Wall Stickers

We create unique wall stickers in multiple designs and styles. Our custom wall stickers make your walls look amazing. We have quite some options for our clients to choose stickers for walls. From paper wall stickers to vinyl wall stickers, you get what you want. We focus on producing only premium grade wall stickers. We use several types of paper for the production of appealing wall stickers. This helps us to introduce many options to our clients.

PremiumCustomStickers is capable of manufacturing bright and long-lasting wall stickers. All these different options for wall stickers help us satisfy our clients. Furthermore, we have a lot of different design templates for wall stickers. To order wall stickers, you can use our free-to-call helpline.



Our wall stickers are for the transformation of the appearance of your walls. We regularly manufacture different sorts of stickers for different walls. Therefore, it does not matter what type of wall you want to decorate. Why? Because you can always get a perfect sticker for the purpose. Using our rich libraries, we let our clients select the designs for their wall decals. How does this help? The available design templates make it easier to create unique and beautiful wall stickers.

Ordering custom-made wall stickers are an easy and straightforward process. However, do choose first the kind of stickers you need for walls. Know that we provide stickers for all different sorts of walls.

What Materials Will be Best Suitable for my Custom Wall Stickers?

We bring appeal to your wall using our outstanding wall stickers. Our innovative stickers can transform the aesthetics of ordinary walls. However, do choose a material that offers a practical approach to the situation. We have different materials that we use for the manufacturing of your wall stickers.

For instance, we use different paper types to produce eco-friendly wall stickers for our clients. For clients looking for water-resistant stickers, we offer custom vinyl stickers. These different types of material result in different types of stickers. The following are some good options.

  • Paper
  • Vinyl
  • Propylene

Types of Custom Stickers Which Our Company Offers

Our customized wall stickers come in different styles and types. Our company focuses on the needs of our clients and creates respective wall stickers. We come up with different types of wall stickers as we use various material types. This makes it possible for us to precisely provide the needs of our clients. Some of these types are quite simple, while others offer luxury results.

Our waterproof vinyl wall stickers are perfect for outdoor applications too. We also produce paper wall stickers for our eco-conscious clients. Paper custom stickers for walls are eco-friendly. Hence these stickers pose no harm to the environment or the planet. The following are some of the types that we produce with exceptional results.

  • Custom Vinyl Wall Stickers
  • Promotional Wall Stickers
  • Glass Wall Stickers
  • Custom Wall Decal Stickers
  • Custom Name Wall Stickers
  • Custom Quote Wall Stickers

Select Amazing Shapes and Dimensions for Your Wall Decals

Not all walls are alike. Therefore, we produce such a variety of custom stickers for walls. We aim for perfection in custom stickers for our clients. Therefore, when it comes to shape and size, we let our clients be the judge. So, when you are to order stickers from us, we let you decide on these stickers’ size and shape.

We have the resources to ensure the quality production of stickers that you choose. Rectangular stickers usually go nicely with general types of walls. However, decals and vinyl stickers can also be structural. We can make custom wall quote stickers in any size. Our custom large wall stickers are cheap too.

Avail Our Quality Printing and Manufacturing Techniques for Your Custom Wall Stickers

Our printing and manufacturing techniques contribute greatly to the eventual quality of our wall stickers. Therefore, we only rely on the state of the art resources. For manufacturing these stickers for you, we have a set of techniques. Why multiple techniques? Because different materials require different techniques for perfect results. Some key printing strategies we prefer for custom printed wall stickers are below.

  • Flexography
  • Offset Printing
  • Digital Printing

We also have different strategies for the manufacturing of these custom wall stickers. Using die-cut and kiss-cut techniques, we produce precise stickers for your walls. We make sure of excellent quality for all stickers we produce for walls.

Embrace Your Stickers By Adding Additional Features

We can manufacture highly exquisite and fashionable wall stickers. The use of additional features lets you create outstanding stickers for walls. These additional features are okay to use with all different types of stickers. Therefore, you do not have to worry about what type of stickers you order.

Instead, focus on our outstanding features that transform your stickers. These features always offer promising results. The following are a few of these features we offer to our clients.

  • Embossing and Debossing
  • Foil Stamping

Give an Attractive Finish to Your Wall Decals with the Help of Coatings

The wall stickers look cool even without additional features. However, wall decals are incomplete without an appropriate coating. Coatings serve different purposes. Our basic UV coating extends the lifespan of the wall stickers. Furthermore, matte and gloss coatings not only improve on appearance but also feel. Choose from multiple coating options for your personalized wall stickers.

Get Prototypes for Your Wall Stickers

PremiumCustomStickers attempts to create perfect custom printed wall stickers. Our free prototypes help us in this cause. These prototypes highlight the necessary improvements in sticker designs.

Why Choose Premium Custom Stickers?

We offer unique solutions to your diverse stickering needs. Our countless options let each of our clients create outstanding wall stickers. Moreover, our cheap wall decals are never low on quality. Freely order wholesale custom wall printed stickers from PremiumCustomStickers.


Is it possible to order one vinyl wall sticker only?

We manufacture vinyl wall stickers with custom options. Therefore, the minimum number of stickers you can order is 100.

Do these stickers damage the walls?

We produce both; permanent and temporary wall stickers. None of our stickers will damage your paint.

How can I order stickers from PremiumCustomSticker?

For order placement, you can use our helpline services without any trouble.