Roll Stickers

Premium Custom Stickers produce custom roll stickers as per the demands of its clients. Considering variable applications for these stickers, we offer different types of roll stickers for our clients. Our roll stickers are perfect for rough surfaces like wood and recycled paper to smoother surfaces like plastic and metal.

We offer permanent custom cheap roll stickers that last for as long as ten years. We also produce roll stickers for temporary applications. Our roll stickers are eco-friendly, too, when you need them to be. We let our clients order custom roll stickers in bulk to benefit from a cost perspective also.

Sticker rolls offer convenient usability with even less stress when applying these stickers. As an attempt to make perfect custom roll stickers for every purpose, we present multiple options to our clients. Choosing carefully from those options lets all of our clients end up with highly elegant and unique roll stickers.

Moreover, you also get to get custom roll stickers cheap in the designs you create yourself. This helps many companies order monogram roll stickers at cheap rates from our business.



Sticker rolls offer convenient usability with even less stress when applying these stickers. As an attempt to make a perfect roll of stickers for every purpose, we present multiple options to our clients. Choosing carefully from those options lets all of our clients end up with highly elegant and unique roll stickers.

Moreover, you also get to get stickers in the designs you create yourself. This helps many companies order monogram roll stickers at cheap rates from our business.

Which Material Will Be Best Suitable For My Sticker Rolls?

For the production of stickers, there is a wide range of materials that ensure practical solutions. However, we only prefer the materials which ensure the highest satisfaction among our clients. To clients who are after eco-friendly roll stickers, we offer green materials for custom roll stickers bulk orders.

While for the clients for more durable and see-through stickers, we prefer vinyl stickers on a roll which are further available in clear vinyl and opaque vinyl. So the choices for materials which we offer to our clients include;

  • Paper sheets
  • Clear vinyl
  • Opaque vinyl
  • Propylene Sheets
  • Perforated Sheets

Types of Custom Roll Stickers Which Our Company Offers

In the markets, it is easy to find a wide range of types of roll stickers. However, when it comes to custom stickers, we come forward with the solutions. Being a sticker producer, Premium Custom Stickers is capable of producing all these different types of stickers in the designs you want. We produce roll stickers in lots of different types and styles. Generally, some common of those types include;

  • Product Roll Stickers
  • Barcode Roll Stickers
  • Wedding Roll Stickers
  • Clear Type Roll Stickers
  • Removable Roll Stickers
  • Custom Pre Roll Stickers
  • Permanent Roll Stickers
  • Writeable Roll Stickers
  • Custom Vinyl Roll Stickers

Select Amazing Shapes and Dimensions for Custom Sticker Rolls

Roll stickers can be for a lot of different purposes. We, every now and then, produce custom roll stickers for retailers as they often use these stickers. However, we do not have any set shape or pre-defined size for the roll sticker. Instead, we let our clients decide on the shape and size of these stickers.

Of course, we offer assistance to all of our clients in the process. There is no limitation of shape or size when we are producing these stickers for you. Oval roll stickers and rectangular custom-made roll stickers are the two most common shapes for stickers.

Avail Of Our Quality Printing For Your Custom Rolls of Stickers

We understand the value of resources for the production of quality stickers. Therefore, we make sure to use only state-of-the-art resources for the production of roll stickers. Generally, it does not matter what type of round stickers on a roll you order from us; we always aim for maximum quality.

We usually prefer to die-cutting or kiss cutting for our roll stickers to maximize our production with the assurance of quality. Furthermore, our selection of printing processes for the stickers holds much value too. You can choose from a few printing techniques for your roll stickers, or let us help you choose what is best.

Digital printing, offset printing, and flexography are three of the most promising printing techniques which are trending in the markets. We have resources to apply any of these for your custom-printed roll stickers, so you get to choose the printing technique also.

Embrace Your Sticker Printing by Adding Additional Features

We produce a wide variety of stickers for our clients for many diverse purposes. To make these stickers perform excellently, we offer several additional features for these roll stickers. Moreover, the criteria we choose to specify these features for stickers usually consider appearance above all.

This means that using these additional features can enhance the performance of these stickers, and manifolds. Most prominent of the additional features which we provide for roll stickers are given under.

  • Embossing and Debossing
  • Foiling and Hot Stamping

Give an Attractive Finishing To Static Cling with Coatings

Finish matters a lot for stickers. Usually, stickers are right enough to use for several purposes. However, to ensure utmost strength and unprecedented longevity in the roll stickers, we apply several types of finishes. Some of those finish options are more elegant than others. For your roll stickers, you get to choose the coating and finish.

Evidently, the finishes we offer for custom roll stickers make these stickers quite durable to perform in the toughest of conditions. We let our consumers choose freely from a limited, high-quality stock. Following are some of the finish options which we make available to our clients.

  • UV Coating
  • Glossy Finish Coating
  • Matte Finish Coating

Information about Personalized Roll Labels

Any business or individual may benefit from the versatility of our bespoke roll labels, which are available in a number of different materials. With our personalized roll labels, you can be certain that your company’s brand will look great on all sorts of commercial business items and personalized presents.

If you need a lot of labels but don’t want to spend a fortune, consider buying a label roll. This makes them ideal for a plethora of purposes, from packaging to freebies to just plain old sticker bombing. Roll labels are an excellent way to get people excited about your business and increase your presence at upcoming huge events such as trade shows, networking conferences, and other similar gatherings. You may rip them off and distribute them as stickers during gatherings.

We can also perforate your roll labels to save you time and effort. Including perforation in your labels makes it simple to remove individual labels to distribute, attach to products, or use as package closures. Our specialized salesforce is ready to assist you if this is something that interests you. For a free price estimate and online sample, just email your artwork to

Clear Roll Labels

Putting your logo on our personalized transparent roll labels is a high-fashion alternative. If you want your brand to stand out and look great on any surface, look no further than the bespoke transparent roll labels we make with durable BOPP material. These labels are ideal if you want to use white ink in your design, but that’s not all they have going for them. With transparent vinyl, you can display your goods behind your custom roll labels while still allowing customers to view the product within the package.

Durable Roll Labels

Labels should be weatherproof if your product is intended for outside use. We can produce durable strong adhesive bespoke roll labels in whatever size or form you want. Since they are printed directly onto a plastic backing, our labels are impervious to water and oil and will persist through any harsh conditions your goods may face.

Foil Labels

Want to give your goods or presents a boost without going overboard on costs? You can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any product or present with the help of our personalized foil labels. Custom foil labels in gold or silver from Premium Custom Stickers may be made into almost any form or pattern. You may have your own logo or artwork printed on our foil labels, and you can even write on them with a permanent pen, so they can be personalized in any way you desire.

Matte Roll Labels

Matte roll labels may be personalized to fit your requirements and are a great choice when you need to highlight specifics or a deadline. Waterproof and writable with pen, pencil, or marker, matte roll labels make it easy to specify expiration dates, manufacturing dates, or taste profiles without sacrificing style.

Paper Roll Labels

If you need a lot of labels for your business quickly, our paper roll labels are a great option. Make personalized stickers to use as seals on packages or as logos on advertising materials. These stickers may be readily removed, making them ideal for use as freebies or in other promotional contexts. We use permanent laminate glue on all of our branded outbound packages so that your logo shines bright and clear.

Writeable Roll Labels

In order to guarantee that your stickers are fully customizable by hand and are safe from abrasions, you should use our writeable roll labels. Our 2.6ml thick writeable roll labels are perfect for permanent marker customization. Our writeable roll labels are ideal for conveying many pieces of information on a single label, such as a product’s expiration date, weight, aroma, or name, without detracting from the prominence of your brand’s emblem on the package.

Get Prototypes for Your Custom Stickers

Prototypes for roll stickers make our business an appealing choice for our clients. With the help of these prototypes, we ensure that your stickers are perfect for the pixel. Using the early prototypes, you get to improve on the final Roll Stickers that you want to order. These free prototypes make us a professional manufacturer of stickers in the eyes of our clients.

Why Choose Premium Custom Stickers?

PremiumCustomStickers produces a wide variety of custom stickers for its clients. We have expert teams to help you create the trendiest and most iconic stickers for several purposes and surfaces. Our premium quality wholesale custom roll stickers can be ordered in any form and for any purpose.

Being an EOM, we are able to offer many changes and customizations for the stickers we produce. To place orders, we also provide our customers with multiple ways to ensure their convenience. Furthermore, our wholesale deals are for our commercial clients looking for reasonable prices for large quantities of premium stickers.


How to order custom roll stickers from PremiumCustomStickers?

To conveniently place your orders at PremiumCustomStickers, you can either use their helpline or their email service.

For how long can a sticker stay in its place?

It usually varies from sticker to sticker. However, in general, our custom stickers are good for years.

Are Roll Stickers Eco Friendly?

Not all roll stickers are eco-friendly. Paper roll stickers, however, offer an eco-friendly arrangement.