Hologram Stickers

PremiumCustomStickers is ever ready to cater to your needs. You are looking for a printing company that gives you unique and different custom hologram stickers. Everyone wants to be successful; they want to have profit in everything and cannot afford frequent losses which is why they make sure each and everything is first-class.

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    Hologram stickers are one type of stickers. They are designed in a way that it is shiny, sparkling and glitters as compared to other sticker types. However, it has its classifications and requirements. Following parameters are important in order to obtain great quality hologram stickers.

    Which Material Will Be Best Suitable for My Custom Hologram Stickers?

    The perfect material for hologram custom stickers ensures the bright future of your company as well as a sticker. No company wants to risk its reputation and sales on new experiments; therefore, they look for already available best options that are sure to give positive output.

    As far as the material of hologram sticker is concerned, we do not compromise on authenticity and quality. These are some of the types that you can select.

    • Polyester
    • PVC
    • PET
    • Paper

    Types of Custom Hologram Stickers Which Our Company Offers

    The hologram has many types; each type has its property and function. What types of custom printed hologram stickers do we offer? They are given below:

    1. Kinematic Holograms
    2. 2D/3D Holograms
    3. Matrix Holograms

    We offer hologram stickers in reels and sheets. Moreover, you can add variable information to convey your message directly to your consumers. It is the best way to pass on the information and attract potential customers.

    Select Amazing Shapes and Dimensions for Your Custom Hologram Stickers

    Different marketing campaign requires different sticker shape to suit the situation. You want to have cheap hologram stickers in good condition and proper shape/dimension for a better outlook and successful campaign. No worries, it can happen with PremiumCustomStickers services!

    You can select from the following shapes:

    • Rectangle
    • Square
    • Rounded Corner
    • Circle
    • Oval
    • Multiple Cut

    Avail our Quality Printing and Manufacturing Techniques for Your Custom Hologram Stickers

    Custom made hologram stickers are not created through traditional printing techniques like offset, flexography or others. They are made through lasers instead of ink.

    Do not worry; we have got every technique to make your hologram stickers a reality. Some of them are given below:

    1. Ink-jet Marking
    2. Ultra-Violet (UV) cured Marking
    3. Laser Marking
    4. Thermal Transfer

    Embrace Your Custom Hologram Stickers by Adding Additional Features

    Would you like custom hologram stickers with logo? Its an easy, cheap and reliable way to promote your brand/company. You may see a lot of beautiful and attractive stickers on cars, buses, caps, windows, walls, shirts and more. The main purpose is to get the attention of the passer-by and convey your message. When they are attracted to your sticker, they are in turn attracted to your company which means sales and profits.

    Do you want to create these captivating stickers? Yes? Then select these add-ons to achieve your mission:

    • Spot UV
    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • PVC Sheet
    • Silver/Golden Foiling
    • Hot Stamping

    Moreover, you can also get custom animated hologram stickers to satisfy children or anime category lovers.

    Give an Attractive Finishing to Your Custom Hologram Stickers with The Help of Coatings

    The coating protects the sticker from external damages such as wind, water, and heat. It also has wear and tear resistance. Moreover, it adds grace to the entire sticker. We can help you to create alluring stickers without much hassle.

    Which coating do you need? We got the following:

    1. Gloss Coating.
    2. Matte Coating.

    Get Prototypes for Your Custom Hologram Stickers

    Prototypes are essential. They show the worth of the printing company. If a packaging company succeeds in making its clients happy with samples, it will surely make them happy with increased sales. So, everything is both parties’ favor.

    How can you get your prototype? We offer the following methods; you can select either one or all depending on your convenience.

    1. Flat View. This method consists of a 2D e-file, in which you can view the front and rear view of the sticker.
    2. 3D Inspection. If you want to check all angles, sides, and edges, we recommend you go with this method. You will get the best custom 3d hologram stickers.
    3. Physical Sampling. To see the stickers, in reality, we send them to your doorsteps.

    Why Choose Premium Custom Hologram Stickers?

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    • In case of emergency cases, the delivery time reduces to 2-3 days

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can variable data be printed on Hologram? 

    Yes, variable data such as bar codes, sequential numbering, QR codes, bar codes, and any other kind, either visible or invisible, can be printed on the hologram.

    2. What is the shelf of a hologram? 

    Some conditions dictate the shelf life of Wholesale Custom Hologram Stickers. If you store the hologram stickers in 25 degree Celsius and 65% relative humidity in a dry area, the expected shelf life hologram is four months.

    3. In how many colors can we get hologram stickers? 

    Hologram stickers can come in any color of your liking. We have a wide range of options; you can select your favorite.