The Ultimate Guide to Kiss Cut Sticker!

“Revolve your world around the consumer, and more consumers will revolve around you.”

In short, the term ‘kiss-cut’ comes from the technique used to cut the anticipated sticker shape. A sharp metal die cuts the packaging sticker material without penetrating the support paper. This allows you to be uber imaginative with your custom sticker designs.

Kiss-cut stickers are often used for logos and branding because you can attain a neat finish without the material waste of a more customary square-cut sticker. 

Our kiss-cut stickers also have the selection to add a white border to your sticker design, helping it pop from whatsoever surface it sticks to.

Die Cut Vs. Kiss-Cut Stickers

A Die Cut printing sticker will be laser cut entirely through the backing of the custom sticker, so all you see is the custom shape and sticker design. Kiss Cut Sticker is also printed and laser cut with a slightly lighter touch, leaving a slightly visible backing.

White Border Kiss-Cut Stickers

The white border kiss-cut stickers are trendy, and many merchants use them by default. The reason is that they help your creative designs stand out on any surface. Moreover, the white border benefits to distinguish your designs from even the most colorful surfaces.

The white border extends around the entire outside of your design:

  • For a 2×2 sticker – Kiss-cut will be 20 px away from the edge of the image
  • For a 3×3 sticker – Kiss-cut will be 30 px away from the edge of the image
  • For a 4×4 sticker – Kiss-cut will be 40 px away from the edge of the image
  • For a 6×6 sticker – Kiss-cut will be 50 px away from the edge of the image

Transparent Border Kiss-Cut Stickers

For some designs, this works really well, particularly where you have a lot of colors or the surface requires a subtler blend between the printing sticker design and the application.

Because of the vinyl surface, our see-through border kiss-cut stickers can even use outdoors. This makes them the flawless kiss-cut sticker for car tailgates, windows, and other outside flat surfaces. They are also famous in the alternative sports industry, where contestants like to customize everything from their boards to their helmets. 

Kiss-Cut Sticker Design Ideas for Your Shop

Remember, “You don’t get loyalty in a day. You earn loyalty day-by-day.”

The excellent thing about kiss-cut stickers is their versatility. They can use for almost any application, from adding some life to a dull laptop to modifying your favorite ride. There actually is a sticker design out there for every person.

The only task you face is deciding which niche you want to target; possibly you are looking at fun designs those children can use to brighten up their pencil cases.

Or maybe you need to go after stickers full of inspiration that can stick to a door – in any case; you will perhaps need some motivation; we have you all covered.

  1. Novelty & Special Occasions

The novelty sticker industry is a vast business; however, you want to understand what type of novelty you need to go for. There is a fun novelty, for example, adding humor to everyday items, like a light switch, and then there are clever slogan designs.

  1. Text-Based Designs

Images speak a thousand words, so what if you turn words into a picture? In addition, this is the great thing about text-based kiss-cut stickers; you can get creative in a way that helps your message stand out and be heard. 

You can design your texts in several different ways, from simple words that let customers form their own brand messages to pre-selected ones that provide support, inspiration, or humor.

Our Stickers With Full of Creativity!

Don’t be afraid to use theme color, particularly where words are used. Your designs don’t want to follow a set linear pattern either, mix things up to make exciting shapes.

Text-based printing designs are one of the most famous ways to use kiss cut stickers, so you must be creative in your chosen words.

  1. Kiss-Cut Sticker Care

The material used for kiss-cut stickers is highly sturdy and cool to maintain. It’s made from a glossy, scratch-resistant vinyl sticker material that can easily clean with a soft, clean, dry cloth. The stickers can also use outdoors, but try to avoid placing them in sunlight. You can find out more major information about our stickers on our website.

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