Great Valentine’s Day Stickers for Your Special Someone

If you’re dating someone obsessed with stickers and you’re not, this blog is for you. Not only does it give you a vivid idea about stickers, but it will also give you an insight as to how you can make DIY stickers. The idea behind valentine’s day stickers is that they depict love and affection for anyone they are given to.

With valentine’s Day just around the corner, you can learn how to make stickers with these simple tricks.

Let’s dig in to learn more.

An Insight into Valentine’s Day Stickers:

Valentine stickers specifically are stickers made for Valentine. These stickers are cut out in appealing shapes and have cute illustrations.

So, if you have a partner who loves having and hoarding valentine stickers, you should get the prettiest ones or else make them yourself.

Sticker Materials You Should Know About

Stickers are made up of various materials. Here are a few

· Clear Polyester

Firstly, clear polyester is a highly durable synthetic film best for the outdoors. This clear polyester will not get ruined no matter what the weather is. It is resistant to abrasive weather conditions and many solvents like oils.

· Clear Vinyl

Clear vinyl is a weather-resistant and durable material that can stick to any surface. Also, you get to choose whether or not you wish to add a layer of ink behind the design to improve the opacity.

· Opaque Vinyl

The opaque vinyl is a durable and weather-resistant material that is best for making stickers. You can choose any color you like because it is available in yellow and white stock.

· Static Cling Vinyl

The static cling vinyl is a fragile film with a static charge that aids in improving the stickiness. You can easily stick it onto a non-porous and flat surface. This material has a natural static cling instead of an artificial adhesive. It can be reused, removed, or repositioned without ruining the surface or leaving any residue.

· Clear Polypropylene

This is a thin but sturdy film used to make valentine’s day stickers. You can choose the type of film you’d like for your stickers from either clear or white polypropylene.

Laminations You Should Know About:

Various types of laminations are used to enhance the durability and stability of the stickers.

· UV Lamination

Firstly, UV lamination is a very resilient lamination that keeps the stickers safe in the most natural ways. Moreover, it is also highly resistant to all-natural elements, including the sun and the rain.

· Standard Lamination

Secondly, the standard laminations can be done on all labels and decals. It is best for indoor purposes only and is resistant to oils and water.

· Matte Lamination

Thirdly, the matte laminations give your stickers a very soft and subtle finish. These labels are best for indoor uses only, and you can also use them to label your products.

A Myriad of Valentine’s Day Stickers:

· Kiss Cut Stickers

The kiss-cut stickers are printed with so many shapes making them easier to stick. It is best for both indoor and outdoor uses.

· Die Cut Stickers

The die-cut stickers have back liners in full color with a lamination that is useful for outdoor purposes also.

· Clear Labels

The clear labels are custom labels that are fully printed on transparent films and are best for labeling products. They are also highly water-resistant and oil-resistant.

· Matte Labels

The matte labels have a very subtle and satin-type look. They make the products very high-defined, but you can also write on them quickly.

· Glossy Paper Labels

The glossy paper labels are fully printed and are available in numerous shapes and styles.

· Matte Recycled Paper Labels

The matte, recycled labels, as the name suggests, are printed on recyclable films of vellum material. They are laminated with a matte finish, and you can quickly write on them.

· Silkscreen Stickers

The silkscreen stickers are vinyl stickers printed with UV inks and are best for indoor purposes.

· Static Clings

The static clings are flexible vinyl material with a smooth and coated finish. You can stick it to any clean surface without worrying about it peeling off. It does not have a sticky adhesive because it has a natural static cling.

Did You Ever Know That You Can Make DIY Stickers for Her?

Valentine’s Day is just nearby, and if you’re are dating someone who is all about having valentine’s stickers, then you can save some money and make them yourself. This will show your partner that you care and put so much love for you in their heart.

So, without further ado, please read below and learn how to make DIY stickers for her on this vale tines day.

· Design The Stickers

The first thing to do is to design the stickers. So, when you design the stickers on your own, the sky is the limit, and you get to do anything you wish to. Use any material that you like. You can also use either color, pencils, markers, crayons, or anything that helps you draw better. However, you have to make sure that the pencil isn’t washable because it will wash off the entire drawing. Use a piece of paper and draw the design onto it.

For valentines here is what you can draw:

  • Draw a heart
  • Write “Happy Valentine’s Day”
  • Write “I Love You”
  • Draw a couple

· Cut Out the Cutest Shapes

Use a scissor to cut the design. You get to choose whether you want large or small stickers.

· Make The Glue

For making the glue, all that you to do is:

  • Get plain gelatin
  • Four tablespoons of boiling water
  • One teaspoon of corn syrup
  • A few drops of peppermint extract
  • Store the glue in an airtight container.

· Paint Stickers

Turn the stickers upside down on a sheet of waxed paper and then use a paintbrush to paint the stickers. Since you are making stickers for valentines, keep that into consideration and paint accordingly.

· Lick The Stickers

Once you are done with making the stickers, lick the backside of the sticker and press it down onto the surface.


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