Sticker Paper

For eco-conscious clients out there in the world, we produce superior quality custom paper stickers. Our paper stickers are perfect for sticking to a lot of different surfaces. What makes our custom sticker paper so much popular is its friendliness to our ecosystem.

To give our kraft paper stickers an elegant appearance, we prefer using soy-based inks. There is a wide variety of stickers which we produce for our clients. The variety we offer for these stickers comes in all different shapes and sizes.

We do not have any particular product for which we produce the best sticker paper. Instead, we manufacture paper stickers as per the requirements of our clients. From reliable materials to elegant finishes, our paper stickers do not appear ordinary at all.

With plenty of options to choose from, you get to serve your needs accurately with our custom sticker paper printing. To get paper stickers for commercial uses, we recommend our wholesale deals.



With our custom sticker paper, symbolize your interests and deliver them to the audience appealingly. These paper stickers, which we produce, go perfectly for almost every surface. Our paper stickers offer much resistance to humidity as we apply a thin layer of coating to every paper sticker we produce.

From bumper stickers to helmet stickers to monogram stickers, we have got all your sticker needs covered with excellent printer stickers paper. To get paper stickers in different designs, we provide all of our clients with an extensive sticker gallery. 

Which Material Will Be Best Suitable For My Custom Paper Stickers?

Our paper stickers are quite practical for a wide range of purposes. Paper is one of the most eco-friendly sticker materials available these days. Sticker printing paper can also be long-lasting and durable.

Premium Custom Stickers prefer four types of premium printer sticker paper for the production of paper stickers.

  • Matte label stickers paper
  • Opaque sticker paper
  • Clear glossy sticker paper
  • Vinyl sticker paper

No matter what paper type you prefer for the sticker you want, quality, reliability, and aesthetics will always be exceptional.

Types of Custom Sticker Paper Which Our Company Offers

At PCB, we produce all different sorts of stickers for our clients. Our sticker printing is quite popular among our clients for their performance in rough and tough situations. You find a purpose for paper stickers, and we will produce the right ones just for you.

The custom in custom paper stickers indicates that you have a choice to modify these stickers. So whether it be border cut stickers or kiss cut toilet paper stickers that you need, we have solutions. We also produce plum paper stickers for our clients who need them.

Select Amazing Shapes and Dimensions for Your Custom Stickers

As we produce stickers with custom options for our clients, the choice of sizes and shapes becomes limitless. From any size to any shape, we produce white sticker paper in custom designs as per the demands and requirements of our valued clients.

From circular to triangular to structural paper stickers, we can create them in any shape. Our beautiful and elegant sticker printable paper is available in any shape you want. Many of our clients go for regular circular or triangular stickers. However, we also produce structural paper stickers for a large number of our clients.

Avail Our Quality Printing For Colored Sticker Paper

To ensure quality, we rely on expert human resources and state-of-the-art technological resources. We are able to offer monotone cheap sticker paper to full color printed paper stickers with excellent quality. Die-cutting and kiss cutting let us produce wax paper stickers in large quantities with accurate dimensions. We also have resources to offer these stickers luxurious finishes to make these stickers all the way more appealing.

Embrace Your Custom Sticker Paper by Adding Additional Features

Our regular paper sticker roll is enough to make a stance clear to the masses with excellence. Even from a style perspective, our regular printable sticker sheets offer more than enough. However, there are still options that can make these stickers even more engaging and durable at the same time. Besides regular custom paper stickers, we also produce featureful stickers like 3d stickers and glass stickers with sticky sides outwards.

Give an Attractive Finishing To Your Label Sticker Paper

There are plenty of finish options that we make available to our clients ordering custom paper stickers. Gloss and matte style finishing makes the paper stickers look attractive besides adding to the overall lifespan of the stickers. Using attractive finishes, the paper stickers transform their outlooks a great deal.

Get Prototypes for Your Sticker Printing paper

Ordering paper stickers can be a challenge for people, especially when needed for industrial and commercial purposes. To avoid mishaps in such situations, we provide sticker printable paper prototypes to our clients to get the design right before mass production. Our clients always appreciate this effort as it shows our dedication to what we do. So whether it is a custom design you choose or a sticker design you create yourself, start with a prototype to be safe.

Why Choose Premium Custom Stickers?

Stickers are usually available right off the market shelves. However, there are plenty of reasons for you to order wholesale sticker paper from us. Premium Custom Stickers is an Original Design Manufacturer and Original Equipment Manufacturer.

This lets us create and produce these stickers in any possible design, altering any existing sticker design. For our clients, this means plenty of options from a design and style perspective.

We often produce stickers on commercial scales for our clients. Moreover, we offer special discounts on bulk sticker paper orders.

To benefit such clients even further, we provide custom sticker paper in wholesale with huge price cuts. Get your custom stickers with a certain degree of convenience and reliability from premium custom stickers.



Yes. We normally use large paper sheets for sticker printing resulting in 100 stickers per sheet. However, for our valued clients, we have no minimum order limit.


We produce stickers as per the demands of our clients. So, yes, you can always get stickers in your own specific designs and styles.


We offer high-quality water-resistant high-quality sticker paper. To add to the resistance, we recommend using coated paper stickers.


It usually refers to adhesive paper that can be printed using most laser or inkjet printers.