Address Labels

Embrace your envelopes and packages amazingly with easy-to-peel. You can professionally print every address label that will make your mailings stand out in a cluttered mailbox.

If you’re bored of using the same standard return address label, you can select from our wide collection of premium-quality labels and stickers that will add an awesome and unique feel to your envelopes that will make your products stand prominently.

Our custom address labels feature a pop-up edge for fast, easy peeling, and also come in awesome premium materials, including matte white, glossy white, Kraft brown, and clear film.

Moreover, they’re easily customized. You can just personalize one of our free address label templates or upload your own artwork, then order from us. It’s simple. If you’re a small company trying to create an awesome impression on the clients and colleagues when addressing an envelope or package, or you’re sending out invitations for a casual party or need custom address labels for wedding invitations, we’ve got the perfect labels for you.


    The address labels are nicely utilized to add the delivery address of the recipient. You can use them to add other bits of information such as a return address, contact information of the supplier, marketing messages, or an additional greeting.

    Which Material Will Be Best Suitable for My Address Labels?

    Our address labels will promote your business. So, select a good material for manufacturing your custom address labels stickers and never compromise on the material. A good material will take your brand to greater heights of success. We at premium custom stickers offer amazing material options for your stickers. Following are some of them:

    White Sticker

    The white premium sticker material is smooth and semi-glass in appearance. It is a pressure-sensitive adhesive paper that you can utilize. But writing on this material is not possible. Therefore, it will devastate the entire look. We will recommend it for indoor label application.

    Vinyl Sticker

    The vinyl comprises of a sticky back plastic but is much stronger. The vinyl custom address label staples are the most versatile, cost-effective, and a great way of advertising as well.

    Kraft Brown Sticker

    The brown kraft stickers are eco-friendly. Kraft paper substrate, the material with a texture similar to the Kraft brown paper. It will make your custom printed address labels look attractive.

    Clear Film

    The clear film stickers are also known as transparent stickers. They are a hardwearing, waterproof vinyl sticker with zero color background.

    Types of Address Labels which Our Company Offers

    We offer address labels in various types. The following are some of the types:

    • Invitation Address Labels
    • Mailing Address Labels
    • Gift Address Labels
    • Products Address Labels
    • Custom Address Labels Office Depot


    Select Amazing Shapes and Dimensions for Your Address Labels

    Every company tries various kinds of ways to showcase their talent and enhance sales. If you want to make your brand prominent, you need to focus on your address label stickers. The custom address labels with logo amazingly enhances your brand. However, their shape, size, and look will decide your brand’s future.

    The Premium custom stickers offer the following shapes in address labels:

    • Oval
    • Round
    • Rectangle
    • Square
    • Arch
    • Circle

    You can also convey to us your desired size for the address labels. The size of address labels varies depending on the product etc. The following are the popular sizes which we offer:

    • 1″ x 2.625″
    • 1.75″ x 0.5″
    • Custom sizes.
    • And many more.


    Avail our Quality Printing and Manufacturing Techniques for Your Address labels

    To manufacture the label, we utilize various inks or graphics on the address label. If you want address label to print well, the images need to be high-resolution vector images. The printing is really important for images as well as barcodes for barcode labels.

    Before manufacturing your custom labels, just make sure that the images are high resolution enough. It’s always important to sure the image resolution by zooming it by 500%. If the image is pixelated, then it means that it is not high resolution enough.

    The following are the manufacturing techniques which we offer:

    • Flexography
    • Screen Printing
    • Digital Printing
    • Offset Printing


    Embrace Your Address labels by Adding Additional Features

    You can embrace your stickers by adding awesome additional features. The following are the add on which our company offers:

    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • Die-Cutting
    • Foiling
    • Spot UV
    • And Many More


    Give an Attractive Finishing to Your Address Labels with The Help of Coatings

    The coating enhances the outlook of the stickers. You can add coatings on your address labels to make them look graceful. Moreover, coatings provide protection at the same time. Are you ready to apply coatings on your address labels? All right, our company is here to help you with the coatings. The following are the coating types that we provide:

    Matte Coating

    Matte coating is a very rough, hard, and solid texture to the address labels. However, this coating will give a very decent finish to the stickers. Therefore, if you require to give a more elegant and decent touch to your stickers, then the matte coating can do this task amazingly.

    Gloss Coating

    If you want to give a shiny and bright surface, gloss coating is suitable for this purpose. It reflects in the sunlight and gives off an attractive look.


    Get Prototypes for Your Address labels

    We offer perfect prototypes for your better understanding. Our team really appreciate our clients who ask for samples. To see how we make address labels, then opt for any or all of the following ways:

         Flat View

     The flat view of the prototype is a kind of 2D e-file. Moreover, you can see the 2D version of the sticker.

         3D Inspection

    The 3D Inspection comprises a 3D e-file, which exhibit all sides and angles for better demonstration.

         Physical Sampling

    We can show you the sticker sample live. Our team will send the prototype directly to your doorstep. Moreover, if you are concerned about the most accurate choice for your address labels, then feel free to contact us anytime.

    Why Choose Premium Custom Stickers?

    We have original equipment manufacturers who are eligible to provide various customizations in the address labels that we produce. The OEMs in our company offers awesome labels with multiple options and choices for your brands.

    Our team at premium stickers are capable of delivering a superior quality of address labels wholesale. 

    So, wait no more and order wholesale custom address labels at discounted prices from our company.