Custom Car Magnets

We believe that if you can “Everybody’s Got Something to Stick” with Premium Custom Stickers and create your own custom car magnets. Add text, and graphics, or upload your own artwork to create your own custom car magnets.

We offer a variety of car magnets & car decals in several shapes. You can create your own printed magnets by inputting your own artwork or adding text and images through our Design Tool.

Moreover, we use our own printers to make car magnets in any size, with your design and text. 



Important Ordering Information for Custom Car Magnets

Make sure any part of the vehicle is metal and that a magnet will stick to it. Some parts may be metal while others are lightweight aluminum.

Keep in mind that in some cars, the Magnet example on the cars can fool you into thinking they’re perfect. Test the area you want to apply the magnet to make sure it will hold.

Just measure the area to make sure your custom car magnets will fit. Make sure the surface is flat and that there are no folds, creases, or any other body panel formations. If there is a defect in the application surface, the magnetic sheet will not adhere to cars as it should.

Printed Car Magnets

When driving down the road, the magnets on our products are not as strong as the wind. This causes the magnet to fly off at unpredictable times.

Custom Car Door Magnets Application Preparation

Before you apply your magnet, check for any dirt and wax on the car surface and clean them off with water. In summer, don’t forget to apply some wax to the vehicle surface and back side of the magnet.

If your magnet is exposed to high levels of heat and sunlight, you may need to apply a thicker amount of wax coat. A heavier wax coating can help prevent damage caused by water, dirt, and road chemicals.

Why is the Car Magnet Application Process Important?

It’s imperative that you don’t shift an advertising magnet around when it’s being applied to your car. Let one edge of the magnet touch your vehicle where you want the sign to be. Let magnetism do the work as it will adjust the sign’s position to all edges of your car.

With Premium Custom Stickers, you will not have to worry about dirt getting underneath the custom car magnets and causing damage to your car. The magnet should be a minimum of 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but the temperature of the vehicle’s surface does not matter.

Maintaining Custom Car Bumper Magnets

When sending your vehicle through an automatic car wash, always remove your large custom car magnets before it goes through the washing process.

To avoid damaging your vehicle, it’s important to clean and dry the back of the sign regularly.

  • It’s important to read any instructions carefully before applying. For instance, our custom magnets are not intended for use in areas that come into contact with oil or gas.
  • The sleek appearance is a result of the use of different substrates such as plastic, rubber, and aluminum. The low-profile design reduces the chance that the magnet will stick to the car.
  • It’s important to remove magnets from cars before pressure cleaning them. If deicing chemicals are used, the magnet face can be damaged.
  • If you have any problems with your car magnet, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  To maintain a quality magnet and get the best results, don’t hesitate to follow these steps.
  • If you want to create personalized car magnets, then stick around, because we have a custom car magnets & vinyl car stickers maker which allows you to customize your purchases with ease.