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Honey manufacturers may experience distinctive challenges when designing their labels. The options are practically endless, with many industry standards and material options of different advantages. Luckily, Premium Custom Stickers USA work with honey businesses has allowed us to offer the guide below for your honey labels design.

Good Honey Labels Designs Make For Good First Impressions

A product’s label is the primary indicator of excellence to a customer. For shelved goods, aesthetic assessment is the first brand experience that most consumers have with your item, and your label must seize their attention from the retail shelf in mere seconds. To do so, you must know who that consumer is and what is imperative to them.

Understand Your Honey Product Customers

Knowing your customers’ value is vital when branding your custom honey labels. In addition, pairing this with stunning design tactics is the best formula for attracting shoppers.

  • Ingredients: Locally obtained, minimal processing, natural and organic.
  • Sustainability: Produced sustainably, with responsible packaging and minimal use of pesticides.

These drivers speak to what’s essential to a customer’s purchase. So, connecting them with content and imagery through the label design has become ever so significant. Save shoppers time by sharing the essential characteristics in an easy-to-consume way.

“A brand is no longer what we say the consumer is – it is what customers tell each other it is.”

Ask yourself what values are significant to you and your brand of honey labels? Which of the buying drivers above can you claim to provide? Chances are, these are values your customers share and ones you can honestly speak to with your label.

In addition, flying off the shelves with a focus on these value propositions and effective messaging through good design may be easier than you think.

How to Design the Perfect Honey Jar Labels?

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When designing honey jar labels for an established industry, brands must remain familiar with returning customers while capturing the attention of first-time buyers among the competition.

It’s well worth the effort for honey labels brands to discover what does (and doesn’t) work for the established industry. The most significant things to consider are package-label fit, theme colors, imagery, brand story, values, and high-quality features of your honey.

1. Use Label Design Elements That Are Linked With Honey

The very nature of honey carries many images to mind:

  • Made by bees
  • Shaped in beehives & honeycombs
  • Taken from fresh flowers
  • Adored by bears
  • Collected in honeypots

These are common facts known by manufacturers and customers. Moreover, they are the fun truths about honey that we can speak to in imaginative ways.

Consuming a few of these images as part of your label makes it easy for consumers to identify what product you are marketing and what values matter to you.

It can be as simple as presenting a bear on your label or making your label/jar in the shape of a honeycomb. The goal of including these is industry acknowledgment.

2. Let Your High-Quality Honey Sparkle with a Simple Label Design

You can use imagery and creativity to clarify that your jar contains honey. Once your product can be recognized as honey labels, it’s time to set it apart from your contestants and achieve brand recognition. This can often be proficient by looking outside of your industry and into the trends of others to discover exceptional packaging options.

One of the modern trends to date is that of minimalist packaging design. These unique styles let the product speak for itself and display limited images & copy to catch the customer’s eye. Instead, they use the raw look & important details of their product to sell to consumers.

“Consumers don’t expect you to be flawless. They DO expect you to fix things when they go wrong.”

For honey, this could mean clear jars showing your sweet product’s yellowish-brown tones. In addition, any theme colors or images here would be in service of the natural enthusiasm of your product, with no interruptions.

Written text should always be minimal on a beautiful design, but fresher label styles are taking it a step further. For natural & medicinal goods like honey, simply putting those words front & center on your custom packaging shows consumers exactly what they’re looking for.

When shopping, these are the words on customers’ minds, so seeing them on your packaging can be an easy way to stand out.

3. Information to Include On Your Honey Bottle Labels Design

Not to be overlooked when designing your honey bottle labels is the information necessary by law to be printed on it. This sort of information can take up precious space on your label and help your brand grow if used correctly.

“Spend a lot of time talking to clients face-to-face. You’d be astonished how many companies don’t listen to their consumers.”

 4. FDA & Nutritional Information

The Food & Drug Administration has specific requirements for selling honey in the USA. In addition, meeting these is not only legally dynamic to selling your product but also imperative for potential consumers.

Consumers are more aware than ever of what they’re consuming and what it does to their bodies and our environment. Being open & honest about what’s in your delicious honey can be a big selling point for customers looking for a product with nothing to hide.

5. Contact information

Just as dynamic as nutritional information, your business’ contact information is essential to feature all over your goods label. This doesn’t just stop at your number but contains fun things like social media handles.

6. This Is A Good Opportunity To Endorse Your Online Presence!

Giving your customers numerous ways to reach out about their experience with your product frames you as a company enthusiastic about connecting. This connection goes a long way to imitating bonds with your customers and giving them an incentive to share you with others.

       7.Honey Bee Labels Material and Design

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While your honey bee labels are the most communicative part of your overall packaging, it is only one part. When designing it, you must consider the label and packaging.

In addition, these two mechanisms must come together for a singular & consistent experience for every consumer, so it’s worth exploring what makes them both right.

8. Brand Originality

With brand values & packaging in mind, you’re ready to start designing an original and attractive label! This typically starts with your theme color scheme, which stems much from the color of your logo & packaging.

If you’ve selected our recommended transparent honey labels packaging, you’ll need your color scheme to be as complementary to that yellowish-brown color as possible.

Furthermore, this typically means other pretty shades of yellow, but going the extra mile for a transparent label really exudes a vintage feeling.

If transparent labels aren’t suitable for you and you’re looking for something to stand out more than a yellow label, purple could be the way to go. As a complementary color to yellow, purple pops off the packaging while seeming a pleasant fit to the customer’s eyes.

“The Two Most Powerful Things in Existence: A Kind Word and a Thoughtful Gesture.”

Just as it’s essential to use the correct colors for your label, it’s also vital to use the space that your glass packaging offers to the utmost advantage. In addition, this is particularly true if you’re using colored packaging instead of clear.

Be as economical with your compulsory information as possible so that the value propositions you decide to feature can be significant and bold. However, don’t go so large that your product is unrecognizable. Select a label that fits your product’s packaging but does not dominate it.

9. Accessories for Honey Jar Glass Packaging

Accessories offer the finishing touch to complement your label and your entire packaging. This could be as dynamic to the packaging as its closure or somewhat like a wooden honey scoop. You may even decide to add a custom label on the closure.

Either way, these pieces of your wholesale packaging tie together the overall experience and provide various ways to impress your customers with imaginative choices. Premium Custom Stickers USA offers a few finishing touches to address just that.

We’re confident that by consuming the above methods, you’ll soon have honey labels that are as sweet as your product. In addition, paired with our fine honey labels packaging, your products will produce smiles in no time!

10. Color Coordinate

Colors Are Smiles Of Nature!

Honey is naturally beautiful. Its gorgeous golden type speaks to the flavor of one of nature’s best products. So don’t hide the attractiveness of your honey! Simply accent that golden goodness with the correct label color. Folks often opt for yellow and gold labels.

However, black, white, and transparent labels also look great. If you’re feeling incredibly bold, you can opt to use purple since it’s a complementary color compared to honey.

11.Text Talks

The right font can attract clients like a—well—like a bee to a flower. Select the right font to communicate that your honey is the best money can buy.

If you’re a modernist, stick to a simple font.

“The Most Imperative Thing In Communication Is Hearing What Isn’t Said.”

Or, if you’re a minimalist, you might opt for Calibri font, with all lowercase lettering. Want that organic look? Go with a cursive font or a font with big, bold, friendly letters.

Just be sure to make your label legible and stylish.

Let’s Get Promising Packaging!

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