Magnetic Bumper Stickers

Looking for stickers for your cars? Well, here is some you can take an interest in. We offer premium custom magnetic bumper stickers in the States; our services believe that “if you can think it, you can stick it.” Therefore, we offer an amazing magnetic touch and easy to change the stickers from one car to another. However, with the bumper sticker categories, we also offer new amazing color customized styles with various amount of addons that will flourish your stickers to a better look.

We offer various car sticker templates; you can edit or shape your favorite stickers and order us your final design, and we at Premium Custom Stickers will print that for you with a better look and top-notch quality. We make sure that the product is well crafted, very clean, and to the point so that it will encourage your product with the best premium sides of the stock.



If you are searching for the best custom magnetic stickers to market your company in various ways, pointing out marketing terms and their values to share the best slogans on your automobile.

However, Premium Custom Stickers contains amazing new designs with the quality that will flourish your car according to your imaginative designs.

Which Material Will Be Best Suitable for Custom Magnetic Bumper Stickers?

We believe in the quality; that’s why we offer wholesale custom magnetic bumper stickers made from various amazing materials such as PVC, CPVC, a vinyl compound, paper stocks, etc. Therefore, not just the materials involved in our production, we also offer new types of manufacturing styles which will make a sturdy product with great efforts.

At PCS (premium custom stickers), there are millions of size and shapes of custom oval magnetic bumper stickers:

  • 8cm to 12cm
  • 10cm to 20cm
  • 15cm to 30cm

Also, you can order in inches too:

  • 3” to 8.”
  • 5” to 10.”
  • 8” to 12.”

And many more. However, ordering your favorite custom magnetic bumper stickers for cars, so we will provide amazing quality services plus with your investment on the products that will give you the backup in no time. For instance, if you invest in custom stickers (ROI), the display should be such interesting that you can obtain the amount in benefit in a small-time span.

Types of Custom Magnetic Bumper Stickers Which Our Company Offers:

The materials and printing processes formed into amazing types of stickers with great quotes that can help for many things, such as the messenger on these custom magnetic bumper stickers, no minimum marketing values. However, we offer multiple types of stickers according to situations such as:

  • Donald Trump Bumper Stickers (Election 2020)
  • Cancer Awareness Magnetic Bumper Stickers
  • Molon Labe
  • Diabetes Awareness Bumper Stickers
  • Signs of Different Companies
  • Gangster Mode Magnetic Bumper Stickers
  • Awareness of planting
  • Anti-Terrorism
  • Military Bumper Stickers
  • In loving memory car stickers and decals
  • Vinyl Lettering
  • License Plate Frames
  • Hang Tag Parking Permits
  • Parking Permits
  • And many more

With customized colors and vice versa, you can order these products in almost every possible shape and size. For instance, we have just mentioned about the military and the custom magnetic military bumper stickers we provide for supporting our military in the good wills.

Select Amazing Shapes and Dimensions for Your Custom Magnetic Bumper Stickers:

You can select the best of the best stickers from our company depending upon your ordered products, and with the qualitative analysis, the manufacturing turns these labels into easy-to-pore and stick to multiple vehicles.

We know there are multiple car kinds, and every car has its own kind of decals, with that being said. We have it all.

Our magnetic stickers came in a non-stick tape, with the lifetime guarantee that will always be ready to enter the zone with pleasure, including die-cutting stickers containing rectangular, rhombus, triangular, geo-spherical shape, etc. with ravishing printing processes and waterproofing services.

Avail our Quality Printing and Manufacturing Techniques for Your Custom Magnetic Bumper Stickers:

No matter what type of car you own and the bikes you carry besides you. We have every type of magnetic sticker that will purify the soul of your ride. If the customers have fond of racing and showing off in the streets, you can get the amazing fire stickers, i.e., fireball, car on fire, etc.

With the amazing burning stickers quality and obtaining them by amazing printing processes, dealing with million types of waterproof coloring with lighter and darker shades. With the top-notch and shining stickers and 100% quality, we can deliver cheap magnetic bumper stickers.

We understand there are people with small businesses growing, and for them, we have an offer that they won’t able to refuse. You can order custom magnetic bumper stickers at wholesale rates, which are intimately going to be at cheap rates with the same power quality and more quantity than retailer rates.

Embrace Your Custom Bumper Stickers by Adding Additional Features:

Nothing is better than decoration, because decorating your products attracts you and the rest of the world. Therefore, PCS has introduced new amazing features for making magnetic stickers better for your ride. You know what? Not just that, we understand your ride represents your inner-self and the emotions that will connect with your ride spontaneously.

Excited about our addons? Well, here they are:

  • Spot UV & Spot AQ
  • Embossing & Debossing
  • Holographic Foiling
  • Color customized Foiling
  • 3D chrome platted Car Decals
  • Glossy Car Magnetic Stickers
  • Satin & rugged Decals
  • Premium Matte Magnetic bumper stickers for Cars
  • And Many More

A sampling of Ravishing Custom Magnetic Bumper Stickers by Premium Custom Stickers:

The sampling is the top of the priority process that tells our customers about the physical appearance of the product. That’s why Premium Custom Stickers have some steps that represent custom magnetic bumper stickers.

Flat View:

This is the first step of showing the look of your car stickers; it contains a flat view (from the top). By watching this, you can take a guess of your print crafted custom stickers.

3D Mock-Ups:

3-dimensional measured sticker mockups are giving you a branded look from all dimensions. You can see and rotate as well.

Physical Sampling:

It the final curtain call from Stickers flowered ability. We can ship you the samples for your own satisfaction. You can then feel the product and call us to make some changes as well. With the amazing finishing touch from Premium Custom Stickers, we make the best stickers in the United States.

Why Choose Premium Custom Stickers?

Premium Custom Stickers have always provided what they promised. We never compromised on the quality; it is written on the Golden Rock. You just need to place your order, and we will help you to make your advertisement more adorable and amazing.

Meanwhile, you can email us at So, feel free to get the best custom magnetic bumper stickers right now.


Q. How much to make Custom Magnetic Bumper Stickers?

  1. Usually, its no that big a deal. You should have the knowledge of stickers and magnetic compoundsmagnetic bumper stickers used for them. Then, it’s a piece of cake.

Q. Where can I buy minion custom bumper stickers?

  1. First of all everyone loves minions, and they should be premium in quality to maintain the love for them. Premium Custom Stickers designed the best minion bumper stickers for your cars. Give it a try.

Q. Where to buy cheap bumper stickers?

  1. is always here for you, for making the cheap stock stickers with 100% guaranteed quality.