Business Labels

You can build up a unique identity of your brand and can promote your brand by availing of our custom business labels. Therefore, our stickers get stick better to your various kind of products. By availing of our labels, you can create your business stickers look awesome.

So, create unique and attractive labels for business by adding your logo and some quotes or short text for extra character. Like this, you can provide information to the people about what they will attain from your products by including product details like health benefits, ingredients, etc.

We at Premium Custom Stickers offer roll business and cut-to-size labels. However, both are available in standard and custom sizes.

We offer labels in matte or gloss finish. Therefore, the white vinyl high gloss material is the best suitable choice for outdoor applications. Our coatings make the labels waterproof by which they can endure harsh environmental situations. Thus, we deal with both small and large orders.



We offer complete freedom to our clients to choose the material, size, shape, and other designing aspects of their business labels.

Our business roll labels are available in rectangle, square, round, oval shape, etc. We offer custom business return address labels in beautiful textures and coatings. However, use business label stickers for your promotions, company events, trade shows, or branding. You can utilize them to create attractive adhesive business cards as well.

The following are the properties of our business label for products:

Our business labels for packaging are easy to modify and are an excellent way of promoting your businesses

  • Choose Between Cut-to-Size or Roll Labels
  • Self-Adhesive sticks to practically any surface
  • We offer business stickers labels in different shapes and sizes

Further, our product team can amazingly assist you in selecting the perfect type of business label for your different kinds of products.

A business label is a kind of a piece of information that is attached to a specific product to convey a certain type of information to the consumers. Therefore, it usually comes in plastic, fabric, paper, or metallic. Moreover, our business sticker labels are designed in line with the guidelines of the agency with the combination of regulations of a certain product.

Mostly, custom printed brand labels are pasted on the surface of the product, where everyone can see them. This is done because they are used for the promotion and marketing of the company.

Which Material Will Be Best Suitable for My Business Bags Labels?

Our custom business mailing labels will incredibly boost your business. So, you can choose a good material for manufacturing your business stickers and never compromise on the material. The following are the materials that we offer for the customized labels:

  • White Vellum Textured Labels
  • Cream Laid Textured Labels
  • White Vinyl High Gloss UV
  • Label Matte
  • Label High Gloss
  • White BOPP Label
  • White Premium Sticker Paper
  • Clear BOPP Label
  • Silver BOPP Label
  • White Vinyl Label
  • White Laid Texture

Types Of Business Sticker Labels Which Our Company Offers

We offer custom labels of various types. The following are two main types of business stickers which we offer:

Permanent Business Stickers

The permanent business stickers say on the surface of the product as long as the product is utilized. The custom stickers are made up of eco-friendly material to ensure that it does not influence the quality and safety of the product. However, a good example is a branded logo on a car; it stays in the car as long as the car is usable.

Removable Business Sticker Labels

The removable labels put on perishable products like foodstuffs. They stay on the product for as long as the consumer has started using the products. Thus, they are short-term labels. We offer different sizes ranging from smallest labels to large ones.

Select Amazing Shapes and Dimensions for Your Business Stickers & Labels

The shape of the labels for candles enhances its outlook. We offer digital cutting technology to sketch out unlimited creative freedom in the design of a custom label. However, our team has the ability to create labels in any shape, size, or color to meet all your unique label applications.

We offer the following shapes in business labels:

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Oval
  • Hexagon
  • Heart
  • Starburst
  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Arched
  • Circle
  • Custom

Our experts are competent enough to provide you the best suitable labels according to your objectives. The size of custom labels varies depending on the product, such as custom business water bottle labels, etc. The following are the popular sizes which we offer:

  • 2 x 2 inches
  • 5 x 2.5 inches
  • 2 x 2.3 inches
  • Two x2.7 inches
  • 2 x 2.75 inches
  • 2 x 3 inches
  • Custom Size

Avail Of Our Quality Printing and Manufacturing Techniques for Your Labels

The liners are really important for the printing of the labels. However, the liners are the carrier sheets for the label and adhesive. So, the choice of liner type is really essential to make sure your labels apply easily, whether automatically or manually. We offer the following two liners for your label printing:

Paper Liner

The paper liners are Glassine or Kraft-based papers. These papers are processed in an effective way to give good tensile strength to your labels. It prevents the labels from the snap and strain either when they are being transformed into premium labels or they are being fixed through a label applicator.

These paper liners have a silicone coating applied to the top side. Therefore, in this way, the label sandwich top sheet + adhesive/liner can be separated very easily.

Film Liner

PET or PP liners are used for giving extra strength, which makes them apply more stress on the liner without its snapping.

These film liners are typically used for high-speed and demanding packaging lines. Film liners are also ideal for clear labeling applications, as the smoothness of the film over the paper-based liners makes the adhesive look smoother.

The following are the printing techniques which we offer:

  • Flex Printing
  • Screen Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing

Embrace Your Stickers and Labels by Adding Additional Features

You can enhance your amazing stickers by adding our attractive additional features. The following are the additional features which our company offers for business labels:

  • Die-Cutting
  • Foiling
  • Spot UV
  • UV Cured Adhesive
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Acrylic Adhesives
  • And Many More

 Give An Attractive Finishing to Your Business Labels with The Help of Coatings

A coating is a mixture of pigments and binders which control the properties of the finished material. The coat fills the gaps between fibers in the paper, which amazingly improves its surface smoothness, and the pigments contained in the coat enhance its finish as required. The following are the popular coatings which our company offers:

Matte Business Coating

The matte coating gives a nice solid texture to the business labels. However, the matte coating looks attractive. If you want to give a deep color to your labels, then avail of matte coatings. Your custom business address labels will look graceful in this coating.

Gloss Business Label Coating

The gloss label coating provides a shiny and bright surface. In the gloss coating, the label looks bright and shiny. Moreover, it reflects in the sunlight and gives off an attractive look.

Get Prototypes for Your Business Labels

We at Premium Custom Stickers offer ideal product label prototypes for your better understanding. In order to generate the best business labels, get any of the product label prototypes:

Flat View

The flat view of the prototype is a kind of 2D e-file. Moreover, you can see the 2D version of the sticker.

3d Inspection

The 3D Inspection comprises a 3D e-file, which exhibits all sides and angles for better demonstration.

Physical Sampling

Our team is here to show you the business labels sample live. Further, we will send the prototype directly to your doorstep. Moreover, if you are concerned about the most accurate choice for your business stickers, then feel free to contact us anytime.

Why Choose Premium Custom Stickers?

Our company comprises of original equipment manufacturers who are perfect for providing various customizations in the custom labels that we produce. We offer wholesale custom labels that are appealing and as well as affordable enough to be used by anyone at every stage of the business.

We offer ODM as well as OEM as per the need of our customers. Thus, you have nothing to worry about. Our experts are here to help you.

Therefore, avail our business stickers to carry information about the ingredients of certain products. For example, the FDA requires that labels on foodstuffs must carry clear information about the ingredients present in that particular item. The labels should also indicate the ingredients by percentage.

Our team at premium stickers is capable of delivering a superior quality of wholesale stickers. Our team is here to understand your concern. So, place your order today in order to attain attractive business labels.



Yes, we can provide you amazing logo printing. We have a wide range of color-printing options to showcase your company logo.


Yes, we can provide because our labels are made on order, and we create almost any size label you need!


So, it depends. If your order is regarding our stock products, we can ship immediately. If you are ordering made-to-order business labels, it will take a little more time for shipping.