Tips To Design Football Helmet Stickers

Investing in custom stickers can help you promote your brand or business. Multiple companies can help you design these stickers, and you should work with the one with plenty of experience in the field. You need to put some effort into studying your customers as this will help you design stickers that work best for you. Premium Custom Stickers is the name to rely on when designing football helmet stickers for your brand.

Tips For Designing the Football Helmet Stickers:

When you are on the lookout for football helmet stickers with custom properties, the following are some tips that you should keep in mind:

·        Decide On the Sticker Size

You need to know what design and material will be compatible with your budget. You can place stickers on helmets, cars, and even mailboxes. Most stickers are available in four standard sizes which include 1″x1″, 2″x2″, 3″ x 5″, 4.5″ X 6.5″. You can also create custom stickers per your needs.

·        Design Your Sticker Strategically

It would help if you looked at the decal as a whole instead of focusing on specific parts of it. Look for colors that will make your design stand out, and then decide where this decal should be placed (e.g., office or vehicle). Contact our sales department if you need custom stickers with no minimum order requirement.

·        Have Clear, Concise Information

If the stickers are designed for your business or organization, you must include contact details. You can also add a URL if it is associated with your brand. It will be best to avoid using too much text because this may result in a cluttered design.

·        Go For Vibrant Colors

The cool football helmet stickers should stand out if designed to promote your brand. So, you have to use vibrant colors instead of dull ones.

·        Follow The Time Limit

Some companies may take up to five days to print custom stickers for you. On the other hand, some companies can deliver them within one or two days. Try to find a company capable of meeting your requirements without delaying the process.

Properties Of Custom Stickers

Following are some properties that make custom stickers a better option than traditional ones:

·        Durable

Custom stickers are made of a durable material that will last longer. The adhesive used on the sticker is also meant to withstand different weather conditions, and this means you can enjoy your design for a longer period of time.

·        Waterproof

You need to use these custom softball helmet stickers in any weather without worrying about them getting damaged when exposed to water.

How Much Do Custom Stickers Cost?

This will depend on your design, material, and size. You can get 1000’s stickers at a nominal price. These prices might vary depending on your chosen company, so always shop around for the best deals before settling on a final price range. You can also find stickers for motorcycle helmets sold in bulk online.

  •   Adhesive Backing

The custom stickers will have an adhesive backing that won’t damage the surface it is stuck on when compared to other available stickers.

  •   Wonderful Design

Experts design these stickers, which means they will be able to produce the graphics you want.

  •   Easy To Remove

You don’t have to use any tools when removing these stickers because they can be taken off without leaving any residue behind.

  •   Colorfast

The custom stickers are made with colorfast material that won’t fade when exposed to sunlight. This means you can expect vibrant colors on your stickers all year round.

  •   Thick Material

Custom stickers are printed using a thick material that gives them long-lasting durability. Without worrying about the design peeling off over time, you can stick these stickers on helmets, cars, windows, or even mailboxes.

  •   High Printing Definition

The printing techniques used for creating these stickers produce high-definition graphics, enhancing the sticker’s appeal.

What Are the Different Methods of Decorating Football Helmet Stickers?

There are many ways you can customize your football helmet stickers, but it is important to keep in mind that the most popular ways are decals and painted designs. Decals are easier to apply, but they don’t last long. You may also notice that applying a decal is not perfect due to the curves of the helmet. On the other hand, painted designs will last longer because they are sealed onto the helmet’s surface with paint or an adhesive-dependent sticker with adhesive backing. The downside to using paint is it must be reapplied after every game or two when worn down from contact.

We use high-end materials to design sturdy custom stickers. With the help of the finest color models, we make sure all the stickers have vibrant colors. You also have the freedom to customize the stickers with our add-ons and finishing coats. Look no further than Premium Custom Stickers for all your sticker designing needs. Call us today to place your order.



  1. What Are the Benefits of Custom Football Helmet Stickers?

    Custom football helmet stickers can help you market any brand. You can design them with your branding colors, so people easily recognize them.

  2. What Are Some Customization Options for Stickers?

    We offer various customization options to help you design stickers of your dreams. To enhance the sticker's appeal, you can use embossing, debossing, and spot UV. With multiple coating options, you can also change the overall texture of the stickers.

  3. How Long Will It Take to Get My Custom Football Helmet Stickers Delivered to Me?

    We deliver all the orders within 7-10 days.

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