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11 Do’s and Don’ts of Custom Wall Stickers that you should keep in mind!

In the past stickers, the industry was just limited to cars, sports, and promotional stickers and decals. But with the passage of time and with the help of innovation this took a drastic turn and made its way to the décor industry too. 

What happens then, the wall décor stickers become one of the most selling articles among the decals. People instead of using wall paints or coatings started using wall stickers. This brought a boom to the sticker industry and wall decals become the star of the market.

However, it is not easy to select custom-made wall stickers as they are to portray the taste and display of your statement shout out loud. Therefore, you have to be extra careful while selecting your wall decal. Otherwise, instead of looking attractive and beautiful, they will ruin the appearance of your room or hall or any place where you have utilized them.

Therefore, to get the best out of them, I have gathered a list of 11 Do’s and Don’ts that you should keep in mind while selecting your wall stickers for your bedrooms, office rooms, corridors, or whatever place you want to be decorated. 

The Do’s:

First, let’s talk about the Do’s.

Know your design thoroughly:

The first and foremost thing that you should keep in mind while getting custom wall stickers is what type of design you want. Or simple to put it, what idea you have to materialize and paste in form of a decal or sticker on your wall.

So, if you are confused or have dwindling thoughts that I should go with a Lamborghini car wall sticker or should I just get the text of its name, you will not get the perfect results.

You have to be precise and apt about what you want in form of your stickers, then you will be able to go for further steps. Otherwise, you will get your sticker but it will not make you happy. 

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Selection of the Place to Paste:

Where do you want to paste your sticker is the most important question? For instance, you have four walls in your room, let’s suppose it’s a bedroom. You have selected what you want to get a scene from the river as your wall sticker.

The first part is done. Now, think that which wall would suit to put this sticker on. The trick here is that deduce the wall on which it does not appear enthralling. Eventually, you will get the wall where you should put it.

Wall selected, 50% of the task is done.

Completely know the Size of Space:

One of the major mistakes that people commit while ordering wall stickers for bedrooms, office rooms, or halls, is that they do not get the size right. And just order the stickers. What happens, is that the sticker does not come at par with the requirements of the wall space. 

Therefore, the final result will be just a disaster and a waste of money and time. So, it is highly essential that you must know the wall size and space size on that wall where you put the sticker. Also, when you get the space size, you will automatically have the idea of which size of the sticker you want.

Keep in Mind the Aura of your Room:

The third major Do is that you must know the mood of your room. What is meant by this is that you should have the idea that your room is dark and have the aura of serenity or your room is light and have a funky mood.

Select your wall sticker that compliments the mood of your room. Let suppose, it is dark in color and the furniture articles are also give a sense of silence. The best sticker option would be something like meditation, relaxing buddha, or some relieving quote. 

If both the mood of your room and the sticker you select are parallel, the results would be amazing.

Here another thing that is to keep in mind is the colors of your sticker. The selection of colors is crucial and should be chosen carefully. You have selected the design with the mood of your room, keep the color too according to the appearance of your room. 

Choose the area carefully:

While selecting the wall for a custom sticker, choose it carefully according to the space. Meaning by if you are choosing stickers for kitchen walls, bedroom walls, or living room walls. Whether you want to cover two walls or a single one. Also either you want to cover the ceiling or not. 

All these things matter because according to the selection of space your choose the wall sticker.

Select the material of your custom wall sticker with kid gloves:

One crucial decision is the selection of the material for wall stickers. It depends on the type of wall and the style of the sticker. I can be from the category of custom vinyl wall stickers or the house of plastic sheet stickers. 

But in significant cases, vinyl wall stickers are preferred and used. As they are more reliable and have a long life. Also, it can depend on the size of the sticker, if it is massively huge, it should be in vinyl material otherwise you will not get the required results. 

The Don’ts:

After getting an idea about the Do’s, let’s dig into some Don’ts of the custom wall stickers.

Don’t Go for Bright Colors for Office Wall Stickers:

If you are selecting stickers for the wall in your office room or office corridors, do not go for so bright colors. As the office has some aura that needs to be catered to and bright colors do not go for it.

Try to choose sober colors, even if you have to choose bright ones, try to select a single scheme not a mixture of various colors. As it will look complete overworked wall.

It is not a wall in any café, it is a wall in an office, therefore, it must be according to the requirement of the place.

Don’t Paste your stickers on Paint or Uncleaned surface:

No doubt there are wall stickers or custom wall decals in the market that keep your wall paint intact and do not harm it. However, unless you want to hide the paint on the wall, do not use stickers on your wall. Otherwise, when you peel off the sticker it will ruin your wall paint.

So, make the surface rugged first and then past your stickers. Also, if the surface is not clean and has particles of dust or smudges, the sticker will not remain intact on the wall. Try to clean the surface thoroughly to get the best results.

Don’t paste the sticker abruptly:

When you get your sticker don’t paste it swiftly. First, try to make its placement and measure that this place would be good if you paste it here or you have to make some adjustments.

So, firstly, check the sticker by putting it on the wall with its back cover. When you feel complete satisfaction, then peel it off and paste it on the wall.

Giving some time to this step will not let you down. You will be confident while pasting your custom wall sticker. Ultimately, you will get the desired results that would be up to the mark.

Don’t peel off the upper paper layer first:

While pasting the sticker on the wall, don’t at all peel off the upper layer of paper first. It will make the sticker vulnerable to cribs and turn into a reshaped sticker. That means you will destroy your sticker if you do this as wall décor stickers are sensitive. 

Hence, try not to peel off the upper layer first. Peel the back seal first, paste it on the wall and then peel off the upper layer. Then get the exact wall sticker that you want.

Don’t select the large fonts for quotes wall stickers:

If you select quotes as stickers for your walls then try to get the font size right. It is certain that the custom quote wall stickers are used for office walls in meeting rooms or corridors, therefore, the font size must be appropriate according to the space of the wall.

If it is a meeting room, the font should be according to the meeting room. If it is used in the executive room, then it must be according to that. As font plays a vital role in making the wall beautiful.

Final Thoughts!

So, now you have all the secrets of custom wall stickers, that make or destroy your wall. Hence, try to keep these things in mind while ordering your wall stickers. And also while pasting it on the wall to get the top-notch results.

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