Oval Stickers

PremiumCustomStickers produce cool looking and long-lasting custom stickers. Our custom oval stickers come in all different designs and shapes. Either choose from our gallery or use an all-new design for oval shape stickers. These stickers are perfect for promotional and many other purposes.

The superior quality of these stickers come from our choice of materials and production techniques. We create all different types of stickers in an oval shape. Our custom made oval sticker is a straightforward yet promising way to engage the audience. Our promotional oval stickers let you do it more effectively.

With elegant finish options, you get appealing and engaging stickers. Get your oval stickers in premium quality at wholesale rates. To order, we offer convenience at an unprecedented scale. How? From free quotes to thorough assistance, you get it all.



Our oval stickers come in a wide variety. We focus on the needs of our clients to come up with outstanding custom stickers in an oval. Our custom vinyl oval stickers exhibit splendid presentation. We produce stickers that stay put for longer duration without any harm to the surface.

Furthermore, our permanent oval stickers stay perfect for as long as seven years. Our custom stickers come with plenty of extra features that make these stickers much more than ordinary stickers. We add several types of textures to these stickers for clients looking for exquisite stickers.

What Materials Will Be Best Suitable for my Custom Oval Stickers

Our paper oval stickers are quite famous among our consumers. Still, we use many other materials for oval sticker production. We use vinyl for the production of custom oval bumper stickers. This makes these stickers survive for longer, even in the toughest condition. The choice of the material lies with our clients.

However, we maintain appropriate assistance for all of our clients for the selection. Some of the prominent material choices that our clients always get are as follows.

  • Clear Vinyl
  • Opaque Vinyl
  • Virgin Paper
  • Recycled Paper
  • Perforated Paper

Types of Custom Oval Stickers Our Company Offers

When it comes to small oval stickers with letters, we produce it all. From simple paper oval stickers to extreme holographic oval stickers, you can get what you want. There are many different uses for our oval stickers custom. Understanding those uses, we come up with perfect stickers for our clients.

For promotional purposes, we produce elegant and stylish oval stickers. Our warning sign oval stickers design is very prominent. Many companies give their products an identity using our oval product stickers. We produce the following and many other types of engaging oval stickers.

  • Eco-Friendly Oval Stickers
  • Custom Helmet Oval Stickers
  • Custom Holographic Oval Stickers
  • Vinyl Oval Stickers
  • Custom Oval Logo Stickers
  • Inverted Oval Glass Stickers

These are only a few of the sticker types we produce. Even introducing new types becomes easier for us. Why? Because we have a state of the art resources for sticker production.

Select Perfect Dimensions for Your Custom Oval Stickers

Oval is a very practical shape for stickers. Stickers in oval are very prominent on surfaces and are very noticeable. Our oval stickers printing can be perfect for a lot of different and diverse situations. Therefore, we manufacture these outstanding stickers in all different sizes. We do not have any particular size, to begin with for your stickers. Instead, we focus on what our clients need.

Hence, we make oval stickers labels in a lot of different sizes and dimensions. The size has nothing to do with the sticker type. So, feel free to order our blank oval stickers in the dimensions you need.

Avail Our Quality Printing and Manufacturing Techniques for Your Custom Oval Stickers

We only rely on the latest resources for the production of your oval sticker with custom options. Precision in dimensions and brightness in color is what we aim for. Using extremely accurate sticker manufacturing techniques like die cutting and kiss cutting lets us deliver perfection. The resulting oval stickers sizes are always accurate up to micrometers.

Furthermore, we resort to a state of the art sticker printing techniques for your oval stickers for cars. Our splendid and appealing oval stickers are a result of our careful selection of printing techniques. We mostly prefer one of the following printing techniques for our clients.

  • Digital Printing
  • Lithography (Offset Printing)
  • Flexography

As a result of careful process selection for printing and manufacturing, we ensure level-best custom printed oval stickers.

Embrace Your Stickers By Adding Additional Features

Even though our regular cheap oval stickers are attractive enough. We offer many more features for the transformation of these stickers. These additional features are always promising in improving how your stickers look or perform. Using features like embossing, attribute a luxurious style to your custom oval car stickers.

These features are very cost-effective too. How? Because they improve the value manifolds for a slight increase in production cost. To name a few, we have;

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Foil Stamping

Give an Attractive Finish to Your Custom Oval Stickers With the Help of Coatings

Our Premium Coatings serve our personalized oval stickers on multiple fronts. Basic UV coatings extend the lifespan for these stickers. How? Simply adding an additional protective layer. Furthermore, we have options like Gloss and Matte coatings that enhance these stickers’ appearance and feel. Hence, choose a coating that you think will help your oval stickers rock.

Get Prototypes for Your Custom Oval Stickers

We produce wholesale custom oval stickers. Our free prototypes let our clients improve their oval custom stickers before mass production. This helps in manufacturing only perfect oval stickers in large quantities.

Why Choose Premium Custom Stickers?

PremiumCustomStickers aim at consumer satisfaction. Our premium custom stickers exhibit the highest quality standards in the market. Moreover, being an ODM, we can offer many new innovative designs for stickers. Our expert professionals stay with you till the end. The convenience makes it all even better for our consumers.


What is the minimum number of stickers I can order from PremiumCustomStickers?

Our wholesale rates start with a minimum of 100 oval stickers.

Can I Use These Stickers on Painted Walls?

Yes, our premium quality adhesives pose no harm to painted walls or any other surface for that matter.

What is the expected Turnover time for Wholesale orders?

We offer a minimum of two-day turnover time to our clients who order oval stickers in wholesale.