Are Brand Stickers Effective Source of Marketing or Not?

Marketing is one of the major things that brands work on and invest in as it is the source of lead generation and can boost sales. Even the leading magazine of the world, Forbes gave the verdict in 2020 that “Marketing matters now more than ever”. 

Therefore, companies spend a huge chunk of their budget and resources to get their brand marketing top-notch and customer friendly. For that purpose, brands use versatile strategies and tools to get the required outcome, the usage of brand stickers is among the top ones on the list. Brand stickers are the most effective way to grab the attention of the customer and the easiest way to advertise the product and brand identity. 

Hard to digest this reality? Let me explain more to you for your understanding. 

Brand Stickers as a Source of Brand Identity:

Going by a Starbucks coffee shop or passing through an alley and you see a printed logo sticker of Adidas on the wall, what will you feel or think after seeing them? The answer is it will refer to you as the core brand of that name sticker. Yes! Those name brand stickers are the keeper of brand identity and the same they are conveying to you. 

Pro Tip! It will only happen when that brand is really established and renowned. Otherwise, the usage of stickers showing brand names will not be useful for that brand. 

Another example is that you go to hypermart to buy some product. Suddenly, you see the brand counter indicating through product sticker and you will go to that counter and buy the required product. What those stickers have done to the brand? They have marketed its product.

Want to Know More About the Product, Stickers Will Tell You:

In recent years, the trend is soaring in the market, that the stickers are information containers for the customers. If you want to purchase something, you just can have a thorough look at the printed sticker on the product, you get your questions answered.

The brands are making it customer-friendly and providing them with as consolidated information related to that product as they can. Even if that product is from the cosmetic racks or an item of clothing, it has printed stickers on it.

The clothing brands, nowadays, are campaigning more and more to aid their buyers. They are using custom brand stickers to make the customer able for making a statement. 

So, helping the customer is a fair source of marketing the product?

Curious to know more? Let’s dig into it. 

Unboxing and Brands Stickers:

The experience of unboxing is gaining huge attention from the customers. One can observe all these unboxing trends on social media sites that are becoming viral with time. It becomes one of the obvious sources of marketing. If the unboxing experience is thrilling, the customer will surely go for products of that brand again. 

Companies, to make their unboxing mechanism more attractive than their competitors are using cool brand stickers with remarkable innovative ideas. Also, they are using eco-friendly packaging ideas to make their product unboxing experience more unique. 

To make it more out of the box, the brands who have done market research on their customers use custom stickers in the packaging of their products. They add cool stickers that their customers can use to display on their laptops, walls, speakers, or anywhere they want. 

Eventually, it makes their customer base strong and that leads to bulged sales. 

Brand Stickers and Special Occasions:

Stickers offer a funky and jovial feeling when someone sees their colorful structure. On occasions, brands use these stickers to make their customers’ moments full of joy. It gives a sense of getting something extra and rewarding. So, if there are Christmas or valentine’s days, according to the event the brands add themes to the stickers they paste and add some extra ones in the package as a reward. 

Also, these stickers are used as brand campaigns during those eventful days. For instance, if there is some crisis, to show solidarity these stickers are used. Ultimately, it creates a brand statement that it stands with the cause. It brings customers and makes them attached to the brand as they feel proud for choosing its products. 

Again, it has done marketing for the products. So, nobody can deny the fact that brand stickers are one of the effective ways of marketing any product. Only the selection of stickers must be up to the mark and have some tint of innovation, it will automatically turn into a marketing tool. 


Why are stickers important in business?

Stickers have the same importance as the flyers and cards have for any business. They portray the brand identity and make the product information for the customer at hand. Also, with these stickers, the brands can convey their message to their customers which will boost the confidence of customers in their brand. 

How long do brand stickers last? 

It depends on the quality of papers and glues too. If the sticker is made up of high-quality glue and it is vinyl, then it will last longer than compared to a sticker made up of simple paper. Moreover, it will be waterproof and dustproof. 

How are stickers used in brand marketing?

Stickers advertise your brand if they are put in the right place. Yes! Stickers are one of the major sources of marketing. You can put them on your product, on the glass door of a coffee shop, or the hypermarket counter. Wherever you put it, it will advertise and market your brand. 

How can I make stickers last longer?

If you DIY your sticker, chances are there that it will not give you the required output you want. No need to worry about it. Premium Custom Stickers is here to help you in this regard. You can have our friendly package and can customize the quality of the sticker as you want. Hence, you can get long-lasting brand stickers on this platform. 

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