Laptop Stickers

Are you worried about getting scratches on your brand-new apple laptop? Do you want to protect it from getting damaged? Well, if yes, we have the ultimate solution for you. We at PremiumCustomStickers are offering high-quality cool laptop stickers. These cool laptop stickers will protect your expensive gadget from any possible injury.

Moreover, we offer our clients full freedom to design their cute laptop stickers according to their choice and preference. We trust your creativity and claim to provide you with exactly what you want. In addition, our custom printed stickers are water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and do not leave any mark on the surface of your laptop after removal.

We provide multiple customization options to our clients to facilitate them. You can use any material, color scheme, design, or pattern of your choice to print it on the stickers. Moreover, if you want to print any graphic image on the custom stickers for laptop, be it of any famous character from the recent hit movies or anything, we provide high-quality printing.



We know that electronic gadgets are expensive and understand that you don’t want to take risks regarding them. Therefore, we make sure that our customers must not suffer from laptop stickers that are cheap in terms of price and quality. 


We at Premium Custom Stickers, provide premium quality materials for printing your business stickers. These materials include transparent vinyl and white vinyl. Both of these materials are waterproof, dustproof, and weather resistant.

Moreover, these materials are very stable. They do not show stretching during the lamination, printing, and other processes. Moreover, both of these are known for excellent thermal stability, which protects them against high-intensity UV radiation.

In addition, our durable and strong wholesale custom laptop stickers resist scratches, dust, acidic products, and oil. You can easily take them off the laptop and change them or renew them whenever you want.

We use a high-quality adhesive that does not leave any residue mark on the surface of the laptop. Above all, these custom laptop sticker are very easy to wipe. You can clean it with any soft cloth and glass cleaning liquid. This way, you can make it look as shiny and appealing as it used to look on the first day you purchased it.  Moreover, we offer a wide range of laptop sticker design that you can choose according to your choice.


For your custom computer stickers mac, we use three types of printing techniques depending on our customer’s budget limit and requirements.


If you have a limited budget and want to buy stickers for computers out of your pocket money, then offset printing is for you. It will cost you much less while giving you the same results.

Similarly, if you are a small or start-up business, we will suggest you go for offset printing. This printing technique is a simple procedure with most of the tasks performed manually; therefore, it will cost you less as compared to the digital one.


As the name defines, digital printing is an advanced process and, therefore, more efficient as compared to offset printing. It is also costly, so if you don’t have any budget limitations, you can opt for this procedure for printing your custom stickers with no minimum flaws.


It is a modern printing technique with a high-speed performance rate. It is best for printing stickers. This method is fast, cost-efficient, and provides the best quality computer stickers.

An Insight into Our Custom Laptop Decals

We use permanent adhesive on our stickers that will not let them fall off or tear easily. Moreover, this adhesive will not leave any residue on the laptop’s surface. These stickers have a life of a minimum of 5 years, depending on the use pattern.

Types Of Laptop Stickers

We provide a wide variety of stickers for laptop depending on the needs and demands of our customers. These types include:

Perforated Stickers

This type of sticker has a perforated look, and if this type matches your style statement, you can opt for these stickers. If you want that apple icon to show up and want to protect your laptop as well then, these computer stickers are best. They do not obstruct the internal view, which means your apple icon will remain visible. This sticker lasts for up to 5 years.

Glow In the Dark MacBook Stickers

These cute laptop stickers are best to make your laptop highlighted in the dark. The unique printing and coating of these stickers enable them to glow in the dark. This will glow in the green shade in darkness. These macbook stickers are also very long-lasting and do not go anywhere for a minimum of 5 years.

Magnetic Stickers

We also offer magnetic laptop stickers wholesale to facilitate our clients with an easy application. It does not leave any residue on the surface. The magnetic effect has a life of almost two years.

Reflective Stickers

These stickers have a special coating on them and reflect light similar to that of a road sign. It makes them even more attractive. We make sure to provide you with premium quality reflective stickers that do not lose their reflectiveness for at least five years.

Why Should You Get Help from Us?

If you are still wondering how to make laptop stickers then we, at PremiumCustomStickers are a solution to your problem. We work on the principle of loyalty and dedication. Our clients are the first priority of our business, and we make every possible effort to provide them with satisfactory results. We provide customer service that is ready to serve you around the clock. You can contact our team anytime to seek consultation and guidance.

Moreover, we offer free delivery on bulk orders and are known for the fastest delivery system among our competitors. In addition, if you are not convinced by seeing the pictures of our laptop stickers and reading our customer’s reviews, we are ready to provide you with samples.

We offer three types of samples, and all of them are free of cost. These samples include:

2D samples

As the name suggests, these samples are actually e-files that provide a two-dimensional view of your custom stickers.

3D samples

Unlike the 2D samples, the three-dimensional sample comes in the form of an e-file that gives a full view of the computer stickers from every angle and point. These samples will give you a better understanding of the product.

Physical samples

Lastly, if you still feel that e-samples are not enough, Premium Custom Stickers are willing to provide physical samples to our new customers. Moreover, we do not charge you anything for the samples. Therefore, if you want to ensure the quality of material and printing, get in touch with us. We will deliver the samples to your doorstep. So, don’t get trapped in fraudulent deals and get your hands on our amazing laptop stickers.



We offer both offset and digital printing techniques.


Yes, we do offer samples, both digital and physical types of prototypes.