Holographic Stickers

Promote your brand or business using our eye-catching custom holographic stickers. We add the whole rainbow to your stickers. Our premium quality holographic custom stickers are perfect for a wide range of uses. Our outstanding capabilities to produce holographic stickers result in unique and appealing stickers for your every need.

PremiumCustomStickers produce coolest looking stickers with holographic effects. We add layers of sheets on these stickers. Why? Because it adds strength to these stickers and makes them longer-lasting. You experience a certain convenience when ordering stickers in holographic effects.

Inform, entertain, and guide the audience using our awesome and unique holographic stickers. Order these trendy stickers for your personal as well as business use.



Our printed holographic stickers are very intriguing and eye-catching. We produce holographic stickers for a broad purpose range. These stickers are perfect for promotional purposes. Why? Because these stickers are very eye-catching and can be equally appealing. Colors make stickers pop.

The custom holographic stickers are all about colors. We add a rainbow of colors to your stickers to introduce a psychedelic effect. Our bold and electric holographic stickers are perfect for entertaining the viewers. We make your events products or brands experience outstanding attention.

What Materials Will Be Best Suitable for my Custom Holographic Stickers?

Our holographic stickers are an effective solution to counterfeiting. We use up to date resources for the production of all types of custom stickers in holographic style. Therefore, we have multiple choices in material for holographic sticker production. You can practically transform any sticker into a holographic sticker.

We take simple designs and make highly appreciable holographic stickers. We use thick six mil vinyl stock. Some other prominent material types are as follows.

  • Paper
  • Metallic PP Films
  • Clear or Opaque Vinyl
  • Polypropylene

We keep our stickers PVC to earn the trust of our eco-conscious clients.

Types of Custom Holographic Stickers Our Company Offers

We have a very board variety in the holographic sticker for our clients. We consider the needs of our clients for the production of holographic. Our scratch proof holographic stickers last for years without any damage or deterioration. To offer multiple options, we make both; temporary and permanent holographic stickers.

We produce premium metallic holographic stickers that impact the watching eyes. Our anti-temper holographic stickers make the packaging all the way more reliable. We manufacture a lot of types of holographic stickers for our clients. To name a few of those, we make;

  • Anti Tamper Security Holographic Stickers
  • Honeycomb Tamper Evident Stickers
  • Transparent Holographic Stickers
  • Laser Numbering Holographic Stickers
  • Glitter Holographic Stickers
  • Self Adhesive Custom Holographic Vinyl Stickers
  • Custom Holographic Sticker Rolls

Select Perfect Dimensions for Your Custom Holographic Boxes

We thrive on entertaining each of our clients exceptionally. Therefore, we make customizations to a whole new level for these holographic stickers. There is no standard size for the stickers we produce with the holographic effect. Instead, we manufacture stickers in dimensions our clients want. We produce custom holographic die-cut stickers and have no limitation from the shape aspect, either.

You get to order our premium quality holographic stickers in the most amazing shapes. Circle holographic stickers are very practical for use with several products and surfaces. Give us the dimensions and shapes you want your holographic stickers in and sit back. We always produce perfect personalized holographic stickers for our clients.

Avail Our Quality Printing and Manufacturing Techniques for Your Custom Holographic Stickers

Holographic stickers are all about colors. The iridescent effect makes full use of colors in our custom printed holographic stickers. To maintain premium quality in every sticker that we produce, we resort to the latest technological and human resources only. For holographic sticker printing, we have a few options.

Digital printing, offset printing, and flexography helps us in ensuring perfect colors for your holographic stickers.

Embrace Your Stickers By Adding Additional Features

Our holographic stickers are special types of stickers. Why? Because introduce a colorful rainbow to your otherwise ordinary stickers. Still, we have some extra features that make these stickers even more special. With the help of these extra features, we create extremely elegant and luxurious holographic stickers.

Debossing is a feature that makes holographic stickers even more stylish. Some other of those additional features include; embossing and Foil Stamping. Our clear stickers with holographic custom styles are very appealing.

Give an Attractive Finish to Your Custom Holographic Stickers With the Help of Coatings

A finish is necessary to make the stickers complete. We have multiple finish options for the holographic stickers we produce. For ultimate consumer satisfaction, we make sure all of those finishes are of the highest standards. Using even the most ordinary finish can lead to many benefits to your holographic stickers.

Our basic UV coating makes these holographic stickers waterproof and scratch-resistant. Therefore, the finish protects the stickers and extends their lifespan. Besides simple UV coating, we also offer matte or gloss coating for holographic stickers.

Get Prototypes for Your Custom Holographic Stickers

When you order holographic stickers from us, we protect you from losses. How? By making prototypes before mass production. Doing so, we let our clients improve on the design for these stickers. With the help of our prototypes, you always order for perfect wholesale custom holographic stickers.

Why Choose Premium Custom Stickers?

PremiumCustomStickers offer accurate and precise solutions for holographic sticker needs. We ensure a quality that is hard to find in the markets. Our long-lasting and durable holographic stickers are a result of our devotion to serve our clients. Moreover, we offer attractive deals for our clients, ordering custom holographic stickers in bulk.

What makes us perfect for our industrial clients is our very short turnover time. We deliver your orders for holographic stickers in as little as two days’ time. Our experts are always with you for any assistance you may need.


How many stickers do I need to order, at least?

We make custom holographic stickers with no minimum. However, to enjoy reasonable deals, our orders start from a minimum of 100 stickers.

Can I get holographic stickers in my own design?

Yes, all you have to do is send your design to us. After that, we improve that design with you in the loop before mass production.

Are these holographic stickers LASER readable?

Yes, we produce holographic stickers that are readable using laser detectors.