Promotional Stickers

PremiumCustomStickers produce custom promotional stickers for a wide range of applications. Our promotional stickers maintain the highest quality standards to benefit you perfectly. These promotional stickers engage your potential consumers in a meaningful manner. We focus on what is best for our client, hence outstanding appearance as well as reliability. We also produce water repellent promotional stickers for outdoor applications.

From product/service promotion to marketing management, we produce custom printed promotional stickers for several purposes. Now, you can easily order promotional stickers in bulk without any worries. Moreover, the convenience you experience till you get your orders at your doorstep is exceptional.



Our custom promotional stickers help companies engage their consumers in a unique and appealing style. We produce all different types of promotional stickers. We have the resources to produce all different sorts of promotional stickers. Moreover, we understand how companies promote themselves and market their products needs to be unique.

Therefore, we produce unique promotional stickers for our clients regularly. From temporary promotional stickers to permanent custom promotional stickers for cars, you can get what you need. Moreover, our high-quality adhesives never damage the surface you put these stickers on. Go through all your options before you finalize your orders for promotional stickers from us.

Promotional Stickers may help you promote your small company.

Promotional Stickers may be customized to increase brand awareness and marketing efforts without breaking the bank. One-off stickers may be used to spruce up retail items, mark shipping boxes, or raise brand recognition during gatherings. Our built-to-order individual stickers are constructed of sturdy, weather-resistant plastic, and they come with choices like custom-made shapes, sizes, and finishes, allowing you to give your business a look that is uniquely you and that will resonate with your target audience. Whether you need to create product labels for clothing or brand new bespoke individual stickers to display on jars and containers, we’ll make the process as easy as possible for you, and we have professional design assistance available if you get stuck.

Which Material Will Be Best Suitable For Promo Stickers?

There are different materials that we use for the production of quality promotional stickers. Our premium quality materials make your special custom stickers stand. Evidently, these different materials help our clients get perfect promotional stickers cheap for different scenarios and situations. Our custom paper promotional stickers let you promote your business and products or services in an eco-friendly manner.

Furthermore, we also produce water-resistant custom vinyl promotional stickers that last even longer in harsh conditions. The most prominent material choices which we present to our clients are as follows.

  • Paper
  • Kraft Paper
  • Recycled Paper
  • Clear Vinyl
  • Opaque Vinyl
  • Propylene Sheet
  • Perforated Paper

Types of Custom Advertising Stickers Which Our Company Offers

Using these different materials, we come up with different types of custom promotional stickers for our clients. Even the ordinary promotional stickers that we produce are not simple in their nature. Our elegant custom promotional stickers catch the eyes of your potential clients as they must. Our water-resistant and eco-friendly promotional stickers are quite famous among our clients.

Besides that, we also produce cheap roll stickers for promotional purposes. Our extensive design template gallery for stickers lets our clients always find a stunning promotional design to get in sticker style. The following are some prominent types of custom promotional stickers that we manufacture.

  • Promotional Car Bumper Stickers
  • Eco-Friendly sticker promotion
  • Water-resistant Promotional Stickers
  • Promotional Sticker for cars
  • Permanent Promotional Stickers
  • Inverted Promotional Stickers
  • Promotional window stickers

Select Amazing Shapes and Dimensions for Custom Promotional Stickers

Our promotional stickers are available in amazing shapes and in all different sizes. We a matter of fact, there is no size limit for promotional stickers. We can produce small promotional sticker sheets and rolls for our clients. For those looking for larger promotional stickers, we can offer full-size window promotional stickers.

There is no size restriction when we are producing your promotional stickers for you. So whatever it is that you need for your promotional stickers, feel free to contact PremiumCustomStickers. Even so, You can easily order round promotional stickers for glass from us.

Avail Of Our Quality Printing Techniques for Promotion Stickers

To aim for all of our clients’ utmost satisfaction, we utilize several different production and printing techniques. Using state-of-the-art resources, we can promise a quality that is hard to find in the market.

Our premium-grade custom promotional stickers are very long-lasting and durable from a quality perspective. Die-cutting and kiss cutting are two very practical techniques for the production of custom promotional stickers. For reliable printing of the stickers, further have different printing techniques like;

  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Flexography

We always select a printing technique that goes perfectly with the type of paper you prefer for your promotional stickers.

Embrace Your Custom Stickers by Adding Additional Features

Even though our simple and regular promotional special sticker is quite effective all alone. We entertain our clients with some additional features for these stickers to make them more practical. With the help of some basic UV coating, we prolong the lifespan of the stickers we produce.

Moreover, features like embossing, debossing, and foil stamping make these promotional stickers all the way more stylish and valuable. Choose extra features to make these promotional stickers more impactful.

Give an Attractive Finishing To Promotional Stickers with Coatings

Even though our regular custom promotional stickers are quite stylish and reliable, we still provide several options to give your promotional stickers an extravagant finish. These finish options transform the appearance of these premium stickers meaningfully.

Some of the finishes we offer for promotional stickers are more luxurious than some others. We let our clients decide on what type of finish they want for their promotional stickers. A few of those finishes that we provide are the following.

  • UV Coating
  • Matte Finish
  • Gloss Finish

Get Prototypes for Your Custom Roll Stickers

At PremiumCustomStickers, we care for our clients. This is why we offer prototypes for the stickers you order for. This helps in removing any flaws from personalized promotional stickers before entering into mass production.

Why Choose Premium Custom Stickers?

PremiumCustomStickers have many benefits to offer to their clients. Using unique promotional content, we let you create the most meaningful promotional stickers for your business. As PremiumCustomStickers is an Original Equipment and Design Manufacturer, we can offer stickers with alterations.

Furthermore, the convenience that we present to our clients for the ordering process is exceptional. To top it all off, we offer free quotes for all of our valued clients. Our wholesale custom promotional sticker printing deals bring these elegant stickers within budget options. Adding to all these benefits, our exclusive promotional stickers come cheap.


Is it possible to order only 50 promotional stickers?

Yes, even though we offer 100 stickers for wholesale rates, you can still get 50 custom promotional stickers from PremiumCustomStickers.

Do these stickers damage the surface paint where I put them?

No, we only use superior adhesives that make sticking long-lasting with zero damage to the surface.

Can I get help with designing these promotional stickers for my business?

Yes, our experts are always ready for the assistance of our valued clients.