Why We Call Social Media & Custom Stickers Effective Marketing Tools?

Are you planning for a startup business? If yes, then know one thing that marketing is the lifeblood of any startup. If you could not market your products, your brand or startup will surely sink. 

Therefore, as an entrepreneur, you need some useful tricks that can boost your business productivity. After analyzing some of the most experienced and smartest marketing people, I come to know some really simple and interesting marketing hacks.

Well, here is a list that I made to help entrepreneurs like you. Let’s have a look at these tips by the marketing experts.

Social Media

This smart digital platform has gained much popularity in recent times due to its incredible connectivity. There can be no other marketing technique that is more effective for startups than social media. 

No matter what type of business you own, it can be an apparel brand, laptop custom stickers, or anything like a food chain. The only thing that can enhance your connectivity without spending huge capital on it is social media. Therefore, give your social media content a boost.

In the age where businesses are finding it more difficult to get their message heard because of the crowd of similar brands and products in the market, you can make it by choosing smart tactics. 

By boosting, I do not mean that you have to make a social media handle for your brand and publish content on that page, and that’s all. No, because this is not what can make your business a success. 

According to the latest estimates, Face book only shows 6 percent of a business’ content to the fan relevant fan base. It means you have to give your content a paid boost. 

For instance, imagine you have more than 100 likes on your Facebook page; there will be a ‘boost’ button that appears at the bottom of every popular post. Use this button to expand your reach. Don’t hesitate; it will not cost you much. Yes, you can get your message out to thousands of users for less than $30, which is pretty affordable.

Facebook- The Best CPM Tool

CPM stands for “cost per thousand impressions.” It is the scale for measuring how many people your advertising or marketing is successful in leaving an impression on. The digital analysis report suggests that Facebook advertisements are one of the most effective tools to deliver the cheapest CPM’s in online marketing. 

Facebook comes with the ability to test ad efficiency in real-time. You can use the power editor duplicate tool to create hundreds of ads while changing one element per ad. Make sure to keep your budget low, and you can easily estimate what works and what doesn’t without breaking the bank. 

On the other hand, imagine investing huge capital in printing custom stickers for your brand without running a test on a small scale to know if it is working or not. You will never want to lose all that money, right? Therefore, the key is to do a small level test and double down on the ones that work while killing the ones that don’t.

Explore Pay-Per-Click Advertising

You must have already heard of pay-per-click advertising. Have you? Well, you must give it at least one try.

Google has the most volume, but it isn’t the only show in town when it comes to pay-per-click advertising. Moreover, you can also look into Google Search Partner Networks for other opportunities to seek higher Return on Investment.

Apart from Google, Bing also provides great results for businesses targeting the baby boomer generation.

Paid Advertisements

You can also explore paid advertisements with the trick of one keyword per ad. The key is, creating specific ad groups that target one keyword. Then create two to three ads for that same one keyword. After it, analyze which ad works the best, and then run it.


No matter what marketing technique you are using, be it social media, content marketing, packaging, custom stickers, or paid advertisements, the goal should be to get a maximum audience. 

As far as you are successful in reaching out to the target and maximum audience, success will be yours! All these tips are gathered after meeting many successful business people, entrepreneurs, and brand owners. 

These tips are working for them, but it does not essentially mean that these will work for you as well. You just have to explore what works for you the best; that’s the key. Try; try harder until you unlock it. Best of Luck!

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