Die-Cut Stickers

    Custom die-cut stickers are no minimum than any classy type of stickers. You can modify them into any structure and then paste them on the surface. We can assist you in so many ways, and it will be a pleasure if you choose us for your project. However, the work consists of many steps that need to be done completely to get the right outcome. Read the following article thoroughly and get the know-how of our services.

    Which Material Will Be Best Suitable For My Custom Die-Cut Stickers?

    Would you like it when your sticker falls off the surface in front of your guests? Obviously, it will give off a negative impression. Then what should you do to make them attractive and adhesive? Make your custom stickers die cut best by getting the best material for them. We offer the following:

    • Glittery stickers are super shiny and shimmer more than any other sticker type. They are the best way to highlight your message in a cute way.
    • Mirror Gold. As the name suggests, this type of material for stickers has a mirror-like effect. Available in gold and silver colors. Like other materials, it is adhesive, waterproof, durable, and resistant to scratch, water, sunlight, and oils.
    • The best one for outdoor applications. It can last up to one year. Holographic stickers are super shiny and give an attractive touch to the look.
    • White Vinyl. White vinyl is a glossy and over-laminated layer. It protects the sticker and suitable for a wide range of applications. You can use them indoor and outdoor.
    • Clear Vinyl. It is waterproof, UV resistant, and stays up to 3 years. You can also write on it. Just like white vinyl, it is glossy and overlaminate.

    Types Of Custom Die-Cut Stickers Which Our Company Offers

    PremiumCustomStickers offer die-cut custom stickers in the following types:

    • Sports die-cut stickers
    • Fraternity die-cut stickers
    • Movie die-cut stickers
    • Event die-cut stickers

    And many more. Whatever you want, let us know our team, and we will give you that.

    Select Amazing Shapes And Dimensions For Your Custom Stickers

    Though it is a die-cut sticker, meaning you can shape the sticker according to your liking and requirement. But that does not stop it from having different shapes’ names.

    So, what are those shapes? Some of them are known as:

    • Cut-outs
    • Ephemera
    • Paper Embellishments

    Avail Our Quality Printing And Manufacturing Techniques For Your Custom Stickers

    It’s obvious that you cannot get custom die-cut stickers in cheap rates without compromising the quality. However, we do not do this. You get the quality, fewer rates, and best printing services under one roof.

    The manufacturing techniques that we use are given below:

    • Offset Printing
    • Digital Printing
    • Screen Printing

    Embrace Your Custom Stickers By Adding Additional Features

    Who says the printing industry is boring? They must be the ones who have no idea about additional features that add grace, elegance, and attraction to the stickers. Do you want to add-ons too? No problem, we offer them!

    Some of them are given below:

    • Spot UV
    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • PVC Sheet
    • Hot Stamping
    • Silver/Gold Foiling

    Give An Attractive Finishing To Your Custom Stickers With The Help Of Coatings

    Without the coating, do not expect your stickers to make a lasting impression. Your Wholesale Custom Die Cut Stickers have the ability to attract new customers and make them permanent. How is it possible? Well, through the proper coating, you can make this dream a reality.

    We offer the following types:

    • Gloss Coating
    • Matte Coating

    Get Prototypes For Your Custom Stickers

    The best part of a genuine printing company is that they provide proof before getting the order. Or if the client wants to see the work, they do not hesitate to show you. We are proud to say that we are on those companies who feel happy when clients demand prototypes for their customized stickers.

    So, how can you get them? We employ the following types. Select either one or all methods that suit your requirement:

    • Flat View. To show you how we make your stickers, we send a 2D e-file in which you can see the sticker’s front and rearview.
    • 3D Inspection. For advance demonstration, we use the 3D inspection to send you a 3D e-file. You can see all the angles, corners, and edges easily.
    • Physical Sampling. If you think you need to see the sticker in front of you for a better examination, no worries. Through physical sampling, we deliver the sample right to your doorstep.

    Why Choose Premium Custom Stickers?

    We can be your lifetime partner in packaging if you trust us one time. We value the trust, time, energy, and money you invest in us. These factors make us responsible and determined to work better than ever!

    PremiumCustomStickers is your best choice for custom printed die-cut stickers for a number of reasons; they are given below:

    • Free delivery across the United States
    • Reasonable price rates
    • Further discounts on bulk orders
    • You can place an order with 100 stickers
    • Our customer care is available 24/7
    • We have the friendliest and cooperative team to cater to your needs
    • We have the quickest turnaround time
    • In case of emergency, you can get your order in 2-3 working days

    If you think we are the right choice for your custom die-cut stickers, then feel free to contact us anytime.


    1. What kind of surfaces can die-cut stickers stick to? 

    Our die-cut stickers can be applied to any surface. They have a good thickness, so even if you have an uneven surface, no problem. When it is applicable for un-even surface, smooth and flat surfaces are like icing on top of the dessert.

    2. What do you mean by ‘removable adhesive’? 

    Removable adhesive is the best thing that you can have for stickers. In simple words, you can easily stick and take off any die-cut sticker without leaving the sticky residue.

    3. Where can I get customized die-cut stickers? 

    At PremiumCustomStickers! We offer great customization for your die-cut stickers; you will not feel the need to go anywhere. We make sure everything is available under one roof.