Waterproof Stickers

Well, if you have started a new venture, then surely, you need to have some strong marketing techniques to promote the product. Furthermore, clients are the top priority of every business owner, so it is necessary to come up with something creative to catch their attention. Besides, all of us want to have something budgeted for promoting our product. When we hear the word stickers, we instantly relate it to kids. However, stickers are the best way to promote your business and build your brand.

Therefore, we at premium custom stickers bring affordable custom waterproof sticker bulk for you all. Our stickers are so durable that they protect all your products from environmental factors and make them all more alluring for the customers.

Plus, these stickers will surely boost your business and laves a strong and long-lasting impression on all your clients. That’s why don’t waste your time thinking much. Buckle up and place the order for waterproof stickers with us without further delay.

We will surely impress your customers with chic sticker designs.



Custom waterproof stickers are used for a variety of different products. These stickers are adhesive to all kinds of surfaces. These stickers can be used to design the logo for your brand. To create swag for your brand, you can create any specific brand imagery as per your choice. If people get impressed by your stickers, then they can stick them to their possessions like mobiles, laptops, notepads, and so on. Isn’t this sound great?

The best part is they are not only your clients, but they act as walking brand advocates for your brand as well. Amazing!

Which Material Will Be Best Suitable for My Waterproof Decals?

Out stickers are a great way to provide a lot of information to passers-by. Waterproof stickers custom-made have the power to tell a lot about your business stickers. Therefore, you must choose us to make your stickers speak up by their appearance.

There are a lot of competitors sitting in the market. It is not easy to compete with them. Besides, there are a lot of choices available for the customers to get their stickers. We at premium custom stickers bring high-quality and affordable material for designing waterproof stickers for water bottles.

The quality of our material is unmatchable, and they are adhesive to all surfaces. We will create waterproof vinyl stickers according to all your specifications. We promise to provide classy and stylish stickers. Let’s have a look at the choices of material that we offer.

  • White vinyl
  • Clear vinyl
  • Static cling vinyl
  • Opaque vinyl
  • UV lamination

Here is a bit of description for all the mentioned materials so that you can know what kind of material you are investing in.

 White Vinyl

We at premium custom stickers provide white vinyl for the custom business stickers. It is up to you to stick them to anything like a fridge, vine bottles, plastic, or packaging. This is one of the most excellent materials to give waterproof finishing to the stickers.

Clear Vinyl

We provide clear stickers printed on the premium waterproof surface so you can easily cut them in any shape or size as per your need. The best part is that these stickers are scratch-resistant. As you know that they are waterproof, so they can easily be used for custom waterproof stickers for cars.

Opaque Vinyl

These adhesive stickers can be placed on plain surfaces like windows, glass, doors, etc. They are very useful for your business needs. It gives a very professional look to the place or packaging.

Static Cling Vinyl

A very thin layer of vinyl is on the static cling vinyl. It clings to various surfaces. Commonly it is used for vehicles. You can stick these stickers to any clean, plain, or non-porous surface.

 Types Of Custom Stickers That Our Company Offers

We offer different sizes and dimensions for the Wholesale Custom weatherproof stickers. These stickers look amazing, and because of their nature, you can place them in indoor and outdoor settings. For the outdoor setting, we provide glossy die-cut, glossy kiss-cut, and clear stickers. UV lamination makes them long-lasting and keeps them safe from regular sun exposure, rain, and wind. Silkscreen stickers along with matte die-cut stickers are also available for outdoor placement.

You can place these informational stickers for your shops or brand. Waterproof stickers are ideal for your products. Our custom vinyl waterproof labels for bottles can withstand all environmental conditions for a long period of time.

Apart from that, you can also get white matt vinyl, clear matt vinyl, clear matt vinyl, matt laminated vinyl, and glossy white vinyl from us.

 Select Amazing Shapes and Dimensions for Custom Waterproof Labels:

Our stickers for kayaks are better than others because of many reasons. You can even get double-sided printed stickers from us with various customizations, designs, and styles. It means that your customers can see the information printed on both sides. Moreover, an array of customization choices are offered to us. Feel free to share your thoughts with us as well.

Just let us know all what specifications you need to add to your stickers. If you have any idea, then share it without talented and experienced designers so they can change your thoughts into reality. Get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Avail Of Our Quality Printing and Manufacturing Techniques for Your Custom Stickers

Avail of our high-quality and advanced printing techniques to lessen the cost of your marketing. These creatively designed waterproof stickers for cups can easily be noticed by the clients. We offer highly amazing and superbly amazing printing available in so many colors for adding class to your stickers. You can choose from any of the printing methods as per your budget. However, we offer:

  • Digital Printing

We offer it as one of the most cost-effective methods for printing different kinds of logos and graphics on your sticker. Digital printing is simpler because the film is printed directly on paper using vibrant ink. Additionally, you may readily use it because it is inexpensive (peanuts).

  • Offset Printing

Additionally, our offset printing is a touch pricey, but it’s worth it. You could believe this is a tough approach because the color prints on the banket are transferred to the film and then to the stickers, but it is not. Because you can print so many stickers in such a reasonable and efficient manner, the price is justified.

You will notice a clear difference in the sale of your products after sticking these colorful stickers on your shop’s window or products. Give hype to your products with these amazing printing methods.

Embrace Your Custom Stickers by Adding Additional Features

Our customers put a lot of interest n us. We truly appreciate our clients. That is why we try our best to give them some amazing additional choices to decorate their premium stickers. You can spare some money by choosing these affordable add-ons for your choices. Make your stickers appealing with:

  • Perforation
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Die-cutting
  • Foiling
  • Spot UV

Give An Attractive Finishing to Your Custom Stickers with The Help of Coatings:

Add coatings to enhance the overall look of your stickers. You can give them a finishing look. Every coating differentiates from one another. However, they still appeal to all the customers. The following three coatings are given by us:

  • Gloss
  • Matte
  • Spot UV

Both gloss and matte coating gives a very striking look to the custom weatherproof stickers for boats.

Get Prototypes for Your Custom Stickers

Has any company ever taken you for granted?

Do you have trust issues? If yes then now these problems are no more because we offer prototypes for the satisfaction of our clients. We genuinely understand that it is not easy to trust anyone in this fraudulent world. Therefore, for your satisfaction and complete gratification, we offer you the following prototypes.

  • 3D mockup
  • Flat view
  • Physical sampling

 Why Choose Premium Custom Stickers?

Do you still have any doubts and wondering how to make waterproof stickers? Well, all of them will be finished. We, at Premium custom stickers, are offering the most-heart throbbing and eye-grabbing waterproof stickers for their customers. We are providing 24/7 customer care services for our clients. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any queries in your mind. 


How will I know that my stickers are waterproof?

The material which we use for manufacturing the stickers is not supposed to get wet. However, the easiest way to know is to order a sticker sample from us.

Why are waterproof custom stickers better than simple stickers?

Waterproof or weatherproof stickers are way better than simple stickers due to many reasons. They can beat all kinds of environmental effects like rain, exposure to sun, wind, and whatnot.

 Where can I find waterproof vinyl stickers?

To find these stickers is not a big deal. In short, you can place the order on our website, or you can also find our stickers at different retail shops.

Are vinyl stickers waterproof?

Yes, the vinyl coating makes the stickers waterproof.