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Trendy Stickers on Laptop – Top Ten Stickers to Choose From

You’ve seen them around. The stickers cover a laptop with the words “I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry” or “No food allowed.” These are just a few of the many stickers available to customize your laptop and make it look as unique as you are.

Customizing your laptop with the office laptop stickers is an easy way to express yourself and give it some personality. It doesn’t matter if you have a MacBook Pro or an old Windows desktop; there’s something out there for everyone! You can find all sorts of designs, from motivational quotes to nerdy references, which will help you show off your interests without having to put up any posters on your walls.

Stickers on laptop are a great way to spice up a stale laptop and can be a low-cost, one-time purchase. Not all stickers on the market are high-quality, but some stand out from the pack.

Laptops have been around for a while now, and many people have had theirs for over three years. The best laptop stickers you see today are not what they were back in 2005. In 2005, they were mainly vinyl stickers that were either colorful or monochrome. The design was simple enough for people to draw their work with paint or markers.

These days, many manufacturers create windows and apple laptop stickers professionally with precision-cut vinyl graphics. They are durable and don’t wear out, having the ability to be used over and over with proper upkeep.

 Top Ten Best Laptop Stickers

Here are 10 of the best laptop on stickers on the market today. These are bought by people who love computers or have a sense of humor about them. You may recognize some, but others will be new to you!

  •         Yoda Sticker

This is a classic design that you are sure to recognize, even if you are not into Star Wars. You will get this Yoda sticker in many colors, but the most popular one is the green one. The Yoda design does fade over time, so it’s best to use this on your laptop and move it around frequently.

  •         Instant Awesome Sticker

Next up, we have a sticker that’s been very popular among teenage girls. It is the “Instant Awesome” design. This has been out for a long time now and still sells to this day, no matter what else comes along. If you want a laptop that looks cute and girly, this is the Sticker for you.

  •         Retro Macintosh Sticker

This is a popular retro sticker that features the old Macintosh computers with a rainbow design. Quite often, people like to display these logo stickers on their laptops to show how hip they are. They can also be used by Apple fans who want to treat it like a piece of artwork.

  •         Cushy Cat Laptop Sticker

A very popular design that you see all over the internet and in stores is the “Cushy Cat” sticker. This features a cute little kitty that is super adorable and charming. Many people buy this because it gives their laptop an innocent and kawaii look.

  •         Funny Business Sticker

This laptop sticker is meant to be a play on words that will make you and your friends laugh. It shows how the owner of the laptop has got his priorities in order because “Business” comes before “Empire.” This design is for those who want to show their nerd side.

  •         Amusing Alien Sticker

This is a funky laptop key stickers design that will make you chuckle every time you look at your laptop. It features an alien with a blank expression on its face, and the slogan underneath reads “Aliens Come in All Shapes and Sizes.” This can also double as a nerd sticker because it features a Star Wars character.

  •         I Love My Laptop Sticker

The pretty clever design here for laptop keyboard stickers. It features a heart symbol with the “I” and “L” in white font, while the other letters are red. This is perfect for those who love their laptops and want to show that they care about them. Also, it will be a great addition to Valentine’s Day!

  •         Cool Keychain Laptop Sticker

This is a unique sticker that can help you with carrying your keys around. It features a 1G USB flash drive that looks like a retro key chain from the 80s and 90s. You can store some files on that USB and then plug them into your laptop whenever you need them.

  •         Cute Laptop Sticker

This is a very cute design that features a cute little kitty. So many people are buying this because they want to keep their laptops clean but also enjoy looking at something adorable while they are using it.

  •         3D Laptop Sticker

This is the most popular design right now, and it features a holographic or very trippy effect to make your laptop look cool. The way this looks changes depending on the type of lighting that you are in, so it’s bound to impress everyone who sees it.


There are so many stickers on laptop out there right now, but these are the ten best ones, in my opinion. You can buy any of these stickers to have a great-looking laptop that also expresses your personality. So, what are you waiting for?

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