Kids Stickers

There is no doubt in the fact that kids of every age love to have custom kids stickers and use those cuties. The purpose of these customized stickers is to make sure that children are appealed to buying them. Also, imaginary characters are favorites of every child, so using stickers is one of the most sensible marketing techniques. So, if you’re here to impress cute little kids, using stickers is all that you need.

We at Premium Custom Stickers manufacture durable vinyl stickers that will not only boost your sales but will also leave a lasting impression on all your customers. Therefore, without any further delay, order your stickers now. We manufacture these kids sticker labels for your adorable baby customers because they choose if your product is worth buying or not. 

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and place your order right away. 

Impressing your baby customers is on us.



Just as the name signifies the need for the product, stickers are basically manufacturers for appealing to kids with their favorite cartoon characters, anime characters, animated characters, and many imaginary characters. Therefore, you must get your hands on these customized vinyl kids stickers that we have for you.

Which Material Will Be Best Suitable for My Custom Stickers?

Moreover, we believe in the fact that quality sustains longer than any other thing, which is why we offer durable materials for manufacturing stickers with the most applauding quality. Since quality survives more than quantity, we have the best materials available for you. Each material that we offer has a special quality that enhances the life span of name stickers for kids.

Choices for you:

  • Clear Polypropylene
  • Static cling vinyl
  • Opaque Vinyl
  • Clear Vinyl
  • Clear Polyester  

All the materials mentioned above are available with us, and we use each material as per your needs. All these materials are sustainable, durable, and affordable enough to be used by you, which is why you can let us know about your preference because our only purpose is to have your contentment.

Types of Custom Stickers that Our Company Offers:

Just like kids love stickers to be of different kinds with colors and cartoons, we also believe that stickers have to be available in a variety of colors, styles, shapes, and designs to be more useful. Therefore, we offer an array of designs that are not only reasonable but also eye-pleasing enough to grab the attention of all the kids roaming around. 

You can select your favorite stickers from these designs and types: 

  • Cartoon Stickers
  • Name Stickers
  • Floral Stickers
  • Animated Stickers
  • Toy Stickers
  • Customized Favorite Character Stickers
  • Animal Stickers
  • Alphabet or Number Stickers
  • Motivational Stickers
  • Clip Art Stickers

You can use stickers as a source of knowledge for the children, so we offer specially customized, knowledgeable stickers for your children. Please make use of these kids stickers to teach your children little alphabets and numbers to enhance their valuable knowledge. This is one of the most amazing tactics that you can use to make your little ones learn all of this within no time.

Select Amazing Shapes and Dimensions for Your Custom kids Stickers:

Furthermore, making stickers that are worthy of your appreciation is our utmost goal. Our designs and types of stickers are all that you need to make your children fall in love with them. So that you know, stickers of all kinds are available here, and we make sure that you get to buy the ones that you need the most. All the dimensions and sizes are made up of your level and within your chosen range. 

Our designers have for you different sizes of stickers that are all that you need for your kids

  • Square Stickers
  • Round Stickers
  • Oval Stickers
  • Hexagon Stickers
  • Triangle Stickers
  • Jigsaw Stickers
  • Rectangular Stickers
  • Pyramid Stickers and many more

Avail of our Quality Printing and Manufacturing Techniques for Your Custom kids Stickers:

Making high-quality stickers for your convenience is nothing but responsibility for us. We believe in the fact that printing the personalized name stickers perfectly is one of the most appealing ways to make the stickers feel interactive enough to be bought.

The adorable printing methods that we offer are all that you need to make the boxes worthy of buying. We offer:

  • Offset Printing

Our printing technique is super bendable and tends to be of great value for printing the stickers enthralling enough to be bought. Also, we give you a huge opportunity to print all your boxes at the same time to save some bucks. 

  • Digital Printing

This is one of the most affordable techniques that you can use to customize the stickers. The Digital printing that we offer contemplates the sticker film a huge variety of colors with no minimum range.

Lastly, making the stickers glamorous is our call, which is why we use two different color models as per your convenience to add enough colors to the stickers. Since stickers need to be colorful, we do it for you and offer CMYK and PMS as your holy grails.

Embrace Your Custom Stickers by Putting In Additional Features:

Learning to embrace your kids stickers wholesale?

We have something for you. Do you want to know what it is?

It is called as an Add-on, and it serves its purpose in making the stickers look more professional and buildable. Our set of Add-ons is one exemplary one because it has a variety of choices, and each choice is better than the previous one.

  • Perforation
  • Die-cutting
  • Spot UV
  • Foiling
  • Embossing & Debossing

All the Add-ons are fewer ways of making the stickers a lot prettier than they were before.

Give an Attractive Finishing to Your Custom Stickers with The Help of Coatings:

Customizing stickers with coatings is our specialty. We offer two adorable coatings that tend to enhance the visibility and value of the stickers. Both of the coatings that e provide are the best known in the market for adding to the stickers’ charm.

Which one suits the best for you?

  • Gloss Coating:

Just as the name signifies, the gloss coating offers shinier and glistening stickers. We use it to make the stickers best for outdoor usage. 

Is your kid running around in the garden, and you wish to stop him?

This gloss coating is all that you need. The sparkle on the stickers will pull your child towards them in no time. So waste no time and get these stickers. 

  • Matte Coating:

On the contrary, the matte coating is slightly different from the gloss coating because it is better to use it indoors. 

Put these matte stickers on your house walls and let your children play with them because the removal and cling will not ruin the wall. The stickers can also be placed back on the wall because of the extreme static pressure without leaving any residue.

Get Prototypes for Your Custom Stickers

Are you new here?

Well, that is not a problem. Get our customized prototypes to learn about how we make stickers. All these prototypes are for your satisfaction because we know that trusting a new company is not an easy task. You can choose from the below-mentioned sampling methods.

  • Flat View: 

Receive 2d images of the stickers and assess the material, size, and design.

  • 3D Mockup:

Here we send a 3-dimensional sample to a mailing id, and you get to see the stickers properly. You can conveniently check the die-lines, die-cuts, and order of the sticker.

  • Physical Sampling:

Lastly, we consider physical sampling as the most efficient yet suitable method for sampling. It is so because we deliver it on your doorstep, and you can hand check all that you want to.

Why Choose Premium Custom Stickers?

Premium Customs Stickers is that one company that promises to be there for you whenever you look up to us, which is why we have 24/7 available customer care that aims to give you answers to all your queries and questions in the least possible time. People across the globe love our wholesale custom kids stickers so that you can count on us too. Make sure you know that we are here for you and our purpose is to have your gratification by all that we do for you.

We are Offering OEM and OEM services to have your back while making your stickers. Choose us as your representatives in the market, and let’s win it together. 

Order your customized sticker anytime soon, so you don’t miss out on this summer’s hottest deals. 


Why should kids stickers be colorful?

Children are more likely to be attracted to vibrant and radiant things, so stickers have to be colorful. If the stickers are made in darker tones, they will clearly not be suitable for children because the word “children” possibly signifies liveliness and joy.

How do stickers play their role in adding to the knowledge of the children?

If you have a child, you might know that teaching them isn’t easier. This is why some parents use stickers as a source of awareness for their children. They buy stickers with alphabets, numbers, phonics, and some other linguistic ones too. Later, they use the little illustrations on stickers to teach them about different subjects on a beginner level, of course.

Are kids stickers specifically for the kids?

Yes! These stickers are usually for making the books, drawings, and children’s activities more joy able. Also, you can use them on other things too. For instance, use these stickers on your child’s lunch box or any of their favorite places. Also, the sticker can be used to learn newer tactics to make your children happier.