Static Clings

The Static clings are an easier version of stickers. They tend to be clingy rather than being adhesive. Also, the adhesive surfaces are not suitable for all conditions. Therefore, utilize the moisture in the air to adhere to the surface.

Static clings stay for over a year or two but not more than that. The clinginess ends when the moisture starts t remove its molecules from the required surfaces. Moreover, dirt and dust also play a role in adding to the instability of clings. However, they are a lot better than the actual stickers because they don’t ruin the surfaces.

Premium custom Stickers offer fantastic clings that no only upgrade your sales but also enhance your vision in the eyes of your customers. We have got your back because our clings will be the perfect fit for you.

Choose custom-made designs that no one offers other than us. It Is up to you to either choose pre-made templates or upload your own designs. We cater to all your needs, so there is nothing to worry about. This one is a no-brainer for sure.



Next time you want your message to be visible, use the static clings as your best choice.

The customized static cling window decals are all that you need to give an immediate uptight enhancement to your sales. They will not only enhance the value of your products but will also be of great help. The word Static identifies the use of static energy for adhering to the surface.

Also, these custom static cling labels are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes, just as you like them to be. The perfect mirror and window clings are easily removable, so they leave no residue, which is a plus point.

Which Material Will Be Best Suitable For My Static Cling Decals?

We believe in quality over quantity Which is why we offer durable sticker materials that will make the sustain longer than any random materials; therefore, we prefer using vinyl as an ideal material for making these static window cling stickers.

These removable window clings for cars are the most reliable as well as the most easily removable ones. Hence, this attribute makes them ideal for use in every seasonal activity.

Types of Custom Stickers That Our Company Offer:

Above all, the custom sticker paper clings are available in such a vast range that each and every type is further divided into subtypes. You might want to choose any of your favorite sides of the lings. This is why we offer two further types of these adorable clings.

We provide you with two major types of static clings that are face cling and back cling.

Face Cling Stickers

The face cling method is the most ideal for using designs that are intended to be applied to the inner side of the object so that they can be viewed from the outside. For instance, their best use is for being used outside the car, outside the window, or other windows too. This is why the design is printed in the reverse design, and we do so just so the outer view is perfect.

We also print the design on the cling material reversely so that it looks adorable from the outer side. This way, you can apply the decorative static cling window decals on the opposite side and see the results on the opposite one.

Back Static Clings:

Moreover, the back clings that we offer are different from the clear static cling stickers. We print them on the vinyl material too. Also, it works best on highly colorful and painted surfaces with interior windows. For instance, you can use the on doors, cabinets, mirrors, and whatsoever. We print them in the exact same manner and on the upper side so that the right side can be viewed.

Also, they are not suitable for vehicles because of the extreme friction as well as the pressures at a higher speed. Henceforth, we suggest you use them on vehicles only in lower altitudes and lesser air pull areas.

Select Amazing Shapes and Dimensions for Custom Static Clings

The static clings that we provide are available at an affordable and upfront pricing that does not cost enough you. This is why they are in a win-win situation, so you must not wait any further. Get your customized static cling vinyl at a worthy price and make your appliances, as well as your products, stand.

Choose the dimensions and size of your choice and let us know because we do all that you want.

Our stickers for kayaks are better than others because of many reasons. You can even get double-sided printed stickers from us with various customizations, designs, and styles. It means that your customers can see the information printed on both sides. Moreover, an array of customization choices are offered to us. Feel free to share your thoughts with us as well.

Just let us know all what specifications you need to add to your stickers. If you have any idea, then share it without talented and experienced designers so they can change your thoughts into reality. Get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Avail Our Quality Printing For Custom Static Cling Stickers

The premium quality of sticker printing is available here, and you are getting a chance to avail it. So make sure you don’t miss it in any case. We offer two appreciable methods for printing the stickers cling n vibrant and radiant color.

The colorful clings have a whole new impact on the customer, and we keep that in our minds.

We offer:

Digital Printing

We offer it as one of the most affordable techniques to print all types of images and logos on your sticker. Digital printing is easier because it directly prints the film on paper with colorful ink. Also, it is affordable as peanuts, so you can use it easily.

Offset Printing

Moreover, offset printing that we have is a bit costly, but the cost is worth it. The color prints on the banket are then transferred to the film and then on the stickers, so you might think of it as a difficult method, but it is not. The cost is worth it because you get to print so many stickers in such a reasonable and effective way.

Embrace Your Static Stickers By Adding Additional Features:

We aim to have your satisfaction in every step that we take, which is why we are trying newer things. We have a set of add-ons that is reasonable and affordable enough to be used. The idea behind offering these Add-ons is that they enhance the look of the stickers and make your cars, windows, and doors mirrors look pleasing.

We offer:

  • PVC window
  • Die-cutting
  • Foiling

Give an Attractive Finishing To Custom Static Sticker with Coatings

The purpose of the wholesale custom static clings to portray your message in the most appealing way, which is why we offer some glamorous customizations. All these customizations aid in enhancing the visibility of the clings and make them even more appreciable. Making the stickers pleasing to the eye is our first concern. Henceforth, the two adorable and ornamental coatings that have are a must-try.


This sustains the environmental conditions, which is why it is best for outdoor usage. Also, the gloss coating offers shiny surfaces that are suitable for sunlight.


On the contrary, the matte coating is better for indoor usage because of its sleek coverage. The stickers do not shine in the light, but they look breath-taking. Also, you can use this when you’re looking for simpler and fine stickers.

Get Prototypes for Your Custom Static Cling

Moreover, we have three various methods to offer a sampling of the custom-printed static clings. These methods are requested as per your concerns and needs. You can let us know about the sample you want. also, all the samples are available so that you can check the stickers beforehand and trust us on our produce.

  • Flat view
  • 3D Mockup
  • Physical Sampling

Why Choose Premium Custom Stickers?

  • They are reusable
  • They leave no residue
  • Both the sides are sticky
  • They stick without adhesives
  • Easily removable

The static clings that we make for you are perfect for all kinds of seasonal activities as well as promotions. All kinds of street-facing businesses, advertisements on vehicles as well as for decor purposes too. These are sustainable enough to create a long-lasting impact on all the customers.

Our durable clings remain longer than possible, and no matter what environmental condition they face, they remain In their actual condition. They are waterproof as well as stainproof, so there is nothing to worry about. Also, we offer ODM and OEM services that prove to be extremely useful. We do all of this for the contentment of all our customers and clients.



The static environmental energy enforces a pull on the premium stickers and lets them stick without any adhesive. The only adhesive they use is the moisture in the air.


The back clings can cause extreme backlash while on higher speeds which is why we suggest you prohibit their use. However, you can conveniently use them in slower areas, for instance, parades and auto shows.


Moreover, we prefer not to create clings without vinyl because vinyl is one of the most precious materials that we have. It is not only the best choice for us but for you too. Although they can make without vinyl in lower quality, so we prefer making the clings with vinyl.