Bumper Stickers

Custom bumper stickers are a valuable asset when it comes to conveying your thought without speaking. Do you see your favorite sports team logo on a random car window? Do you see amazing quotes on nearby shop windows? What do you think these are? Well, they are bumper stickers! 

We offer comprehensive and unrestricted customization. You have complete freedom to select the size, shape, dimension, type, coating, and everything that concerns your order. It is rare to see printing companies giving a free hand in customization, but we are proud to say that we believe in our clients and trust their decisions.

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    Custom made bumper stickers are the best way to convey your message without speaking a single word. In fact, they are made for the very purpose. Suppose you are a supporter of a specific team and wants the world to know about it. Bumper stickers will play the role on your behalf. All you have to do is select the best sticker that suits your requirements and stick to any surface. 

    Which Material Will Be Best Suitable for My Custom Bumper Stickers?

    Your custom printed bumper stickers are not successful unless you select the right material for them. There is so much competition in the market with your rivals; you cannot risk your reputation and lose customers. So what will you do? Provide the best stickers that are made up of high-end material! 

    PremiumCustomStickers can solve your problem easily. The following materials can help you a lot, have a look: 

    • Waterproof Vinyl
    • Reflective Vinyl
    • Permanent Adhesive
    • Gloss Finish
    • Matte Finish

    Types of Custom Bumper Stickers Which Our Company Offers

    The bumper sticker is a type of custom stickers, and it too has sub-types. They are used for various purposes. It is impossible to cover the wide range of scope into a few lines, so we will just highlight the most used bumper sticker types.

    They are as follows: 

    • Custom Magnetic Bumper Stickers
    • Family Stickers
    • Car Stickers
    • Basketball Stickers

    Select Amazing Shapes and Dimensions for Your Custom Bumper Stickers

    Custom bumper stickers no minimum than any other type of stickers. Since they are defined which type they are, the shapes and dimensions are limited. They are as follows: 

    • Rectangle
    • Oval

    After selecting the shape, we come towards dimensions. The dimension may vary according to the area available. Make sure you give us precise calculations; if it is not possible, we can help you with consultation assistance. 

    Avail of our Quality Printing and Manufacturing Techniques for Your Custom Bumper Stickers

    The bumper stickers you see in the market are put there through a procedure. There is a making process for everything, just like a human being is formed. Stickers are created through techniques. Which technique is suitable for your business and budget? If you need consultation services, no worries, we provide that free of charge. 

    At our company, we offer the following manufacturing techniques: 

    • Digital Printing
    • Flexography
    • Offset Printing
    • Screen Printing

    Embrace Your Custom Bumper Stickers by Adding Additional Features 

    PremiumCustomStickers will get you cheap custom bumper stickers in great quality. One of the most important steps in the printing process is adding add-ons. They are extra features but being extra in packaging is considered cool. In fact, if you want to make your stickers more alluring than competitors, then we will recommend you not to miss these additional features. 

    We have the following options to choose: 

    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • PVC Sheet
    • Hot Stamping
    • Spot UV

    Give an Attractive Finishing to Your Custom Bumper Stickers with The Help of Coatings

    Many people have misconceptions about the coating. They think that coatings are just another layer of packaging. Whereas, the coating is beyond that. It is true since, technically, we are adding a layer on the surface. But the layer has many benefits. 

    Firstly, it enhances the outlook of bumper stickers. They make them eye-catching and elegant. Secondly, protect the sticker from external damages such as wind, scratches, rain, and weather. 

    Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Would you like to apply coating on your bumper stickers as well? Well, no worries. We have got you covered, have a look at the type of coatings we have and select the one you like: 

    1. Gloss Coating. For a shiny and glowing bumper sticker, select gloss coating. 
    2. Matte Coating. Matte coating is suitable when you want to convey your message in a decent and serious tone. 

    Get Prototypes for Your Custom Bumper Stickers

    Do you want to know how we make Wholesale Custom Bumper Stickers? It is human nature that when we see something live, we can make a decision accordingly. The same is the case with stickers. When our clients ask us for samples, we happily send them to build trust as our aim is to make long-lasting relationships.

    How can you get them? There are three methods, select either one or all of them:

    • Flat View
    • 3D Inspection
    • Physical Sampling

    Why Choose PremiumCustomStickers?

    It is no surprise or new news that our houses end up with numerous printing companies’ advertisements. Does everyone think they are the best option for you but are they really best for you? Some of them are true and genuine companies, but most of them are quacks with speaking skills. 

    We ask you to choose PremiumCustomStickers for many reasons, some of them are given below: 

    • We offer free delivery across the United States
    • We provide reasonable price rates 
    • When you order custom bumper stickers bulk, we give your further discount
    • We have the quickest turnaround time 
    • Our customer care is available 24/7 to cater to your needs 
    • You can place your order with 100 stickers

    If you think we are the right choice for your custom bumper stickers, then feel free to contact us anytime, anywhere.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Does Bumper Sticker Damage car paint?

    No, bumper stickers do not damage your car paint. Though we suggest using car magnet stickers. 

    • How to Remove Bumper Sticker?

    The process is simple. All you have to do is soak them with water and then peel them off. 

    • Where To Get Customized Bumper Stickers?

    PremiumCustomStickers offer customization of bumper stickers. You can check our website for more information.