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The Ultimate Guide to Religious Stickers!

With the growing advertisement industry, religion has become a popular theme in this growing individualistic world. Still, we not only print your views but showcase a vision, a sensibility, or humor you want to create. The religious bumper stickers can be quickly circulated among the masses and viewed by passersby daily. Premium custom boxes provide quality and print your views as the customer imagines them.

What Are The Important Tips For Designing Religious Stickers That Actually Work?

People usually have an excellent visual memory. This means that if a person sees a creative and innovative advertisement, it gets imbibed in their brain. Also, the person remembers the business or the company doing the ad campaign. The major tips will not only help you in designing eye-catching and impressive bumper stickers but also help you in making your business viral.

  • Simple Message Does The Trick

Experts say that if you plan to add a message to your sticker, keep it simple! You don’t want to stress out the readers trying to figure out the meaning behind the message. 

Keep your sticker away from long statements. Be precise, as people have significantly less time looking at your sticker and reading the message.

  • Generate Curiosity – It Works!

People are always curious about the second half of any story or message. So, do not give away the entire message on your sticker. Generate curiosity among your prospects. 

The message on your sticker can be concise yet intrigue people to visit your website or store to know more about your products and services.

  • Uniquely Shaped Religious Address Labels

Usually, the religious address labels come in a rectangular packaging shape. Try something distinct from what others do. Think creative. Think of creating a unique shape for your stickers. Yes, maybe you will have to pay some extra bucks, but it is worth it. 

A uniquely shaped and sized custom stickers has a higher chance of standing out. Obviously, you should do this if it ensembles the nature of your business or brand.

  • Let ‘em Read Clearly!

This is one of the essential tips. In addition, the font size of your stickers should be large enough, and the headline should take up a majority of the portion of the sticker. 

Include both lowercase and uppercase letters in the message to make it easy to read. You can also use fonts such as Arial, Impact etc.

  • Usage of Eye-grabbing, Attention-seeking Theme Colors

You can use bright colors if you need your bumper sticker to get noted from a long distance. In addition, try using two theme colors that contrast each other. You can select color combinations like black and yellow, royal blue and white, and so on.

Implementing the tips above can take your advertising campaign to the next level. Not sure yet, where to start and how to design these stickers? You can contact expert manufacturers of Premium Custom Stickers for your religious stickers.

  • Choose The Color

Colors play a significant role in design. They can convey the brand message and connect with the audience’s emotions. So pick them carefully! Since stickers aim to raise awareness, use colors that complement the brand’s personality.

If the brand doesn’t have a signature color, choose the color that best represents the target market. For example, if a brand is aimed at ladies, the pink color may be the best and most appropriate choice because it is connected with women. 

These colors also play an essential role in the final product’s quality.

  • Be Specific

Figure out where you are going to use these custom stickers. If these are to stick on products or packages or vehicles or anywhere, the custom sticker should have the ability to meet all the needs. It should be long-lasting and weather resistant.

Ask or order a sample sticker to know what exactly your design would be!

Stickers look simple, but it’s not easier to design custom stickers to suit all your business needs. We can be your partner to lessen your burden in designing and printing your ideal sticker. Get in touch to find the dozens of designs to choose from!

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