Kiss Cut Stickers & Die-Cut Stickers Aren’t The Same

Did you ever know kiss cut and die-cut stickers were not the same?

Sorry for bursting your bubble, but they really are.

They might look so similar, but in reality, they aren’t. To be precise, the die-cut stickers are cut to the shape of the design, whereas a kiss cut sticker has a square background behind the design, making it bigger than the size of the actual sticker.  However, one can easily get confused while using both types of stickers, but how can you differentiate?

Correctly speaking, the die-cut stickers are easy to use and can easily fit the shape of the design, making them look ethereal. On the contrary, the kiss cut stickers are only cut through the vinyl, and the background stays. If you wish to enhance the stickers, you can always add extra glare and style on the back of the design.

Which stickers do people prefer more?

It is not wrong to say that both the stickers have pros and cons, but people love buying die-cut stickers over kiss-cut stickers only because of popularity and presentation.

However, to not jinx your thoughts, here’s an insight into both stickers, and you can easily choose whichever you like.

What Is A Kiss Cut Sticker?

So basically, the kiss cut stickers are cut through the vinyl layer around the design without removing or cutting the paper in the background. This makes the stickers even more durable because of that additional layer.

What does kiss-cut mean literally?

The kiss-cut stickers have cuts on the border of the stickers, so you can easily peel them off without removing the backing material. You can also call a bundle of kiss-cut stickers a sticker sheet that has numerous types of custom kiss-cut stickers.

These stickers are usually available in a plethora of choices and sizes. So, you can choose whichever fits your requirements perfectly. Not only are these stickers cut clean with exact lines, but they also have intricate detailing, making them stand out among the rest. Moreover, it is not wrong to say that the kiss cut stickers are best for making extremely detailed designs because they will be protected with the backing. No matter what the information is or the design, you can get it printed on these stickers.

More About Kiss Cut Stickers

The kiss-cut stickers have different coatings that can help enhance their appeal and make them worthy of buying. You can either use glossy or matte finishes for the stickers to give them a nice look. Along with that, you have the opportunity to get in any shape, size, and style that you want. So, these easy-to-use and easy to peel stickers are also easy to apply. A win-win situation.

Lastly, if you wish to store these stickers, you can do so without having to worry about them ruining or their colour withering off because none of it happens.

What Is a Die Cut Sticker?

On the contrary to kiss-cut stickers, here’s some information about die-cut stickers. These die-cut stickers are basically one of the best stickers available in the market. They have cut around edges for the design and are available in various shapes and sizes.

What do die-cut stickers mean literally?

The die-cut stickers are custom-shaped stickers with a unique shape, style, and size. Also, you can print anything on them regardless of what that is. Entirely efficient for any artwork

The Advantages Of Kiss Cut Stickers & Die Cut Stickers

It is not wrong to say that both the kiss cut and die stickers have advantages and disadvantages. So, here’s a little insight into the advantages of both the stickers.

Advantages Of Kiss Cut Stickers 

  • They have extra backing paper around the outside of the sticker. You can easily print them with your brand name, website, and contact details, making them really effective as handouts at events.
  • If you have an intricate design, a kiss cut will be better because the extra backing paper protects the stickers until it’s applied.
  • Easier to peel away from the backing paper and thus are quicker to apply.

Advantages Of Die Cut Stickers

  • Tend to be a lower cost option because there is less cutting per sticker.
  • The edge of the backing paper is the edge of the sticker, making it easier to see what your sticker will look like on the surface you’re applying it to. Great if you are re-selling your design as a sticker to your customers.

What Are The Similarities Between Kiss Cut And Die Cut Stickers?

Kiss-cut and die-cut stickers have their share of similarities and differences too. So here are four similarities between both the different kinds of stickers.

UV Lamination

Both Custom Stickers can be easily laminated with UV lamination and are weatherproof. So you can easily pace them for outdoor purposes without having to worry about them fading or losing their color.

Custom Shapes

Both types of Stickers are available in custom shapes and sizes. So, no matter which shape you like, it can be made.

Full Color

95% of Pantone colors are easily printable on the kiss cut and die-cut stickers.

Rounded Corners

Both premium stickers have round corners, which is why you can easily peel them and apply them anywhere you like.

What Is The Difference Between Kiss Cut And Die Cut Stickers?

With the similarities mentioned above, the stickers also have a variety of differences. Read to find out more.

Die-cut stickers can be completed with the help of laser-cut, making the sticker easily visible from the backside so you can see each and everything from both sides. On the other hand, the kiss cut stickers can be digitally printed and laser-cut, making them more visible.

Moreover, the die-cut stickers and kiss cut stickers can be easily printed on white polypropylene to stick anywhere and everywhere.


Now that you know much about kiss cut and die-cut stickers choose your favorite one from Premium Custom Stickers.

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