Can You Deny the Importance of Bumper Stickers? Hell No!

Sometimes it is very easy to deny something like the thing that is under scrutiny is of no stature and has no solid footing. Eventually, it loses the case and is denied by the masses. But often the thing that is under discussion and brought for denial has a strong history, roots, and existence, that nobody can deny it. Later in the case of bumper stickers. 

Certainly, you are now thinking wait what is the importance of car bumper stickers and their denial. Yes, you can take it as an insane approach, but it is true and has a history. 

Bumper stickers, no matter used on car bumpers or billboard bumpers, have a strong history. Back in the 1980s, it was the first time to use stickers on car bumpers. And people use them to just show off or to decorate their vehicles. 

But a time came when it became controversial to use custom-made bumper stickers on your cars. And this controversy started in Texas and Dallas. When some people used politically charged bumpers stickers against the sitting political party. It ultimately took the supporters of that party to rage and turned into a massive neighborhood fight. 

So, a time came that it was BANNED! Yeh, Bumper stickers were banned. 

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Bumper Stickers Came Back With a Blow!

Then a time came when these stickers came back with a blow by adding to the revenue of the country. According to the research of FORBES, the stickers industry adds a massive chunk of money to the national exchequer by selling stickers in-country and abroad.

Almost 30,000 registered companies are there to manufacture stickers. Among which the 30% share is only of bumper stickers and the remaining 70% is collective of all other types of stickers. 

Every year around 100 million stickers are manufactured and used on car bumpers. Ultimately, adding to the stock of the country. 

This is the blow that bumper stickers made for banning them. Stickers manufacturers offer extraordinary customization options to their B2B and B2C customers and the flow of custom magnetic bumper stickers in the market is increasing rapidly. 

If they are adding this much, how can one deny their importance and it is just one reason, the others are on their way. 

Custom Bumper Stickers are Emotions of Masses!

People use custom-made bumper stickers to portray their emotions. Some paste stickers of their favorite team. Some paste of their favorite player. Many feel proud to show their road rage by pasting racing bumper decals. 

Many people like to display kids in the cars stickers, hazardous stickers, and funny characters bumper stickers. So, almost everyone has his own reason to paste the stickers on their cars. 

Even not only these vinyl bumpers stickers that are custom made, used only on car bumpers. They are also used by many restaurants and cafes to show warnings, signs, and mottos. You have seen at many places that people have pasted these stickers to convey their messages. Seat reserved stickers, coffee corner stickers, children playing area stickers, and many others like them. 

In other words, they have become an inevitable part of American culture. As people use them to express their emotions, political views, attachment, devotion, and social understanding. Hence, no one can deny their existence. 

Source of Promotion and Advertisement:

Custom car stickers have been used as a source of advertisement too. A lot of brands and companies use them to promote their business. Because the best way to promote your product is to take them to the customers and going on road everyone can see it clearly if it is pasted on some vehicle. Almost everyone can see it even not thoroughly but superficially. However, it will remain in the mind of whoever sees it. And it is what you call promotion. 

Also, it becomes word of mouth when someone sees your ad and will surely tell his or her friends whenever talked about it. 

In many cases, someone is going to buy something and sees its ad on your service cars, for instance, and gets your number from there. They call you and book an order. Your product will be sold. This is an advertisement. 

Many times you have seen social workers’ statements through bumper stickers and you want to donate. But before that, you could not find an organization according to your ideas. From this advertisement sticker, you get what you want.  Ultimately, what those bumper stickers have done is called help. 

In this way, these stickers sail through among others and have inevitable importance. 

Long-lasting and Have a Variety of Materials:

The variety of materials you get for custom bumper stickers, you cannot get for other types of stickers. Whether you want vinyl-made bumper stickers or stickers made of plastic sheets or glazed paper, you can get them.  

Whatever, size you are looking for, you can get bumper stickers. The message you want to print is completely your choice. The quantity you need depends on you. 

Above all, get these stickers in any material and forget about getting them again. As it will remain there for long life. You will not need another. 

Shapes that you like will be available for you whether it is custom oval-shaped bumper stickers or just simple rectangular or square ones. Every shape is easy to get it. If you want round stickers for your campaign, order them and get them. The bumper stickers market offers you a wide variety and covers all your needs. 

Final Verdict!

I can assume now that till this moment after this much explanation you get a quite elaborative idea that why it is almost impossible to deny the importance of bumper stickers. So, if you were having dwindling thoughts about using them, now it will be cleared in your mind. 

So, paste them, portray your emotions, display your product and run your campaign, whatever your need is,  they will not let you down. 


Can any stickers be bumper stickers?

Any sticker can be marked as bumper stickers that you use on your car bumper. But the fact is that bumper stickers are special and made of a special kind of vinyl sheet and adhesive material that keep the paint of your bumper unharmed. 

Is it illegal to put a bumper sticker on someone’s car?

It is not illegal, but immoral to put a bumper sticker on someone’s car as it is an act of vandalism and bad character. As bumper stickers mostly express ideas or emotions, therefore, do not do this. 

Can we put bumper stickers on car windows?

Yes, you can put bumper stickers on car windows. It is your message that you want to express through your sticker, put anywhere you want on your car.

Is Vinyl bumper sticker better than paper stickers?

Yes, the vinyl bumper sticker is long-lasting, waterproof, and dustproof. It stays for a long time and also does not affect the paint of your car. 

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