Why vinyl custom vehicle decals are a good idea for cars

Car stickers are a trendy item in the US. There is a vast range of custom vehicle decals in the country. The vinyl custom decals are a good idea for customize car stickers. To know more, read the article below.

  • What are vehicle decals?
  • What types are available of vehicle decals?
  • How to create custom vehicle decals in the US?
  • What materials are suitable for making vehicle decals?
  • What options are available for customizations?
  • What are the benefits of making custom vehicle decals?
  • Why is Vinyl a good idea for making custom decals?
  • Where can I get customized vehicle decals?

What are vehicle decals?

Vehicle decals are customize car stickers. These car decals consist of images, graphics, or letters on vinyl material and are placed on the surface of any vehicle.

What types are available of vinyl vehicle decals?

There are various types of vinyl stickers available in the US market. Some are reflective Vinyl, front-facing cling, clear Vinyl, permanent adhesive Vinyl, clear cling, white Vinyl, perforated film, white cling, glow dark Vinyl, front-facing adhesive, magnet material.

The best one of all is the white Vinyl of all. White vinyl stickers look best on every surface. The other has different suitability; For instance, the front-facing decal options look optimal on glass surfaces. Similarly, Clings are suitable for flat glass surfaces. The durability of these vinyl decal options ranges from 2 years to 6 years, as the case may be.

How to make custom vehicle decals in the US?

In the US, you can get custom vehicle decals from the PCS. We offer a wide variety of vinyl decals in material, shine, durability, and quality. The style ranges are also vast and available for custom sizes in custom shapes.

Furthermore, the decals we make for cars and other automobiles are hundred percent surface-friendly, and they are non-damaging to your windows, car doors, or windscreens. These vinyl decals are also shielded with UV finishing sheets to secure them in unfavorable weather conditions. As a result, the colors, finishing, and gumming do not affect the worst conditions.

What materials are suitable for making vehicle decals?

Vinyl is the prime material in use to make car decals. Vinyl is combined with back gum to stick on the surface. Automotive decals are usually three-layered. The three layers consist of the liner, the base film, and the top coating, known as the top film.

What options are available for customizations?

We offer the following types of car decals.

Car and truck lettering is an individual letter cut from the sheet. The vinyl sheet is two-mil with vinyl material. These are great for cars, trucks, and other types of vehicles.

Clear Vehicle Decals are ideal to allow the lights in through your car windows. These are window sticks and so light to let the sunlight go through.

Opaque Vehicle Decals the opaque decals are available to paste on your automobile’s body. As the name suggests, no light can pass through these decals.

Perforated Vehicle Decal, Perforated Vehicle decals are ideal for privacy purposes. You, while sitting inside the car, can see outside through these decals, but no outsider could intervene in your car’s privacy!

Apart from these, you can choose the type of vinyl material as per your choice. The usual car decal size ranges from 12” x 6”, 12” x 18”, 18” x 24”, 24” x 24”, 24” x 36”, 36” x 54”, 48” x 72”, and 48” x 96”. Custom sizes in addition to these are also available with us.

The printing options are also available for digital and high-resolution printings in colored and UV sheets for protection purposes. The wholesale car decals are available in the standard surface and second surface printing options.

What are the benefits of making custom vehicle decals?

There are numerous benefits of making wholesale custom vehicle decals. When we talk about business, custom vehicle decals are ideal for attracting clients. They are an excellent source to advertise and promote a business at zero cost expenses.

The custom vehicle decals are a low-cost advertising option compared to other advert options. Using decals is equally an excellent choice for established businesses and new startups in the local area. Many companies are using vehicle decals to promote their business in the US.

Through the use of custom vehicle decals, you can easily share a lot of information you may want to share with your target market. The size ranges and color ranges are all customizable as per the requirements. Vehicle Decal is a new and attractive idea to implement. Customer attraction is all a business needs.

You can also promote your offerings by designing its shape with your consistent branding as a custom vinyl decal for automobiles in your area. You can offer a complimentary vehicle decal to the target customers to promote your business through a custom campaign using the vehicle decals.

Why is Vinyl a good idea for making custom decals?

Vinyl material is an ideal material for your customize car stickers. Some of the significant benefits of employing Vinyl are as follows.

  • Vinyl is an attractive, robust, and weather-resistant material. Decals made of this material last for very long periods, even if they are consistently in exposure to external elements like weather conditions
  • The decals pick up all the pollutants, grease stains, dirt, debris, etc. The covered car surfaces experience no damage. Hence, the vinyl decals are surface-friendly.
  • Car decals are easy to remove and replace when they get sun-faded or sun-damaged. On the other hand, car paints are harder and more expensive to replace. Vinyl is the best option for making car decals for automobiles as a surface-friendly material.

Where can I get customized vehicle decals?

Many sticker makers and packaging companies are offering customize car stickers. You can approach the one in your reach in terms of locality and costing. We also provide custom decals for your cars, trucks and these are surface friendly with durable colors and finishing touches. Moreover, a wide range of customization is available with us as per your demand. For more, you can contact us!


Car decals are a popular item in the US. It is primarily popular among youngsters and automobile users. Automobile users apply the decals on their cars according to their likes and desires.

This vehicle decal is an ideal choice to make for business motives. You can attract more audiences in your local area through a wholesale make of custom car decals. Vinyl is the perfect material to make the car decals, and it is surface-friendly.

Moreover, the business can advertise their offerings and spread the information in the area through the optimal use of car decals. It is a very economical item as compared to other signage options.

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