadvantages. So, here’s a little insight into the advantages of both the stickers.

Advantages Of Kiss Cut Stickers 

  • They have extra backing paper around the outside of the sticker. You can easily print them with your brand name, website, and contact details, making them really effective as handouts at events.
  • If you have an intricate design, a kiss cut will be better because the extra backing paper protects the stickers until it’s applied.
  • Easier to peel away from the backing paper and thus are quicker to apply.

Advantages Of Die Cut Stickers

  • Tend to be a lower cost option because there is less cutting per sticker.
  • The edge of the backing paper is the edge of the sticker, making it easier to see what your sticker will look like on the surface you’re applying it to. Great if you are re-selling your design as a sticker to your customers.

What Are The Similarities Between Kiss Cut And Die Cut Stickers?

Kiss-cut and die-cut stickers have their share of similarities and differences too. So here are four similarities between both the different kinds of stickers.

UV Lamination

Both Custom Stickers can be easily laminated with UV lamination and are weatherproof. So you can easily pace them for outdoor purposes without having to worry about them fading or losing their color.

Custom Shapes

Both types of Stickers are available in custom shapes and sizes. So, no matter which shape you like, it can be made.

Full Color

95% of Pantone colors are easily printable on the kiss cut and die-cut stickers.

Rounded Corners

Both premium stickers have round corners, which is why you can easily peel them and apply them anywhere you like.

What Is The Difference Between Kiss Cut And Die Cut Stickers?

With the similarities mentioned above, the stickers also have a variety of differences. Read to find out more.

Die-cut stickers can be completed with the help of laser-cut, making the sticker easily visible from the backside so you can see each and everything from both sides. On the other hand, the kiss cut stickers can be digitally printed and laser-cut, making them more visible.

Moreover, the die-cut stickers and kiss cut stickers can be easily printed on white polypropylene to stick anywhere and everywhere.


Now that you know much about kiss cut and die-cut stickers choose your favorite one from Premium Custom Stickers.

Custom Vinyl Decals for Cars Can Help Promote Your Business

Are you in search of a proper way to advertise your business? Do you need an effective means to target your desired audience? If yes, then give this article a read. You will definitely find some interesting insights about how to develop a business from scratch and why you should use custom vinyl decals for cars to promote it.

This is not about what business you are planning to start; you always have to keep the basic idea in your mind to carry a business smoothly. It’s important to evaluate or analyze your business on a regular basis. This will help you to ensure that you’re on the right track, which will ultimately lead you to success.

Moreover, you have to figure out a promotional way for your business because it is one of the most integral factors to success. However, this article will provide you an explanation for using custom vinyl decals for campers.

Select Your Business Category

There are various options when you come to select a domain in which you will be starting your business. This selection depends on various factors, including your budget, desire, the demand of the audience, and much more. All you have to do is to list all these factors according to the priority and see what answer you get.

However, while selecting, you have to keep your focus on the two most important requirements, and these include competition in the market regarding that particular product and the demand of that product in the audience.

Once you are done selecting a suitable business domain for yourself; be it anything like custom vinyl decals for walls; you are ready to take that step.


Make A Budget for Custom Car Vinyl Decals Business

After the selection of niche, another important factor that counts in establishing a successful business is to make a feasibility report. For this, you will have to conduct a real ground survey identifying what the cost of raw materials is, how you will be getting the material, how to store the inventory, when to restock and how you will finally process the resource to make the end-product.

All these stages, from the manufacturing of custom die cut vinyl decals to the delivery of the product, involves a budget that needs to be analyzed and identified beforehand. This will help you to avoid any kind of inconvenience while making the product.

Most businesses often neglect packaging in this budget estimation or feasibility report. It develops a gap in the estimated or expected profit and expenditure margin. Therefore, it’s important to include any type of promotional tool in your strategy, such as custom vinyl windows decals.


Therefore, regardless of the type of advertisement you are going to use for your products, it’s extremely important to figure out the actual budget requirement to process that business idea and transforming it into reality.


You can also use custom vinyl decals for cars to promote your business. For this, you don’t have to have a big budget. Moreover, this technique can easily make your business popular and visible to the desired audience.


However, another important requirement is to segment your audience base.

Segment Your Audience

Being a startup, you cannot target a wide audience range. Therefore, it’s extremely important to segment and breaks down your audience into different segments. This way, you can find out who your real audience is and how you can make an effective strategy to influence them.


For instance, you can use vinyl stickers to promote your business among the desired audience base. Moreover, it will give you a way out to encourage that audience base to purchase your products.


Apply Effective Marketing Techniques to Target the Segmented/ Target Audience

In the end, comes the most important requirement of a business to be successful and is marketing or promotion. You can only make your business a success if you are successful in channeling your business to the right audience base.


For this, you can take help from a lot of techniques, including social media marketing, content marketing, custom packaging, paid advertisements, or even custom vinyl decals for cars. However, as you are just planning to start your business, it would not be a wise decision to invest a large amount of your production budget for the sake of promotion.


Therefore, in this case, the best possible way to deliver your brand message to the audience is via using wholesale custom vinyl decals. 


The best part of this promotional tool is that they’re customized, which means you can change their appearance according to your will and choice. You can select the materials, size, design, shape, and printing techniques for your custom vinyl decals for cups. 


The more interesting you will make these stickers, the better response you will be getting from the audience. You can also take assistance from packaging companies like Premium Custom Stickers.


They offer a large variety of custom vinyl decals, including custom vinyl decals for boats, custom vinyl decals for shirts, and custom vinyl decals for wood.


In conclusion, if you want to start a business and also want to make it big, then the best way to do that is to follow a proper regime or flowchart. Try to tick the list step by step, and soon you will be there.


Moreover, never forget to make your business visible to the customers, for which you have to opt for different promotional tactics. One such technique is custom vinyl decals for trucks. 


Automobiles provide an effective way to promote your business. These vehicles roam on the roads all day long, which makes it easier for your business to get maximum exposure. The more people get to know about your business; the greater are the chances that they will approach your brand.


However, if you become successful in satisfying these customers by providing high-quality products, they will definitely revert back o you for repeat purchases. This way, you will be establishing a loyal fan base for your products that will be willing to try your new products out.


So, don’t waste your production budget on big promotional activities; just invest in some custom vinyl decals for cars, and you will be everywhere. 


Why Do You Need to Have Stickers for Helmet?

Are you fond of riding bicycles? Do you love the idea of bike riding and the liberating feel it gives? Yes, I am talking about that sense of freedom to choose your path and drive freely on the open road. No matter how joyful this activity is but it has some serious dangers involved.

We all know how unsafe these motorcycles are. These do not provide structural protection, unlike a car that keeps drivers safe in the event of an accident.

Therefore, being a motorcyclist, you need to take extra precautions to protect yourself. Moreover, when it comes to protecting, the first thing is the brain. It is the most delicate part of the human body.

Why Do Need Custom Motorcycle Helmet Stickers?

No matter where you are riding, head protection is paramount, be it biking on the road or off to unknown terrains. Here comes the most important accessory in a biker’s life. Yes, helmet it is.

Are you tired of the same dull and boring look of your motorcycle helmet? Do you want to make it a little fun? If yes, then try to use custom helmet stickers.

These beautiful and colorful stickers will not only give your same old helmet a new look. But it will also make them interesting for you, and you will not feel bad wearing them while driving yourself to important events.

Is It a Good Idea to Have Custom Helmet Decals?

Custom helmet stickers look amazing, and the best part of using these stickers is that if you want to convey a message to the audience, you can use these stickers. The best part of customization is that you will have the freedom to make all the alterations. These choices provide precise solutions for a wide range of needs and requirements.

You can use different techniques to make your helmets look stylish as well as cool with different stickers. From brand logos to symbols and movie icons, you can opt for stickers of anything you like.

For instance, if you are a football fan, you can obviously use custom football helmet stickers on your helmets. There are a million designs to choose from. You can paste these stickers from mountain bike helmets to motorcycle helmets.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about your helmets. Custom helmet stickers do not leave any marks on your helmet. In addition, vinyl stickers are weatherproof, which means they will not distort in the rain, sunlight, and extreme weather conditions.

Above all, these custom stickers on football helmets offer an attractive way to show your passion and interest in biking to the other bikers. This will motivate several others to follow their heart and passion.

So, if you have got this passion and you want to take your game to the next level, then believe me that nothing can improve the aesthetics of the helmets as much as a sticker on helmet does.

In short, with the help of these stylish helmet stickers, you can make a statement very easily and effortlessly.

If you do not believe me, try it yourself. Just get some interesting Custom Motorcycle Helmet Stickers, paste them on a simple helmet and see the magic yourself. It will completely transform how your helmet used to look before it.

These custom hockey helmet stickers are very long-lasting and adhesive. Moreover, the bright color printing is going to stay bright for years, even in extreme environmental conditions.

What Else Can You Use the Custom Helmet Stickers For?

Decals offer a great and inexpensive way to add your personal touches to your biking accessories. They are easy to create and install without fearing your expensive biking gear being damaged. Moreover, custom stickers are known to be one of the cheapest ways to accessorize your helmet.

In addition, custom stickers have a wide range of applications. In other words, you can use these stickers for so many purposes. One such purpose is to use these cool helmet stickers for your business promotion.

Helmet Stickers for Business Promotion

If you have a brand and you are not getting a healthy response from the audience, then try promoting your brand in the best way possible. You can use many ways to promote your brand. One such technique is to use custom stickers and packaging for this purpose. Different brands are using variant advertisement and promotional strategies just to make their product and business accessible and reachable to the right audience.

Each of them uses different color pallets, styles, and sizes to create the best stickers possible. Many prefer the mono-color helmet decals in popular designs or logos, while others go for multicolored stickers.

Automobiles offer the best way to make your products or business visible to the audience. You can print the logo and name of your brand on custom stickers for helmets. In addition, you can place these hockey helmet decals on other vehicles.

The more you will be visible to the audience; the greater are the chances of your sales. For this, you can take help from any professional packaging company. There are so many packaging companies out there in the market providing top-notch services at reasonable prices; the point of making your marketing approach better; is to add in new customers from different sources.

Custom Helmet Stickers Offer Wholesome Solution

In conclusion, no matter you want to use custom helmet stickers for your business promotion or just to style up your helmet, you will never regret this decision. This is just as getting dressed up in the right gym wear to pull it off in the perfect way possible.

When you ride with proper gear on, you will automatically feel the difference. Moreover, if you are someone who just launches a brand or a business company and planning to use custom stickers for your business promotion, then trust me, there is no way better than this.

This cheap yet effective promotional means will make your brand visible in the market among potential consumers, and you will see people actually approaching you for purchase. TRY IT!