Wedding Stickers

Weddings are extravagant events and require equally luxurious preparations. We provide custom wedding stickers to transform everything, which even remotely links to weddings. Our wedding stickers are perfect to go with several products like your wedding cards, wedding gifts, and even wedding cars. Our feature-rich wedding stickers add an identity to your wedding objects in a lavish way.

We produce different types of wedding stickers to go on different surfaces. From window stickers to wedding initials stickers for metal and wood, we produce all these different types of stickers for our clients. Size and shape are subjective for these wedding stickers for invitations that we manufacture. From short-term adhesive stickers to permanent adhesive stickers, you can get wedding stickers for favor in styles you want.

Aiming for the ultimate consumer satisfaction, we ensure the highest degrees of quality for our wedding stickers. Premium Custom Stickers offers wholesale personalized wedding stickers for its commercial as well as private clients.



Our custom printed wedding stickers let you invite and greet your valued guests in style. Our custom paper wedding stickers are quite famous for their practicality. From simple and straightforward wedding stickers to luxury wedding stickers for envelopes, we have diversified solutions for diverse situations.

We offer wedding thank you sticker to our clients for weddings which means that everyone gets stickers in the style and designs they want. We make available our extensive libraries to our clients to choose sticker designs from. Besides that, we also create reliable stickers in designs which our clients bring with them.

Which Material Will Be Best Suitable For My Wedding Favor Labels?

Our wedding sticker labels are perfect for different conditions and situations. We have a variety of materials available for wedding sticker production. Using all these different materials, let us deliver the sticker needs of markets with excellence. Everyone gets perfect wedding stickers for gift bags.

For personalized wedding stickers for clothes, we prefer wedding paper stickers. For metal and other solid surfaces, we usually suggest our clients go for either opaque or clear vinyl stickers. Some popular stickers we produce using different materials include;

  • Wedding paper stickers
  • clear vinyl stickers
  • Foil Stickers
  • Wedding Recycled Paper Stickers

Types of Custom Stickers Which Our Company Offers

From a variety perspective, we have what you are looking for. From elegant eco-friendly wedding paper stickers to shiny vinyl envelope stickers, we make different types of stickers. Some of those outstanding types for wedding stickers include;

  • Magnetic wedding custom stickers
  • Paper & Vinyl Sticker Rolls
  • Kiss Cut Wedding Stickers
  • Wedding card stickers
  • Clothes Stickers
  • Wedding Furniture Stickers
  • Custom Printed Wedding Sticker Rolls
  • Wedding Wall Vinyl Stickers

Select Amazing Shapes and Dimensions for Your Wedding Favor Sticker

We produce different types of personalized stickers for wedding favors for different uses. To satisfy every need of each of our clients, we offer many customizations for wedding stickers. There is no hard rule to follow for the size or shape of these stickers. We have the capabilities to produce small wedding stickers as well as large wedding stickers.

What you need is always possible to get using our wedding thank you stickers printing services. Carefully select amazing shapes and perfect dimensions for your wedding stickers to have amazing results.

Avail Our Quality Printing For Custom Wedding Stickers

Print quality is very important for cheap wedding stickers. We rely only on what is best in the markets. Using the latest sticker production and manufacturing techniques like die cutting and kiss cutting, we are able to offer excellence. For different types of stickers, we have different types of printing technologies as well. Some different printing techniques we use for wedding stickers are;

  • Digital printing
  • Screen Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Flexography

It does not matter what type of printing technique you prefer for wedding stickers; you will always get unprecedented quality.

Embrace Your Wedding Labels by Adding Additional Features

Our custom sticker printing is perfect in itself. However, sometimes our clients ask for even further elegance in these stickers. To satisfy such clients, we have many optional and additional features to add to your wedding stickers. Those extra features sometimes improve the resilience of these wedding stickers while, at other times, benefit the appearance. Some prominent of those additional features which we offer for wedding stickers are;

  • Debossing
  • Embossing
  • Spot UV
  • Foil stamping

Give an Attractive Finishing To Your Custom Stickers with Coatings

We aim for perfection for the custom wedding cards that we produce for our clients. As an attempt to ensure excellent presentation, feel, and durability, we have several finish options for wedding stickers. One very common finish which has the potential to transform the wedding window stickers completely is the UV coating.

UV coating is one of the most basic coatings for wedding personalized stickers. Yet, it not only extends the lifespan of those stickers but also makes them much tougher. Some coatings improve the feel of the stickers completely, like matte coating. Some famous and popular finish options are;

  • UV Coating
  • Glossy or Matte Coating
  • Foil Finishing

Get Prototypes for Your Wedding Stickers

We care for our clients. This is why we let our clients experience the wedding sticker prototypes before they place an order for larger quantities. With these prototypes, we ensure that our clients are satisfied with the Premium stickers they will get. This also helps you improve on the stickers in case of mistakes or any shortcomings.

Why Choose Premium Custom Stickers?

PremiumCustomStickers has resources to offer an unprecedented quality of custom wedding stickers at cheap rates. The stickers we produce not only give the product’s identity but also improves on their appearances. To top it all off, we offer a convenient and easy approach to clients looking to order custom wedding stickers.

It is as simple as dialing our helpline, which, by the way, is free-to-call from anywhere in the USA. Already reasonably priced wedding stickers get even further price cuts with our wholesale custom wedding sticker deals.


Do these stickers damage the surface?

Even though we use strong adhesives for our stickers, they cause no harm to the surfaces you put them on.

What is the Minimum Quantity for Custom Wedding Stickers?

It is possible to order custom stickers in any size; however, to have reasonable deals, start with a minimum of 100 wedding stickers.

Are these stickers waterproof?

Every sticker we produce is water-resistant to some extent. Their resistance to water is improved even further using several coating finishes we provide, like UV coating.