Lip Balm Labels

Personalize your lip balms, lip gloss tubes, tins, pots, or tubs for retail sales, gifting, marketing, promotions, or party favors by availing of our elegant lip balm labels. We have the right size and style label to complement your product. Lip products are great to use at weddings, charity events, company parties, conferences, and more.

Just add amazing custom made lip balm labels to your lip balms or lip gloss to enhance their look. The favorite packaging and apply lip balm labels featuring your brand, logo, scent, and ingredient information.

We offer various shape options that you can use to customize lip balm labels. So, for lip balm, you can choose a rectangle size label to wrap around your lip balm or lip gloss tube. You can also have a small round label for the top or bottom of your tub, tin, or pot.

We at premium custom stickers offer durable materials & finishes, including durable films for extreme wear and tear.



    The lip balm labels are adhesives that you can utilize to make your lip balm pots or bottles look beautifully enticing. Therefore, if the lip balm is still warm, make sure the tubes have returned to room temperature before applying labels.

    We proffer lip balm labels wholesale at affordable prices. Thus, you can ensure that the container is free of any wax, oils, lint, or dust that might affect the label adhesion. Hence, make sure to use strong pressure when applying your labels.

    Moreover, we nicely personalize custom lip gloss labels using one of our free lip gloss templates. Our experts create the new design and upload your own for the perfect lip gloss or lip balm label. Then we’ll deliver your finished customized lip balm labels right to your door in as few as three business days.

    Which Material Will Be Best Suitable for My Lip Balm Labels?

    The lip balm labels are a unique way to add personality to any event, party, or wedding. Therefore, if you’ve been developing your own lip specific products and you want to make sure it stands out on the shelves with crisp and professional graphics. So, for this avail of custom lip gloss label maker for your lip glosses.

    You can give your lip gloss labels with the color scheme of your own choice. Therefore, you are using your custom lip balm labels with safety seal or without it for your products. Just personalize it through availing our services.

    Our custom made lip gloss labels will surely delight your customers, friends, and family. However, you can use your company logo when designing your lip balm label or request our graphic design services for help on designing your own custom label.

    The following are the materials which we offer for your lip balms:

    • White Plastic
    • White Plastic Removable
    • Clear Plastic
    • Ultra Clear Plastic
    • White Paper
    • Silver Metallic Paper
    • White Vinyl
    • Terra Skin
    • Rainbow Hologram Plastic
    • Kraft Paper
    • Black Velum


    Types of Lip Balm Labels which Our Company Offers

    We offer lip balm label in various types. We also offer custom lip gloss tube labels for embracing your lip balms. The following are types of lip balms labels which we offer:

    • Lip Balm Tube and Cap Labels
    • Round and Oval Lip Balm Tube Labels
    • Slide Top Lip Balm Tin Labels
    • Lip Balm Tube Labels
    • Slim Line Lip Balm Tube Labels
    • Lip Balm Lid Labels

    Select Amazing Shapes and Dimensions for Your Lip balm Labels

    The custom clear lip gloss labels embrace the look of the lip glosses. We use cutting technology to give your lip gloss or lip balm label a beautiful look.

    We offer the following shapes in lip balm and lip gloss labels:

    • Rectangle
    • Square
    • Arched
    • Circle
    • Square
    • Rectangle
    • Oval
    • Hexagon
    • Heart
    • Custom

    Our lip balm and lip gloss labels will make your lip products look gorgeous. The following are the popular label sizes which we offer:

    • 8 x 1.8 inches
    • 75 x 1.25 inches
    • 625 x 1 inches
    • 5 x 1.75 inches

    Avail our Quality Printing and Manufacturing Techniques for Your Lip balm Labels

    For the maximum outcome of the labels, it is really necessary for you to select the type of liner. The following are the liners which we offer for your lip balm labels:

    • Paper Liner
    • Film Liner

    Moreover, we utilize an efficient label printing.

    • Digital Printer
    • Ink-jet Printers
    • Thermal Printers
    • Optical/Photoelectrical Sensors
    • Label Sensors

    Embrace Your Lip balm Labels by Adding Additional Features

    Our inscription of lip balm label will amazingly enhance the outlook of your lip balms. We offer the following additional features for embracing your lip balm labels:

    • Die-Cutting
    • Foiling
    • Spot UV
    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • Acrylic Adhesives
    • And Many More

    Give an Attractive Finishing to Your Lip balm Labels with The Help of Coatings.

    The following are the coatings which we offer for lip balm labels:

    1. Aqueous Coating
    2. No Varnish
    3. Glossy Varnish
    4. Matt Varnish

    Our proffered coatings will lock in the graphical artwork of your lip balm labels. However, the coating is the essential element for highlighting your lip balm labels.

    Get Prototypes for Your Lip balm Labels

    We at Premium Custom Stickers offer realistic prototypes for you to perfectly understand the lip balm labels formation and like how they will look on the boxes. So, we can provide you the best wholesale custom lip balm labels. You can get any of the following lip balm label prototypes from our company:

     Flat Lip Balm Label View

    The flat view of the prototype is a kind of 2D e-file. Moreover, you can see the 2D version of the sticker.

     3D Lip Balm Label Inspection

    The 3D Inspection comprises a 3D e-file, which exhibit all sides and angles for better demonstration.

     Physical Lip Balm Sampling

    We are here to show you the custom lip balm labels sample live. Moreover, we will send the prototype directly to your doorstep. So, feel free to contact us anytime.

    Why Choose Premium Custom Stickers?

    We at Premium Custom Stickers offers best original equipment manufacturers who are expert in providing you with great customizations in the lip balm labels according to your choice. We offer custom printed lip balm labels that are eye-catching and as well as reasonable.

    Attain our superb services of ODM and OEM as per your need. Our experts can decorate your lip balm labels perfectly. We provide you with the best team that can illustrate you in every detail of having great lip balm labels from our company.

    Just hold your phone up and call one of our representatives with your abstract artwork idea. However, we will take it from there and present you with an unmatched packaging experience.

    We provide the quickest turnaround time and free prototyping options; we do not deviate from the originality. For further assistance, feel free to call our customer care representatives and get a quote.


    Can You Print My Own Lip Balm Label Artwork Choice?

    Yes, we offer free templates to design your lip balm labels. However, if you are not satisfied with our designs, you can also convey your own chosen design. Our graphic design experts will surely adopt your designed artwork while printing your lip balm labels.

    What Kinds Of Lip Balm Label Adhesives Do You Supply?

     We supply the following lip balm adhesives:

    • Permanent adhesives: These create a strong adhesive bond that prevents labels from being removed easily.
    • Removable adhesives: These create a good adhesive bond and allow labels to be removed cleanly and once they are no longer needed.
    • Special adhesives: These are designed to work in a specific label application.

    Can You Print My Color Theme On Lip Balm Labels?

    Yes, of course, we can imprint your desired color lip balm labels. Moreover, we offer an extensive range of thematic color features for printing your lip balm labels.