Vinyl Car Stickers

Vinyl car stickers call attention to your campaign or brand even from a considerable distance. Whether you can want to run an election campaign or just looking for new ways to promote your brand, vinyl stickers can give you a high market exposure tool that you can use to build or vital upscale connections.

Your campaign supporters or regular customers can use these stickers to spread awareness, while it will also grab the attention of friends and people nearby.

Vinyl decals for cars become your free-of-cost advertisement space. We make sure that your design or statement lasts longer on premium and waterproof vinyl stickers at Premium Custom Stickers.

We provide a high-gloss finish that can withstand exposure from all outdoor harshness. Car vinyl decals are waterproof adhesive stickers and are relatively more durable than usual paper stickers for apparent reasons.

The material used to develop bumper stickers is specifically engineered for outdoor purposes. We use permanent and stable printing techniques that can make your bumper sticker last longer.


    Which Material Will Be Best Suitable For My Custom Vinyl Car Stickers?

    Vinyl car stickers or decals are developed for both indoor and outdoor display and long-term and temporary purposes.

    The material varies according to the application. For instance, car decal vinyl stickers meant to display on the glass are made with transparent materials, unlike those that are meant for fiber or metal surfaces.

    However, the following are the materials we use to make vinyl bumper stickers.

    Self-adhesive Vinyl: This is a waterproof vinyl material use to make indoor and outdoor displays. 

    Static Cling Vinyl: Popular for political campaigns, static cling is for smooth surfaces like glass; they are stuck without any adhesive and leave no residue.

    Clear Poly Ultra-removable car vinyl stickers: Easily removable sticker, printed with laser printers

    Types of Custom Vinyl Stickers for Cars Which Our Company Offers

    Custom printed vinyl bumper stickers represent the characteristics of purpose, allowing customers to distinguish one brand from another. So, what types do we offer? And what is perfect for you? Glance through the following types listed below to make the right selection.

    • Logo stickers
    • Clear Sticker
    • Die-cut stickers
    • Photo stickers

    Select Amazing Shapes and Dimensions for Your Vinyl for Car Decals

    Custom vinyl car decals for bumper are no less than any other stickers. Once you are done with the type of your bumper sticker, next comes its shape and dimension. By default, they come in two primary forms:

    • Oval
    • Rectangle

    However, if you opt to customize your sticker fully, you can get any dimension ranging from 2”x2” to full bumper size. Similarly, you can either default shape or custom-cut vinyl.

    Avail Of Our Quality Printing and Manufacturing Techniques for Your Custom Vinyl Bumper Stickers

    The best vinyl for bumper stickers went through a number of procedures to give you the quality you deserve. We make stickers through several methods. Take a look at different printing styles and see what fits perfectly for your purpose.

    • Flexography or FLEXO
    • Rotogravure
    • Screen printing
    • Digital printing
    • Solvent digital printing.
    • UV-based Flatbed printing.
    • Litho Offset printing.

    Embrace Your Custom Vinyl Bumper Sticker by Adding Additional Features

    Who doesn’t like add-ons? After you are done with all of the customizations, these small additions can bring life to your printable vinyl for bumpers. We offer a wide range of additional feature:

    • Spot UV
    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • Hot Stamping
    • Foiling
    • PVC Sheet
    • Die-cut

    These are all the features we offer at our company. However, you are not liable to use each one of those. Choose a few that you think can elevate your bumper vinyl.

    Give an Attractive Finishing To Your Custom Vinyl Bumper Stickers with the Help of Coatings

    Coatings are like the final touch that we give to our wholesale custom vinyl bumper stickers. With these coatings, we protect vinyl bumpers from fading away. After all, no one likes faded vinyl that shows only some of its content. We provide two basic types of coatings, one for every kind of taste.

    • Gloss coating: For shiny and glossy finish.
    • Matte Coating: is to give a solid a subtle touch to the outer layer of vinyl.

    However, both of them fulfill their primary goal to protect the printing on the custom vinyl stickers.

    Get Prototypes for Your Custom Vinyl Bumper Stickers

    It is always a good idea to check the final product before getting the complete order. By doing so, you get a better idea to see what is missing and what can be added. We encourage our clients to get prototypes, so it may help to give them a better product at the end of the day.

    To get a prototype, notify us while placing the order, and we will send a free sample before printing the whole order. We can also get a randomly selected piece of your sticker.

    Why Choose Premium Custom Stickers?

    Our policy is to provide our customers with high-end and premium quality. Our quality of Cricut vinyl for bumper stickers is one of our most popular Custom stickers, as their quality speaks for itself. You can go through our feedback pages that will assure you of the quality we provide.

    Here are a few of the most demanded services that we offer

    • Free Delivery All over the USA
    • Consultation
    • 24/7 customer care
    • Further discounts on vinyl bumper stickers wholesale.
    • We provide the best rate you could find all over the country.

    If you think we can provide you with the vinyl car stickers of your choice? Contact our 24/7 customer care line and place your order today at Premium Custom Stickers.



    Well, you can always select pre-designed vinyl from our website. Customization is for those who want tailor-made vinyl for bumpers.


    We use transparent polyacrylate. It is a pressure-sensitive adhesive and removable. It stays put but does not damage your car’s paint.


    A sticker is an adhesive label or notice which is generally printed or illustrated. In contrast, the decal is a superior design prepared on paper for transfer on another surface.