If you want an affordable way to enhance your business exposure, then custom printed business stickers are the best solution for you. If you are a start-up and have a very limited budget for your business promotion, then investing in custom business stickers is what is best for you.

These stickers, when displayed on window panes of famous restaurants, cars, and other automobiles, play an important role in making your business popular among the target and potential audience.

This is the most economical and effective way to make your business visible to your target audience.

We at Custom Premium Stickers provide high-grade quality in custom stickers and offer countless add-on options to our clients for designing their personalized stickers. This way, you can showcase your creative side to the audience. Moreover, it will help you to create a better bond with your customers.

What Materials Do We Offer for Custom Business Stickers?

The market already holds a lot of competition, and due to this, customers have a bunch of options to get their stickers from. But we at PremiumCustomStickers offer quality with an unmatchable price range, and you will not get this quality at this price anywhere in the market.

Therefore, we offer stickers with a strong adhesive that does not let them fall off the surface. Moreover, these stickers are waterproof and weather resistant.

We offer the following materials for our custom-made business stickers. Have a look to know what you are investing in and why should you invest in us?

· White Vinyl

We provide premium quality white vinyl material for manufacturing sticker business wholesale. This material has an opaque coating. It is an excellent material and gives a waterproof finish to the stickers. Moreover, this material has wide useability and fits best on a variety of materials, including wooden surfaces, glass, steel, painted surface, and much more.

· Clear Vinyl

These stickers are transparent and contain a thin coating of vinyl that gives it a waterproof and weatherproof finish. Due to the waterproof nature of these stickers, they are long-lasting and can stay in place for up to 3 years. Moreover, we offer both glossy and matte coatings for clear vinyl custom business card stickers.

· Static Cling Vinyl

These stickers have a very thin layer of vinyl that has a static charge. This charge makes these stickers stick to any clean, smooth, or non-porous surface easily. These stickers provide a smooth finish when applied on plastic or glass surface.

Moreover, due to the natural static cling rather than an adhesive, the static vinyl wholesale custom business stickers are easy to remove and reposition.

In short, we provide quality in custom decal stickers that claim not to leave any residue on the applied surface.

Moreover, we offer both transparent and opaque backgrounds for static clings. These laptop stickers stick on any surface glass window.

What Type of Add-Ons Can You Use for Your Custom Decals Stickers?

After choosing the material that suits your requirements, you can select any of our add-ons from the wide range we are offering. All these add-ons will enhance the overall look of your business stickers and cards. Have a look at some of these add-ons:


The die cut is a technique to cut different designs on a material. We offer customization in die-cutting designs. You can choose any shape to enhance the appeal of your car brand stickers.

You can print any quote on these cool laptop stickers, including your business name and logo. Die-cut and kiss-cut are the two most famous techniques for stickers.

Glitter Coating

These stickers have a shiny surface with a shimmery look. The glitz help to gain the attention of the customers. This coating keenly emphasizes your message. Business stickers labels offer the best way to highlight your brand message and preach it to the target customers. Moreover, you can select any color scheme for your custom stickers that align with your business logo.

Mirror Coating

As the name defines, this type of material gives a mirror-like effect on the custom business stickers for cars. We offer silver and gold coating for this add-on. The mirror-like surface offers a metallic appearance to the small business stickers.

Holographic Coating

This type of coating gives a colored light reflection look. It works well to highlight your business stickers in front of the audience and gain their attention. The unique appearance of the holographic business label stickers makes them ideal for outdoor applications. In addition, these stickers can last from one to three years, depending on the conditions where band how you use them.

UV Coating

This coating involves the use of UV radiation. It is best for outdoor use and is long-lasting. We offer a high-quality UV coating that adds shine to your custom stickers. This coating provides a professional finish to your small business stickers and, therefore, helps attract a larger customer base.

Matte Coating

In order to impart a professional look to your stickers, you can go for matte coating. We offer two different types of coating, and you can choose whatever suits you. You can make your stickers look classy and luxurious by adding a matte coating to them.

Glossy Coating

Other than a matte coating, we also provide glossy coatings to make your business logo stickers shine. You can opt for any type of coating that suits your business nature and product style.

Why Should You Choose Us?

If you want your customers to have a good perception of your business, choose high-quality promotional tools. For instance, if you are using custom stickers business that tears off and scratches off easily, it won’t have a good impression on your audience. Therefore, always choose a reliable company to give your responsibilities to; that is what we at Premium Custom Stickers offer reliable services.

Moreover, we provide a wide range of customization options regarding custom stickers for a business logo that you can choose from. This means you have complete freedom to choose the color, shape, size, and printing design of your stickers.

We provide high-quality stickers for businesses at affordable prices. In addition, our delivery service is very efficient, and you will get your order within 3-5 working days. Moreover, if you want to assure the printing quality, you can also demand a sample.

We offer free sample sticker business cards to our new customers to assure their satisfaction, and once you like the product, you can directly order it.

You can choose any of these custom business logo stickers methods that suit your demands and requirements:

Flat View

In this type of sample, we provide a 2D e-file in which you can easily witness both the back and front view of the custom window stickers for business.

3D Inspection

As the name defines, this type of sample provides a 3D view of the box. This means you can see all the sides, angles, edges, or corners of the custom stickers for business.

Physical Sampling

Our customer’s facility and satisfaction are our first priority. Therefore, if you think that you are not convinced with the e-samples, we also provide physical samples, and that too free of cost. 

So, what are you waiting for? Just pick up your mobile to get in contact with our customer representatives and demand physical samples of your selected custom business stickers. We assure you will get the sample right at your doorstep without any delays.

So, why are you still waiting? Don’t invest your time and money in fraudulent companies and make your business stickers look outstanding by opting for our custom business stickers services.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the largest sticker size that you offer?

We offer 14 * 11 as the largest size of stickers.

  • Do you offer dual side printing in stickers?

No, we do not print on the dual side of the stickers but can print on liner backing.

  • Do you charge extra for add-ons?

Each add-on comes with a little more pricing.

  • Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?

We have a policy for discounts on bulk orders.

  • Do you have a minimum order quantity, or can you print ten stickers also? 

We have a minimum order quantity rule for each type of sticker. However, it varies.

  • Are these stickers easy to remove?

You can easily remove these stickers and place them on any other surface without leaving a residue on the surface.

  • Do you offer a first order discount?

This offer comes and goes. So, keep checking our website.

  • How much time do you take to deliver these stickers?

Our delivery time is only about 6-10 days.

  • What type of printing techniques do you offer?

We offer both digital and offset printing techniques.

  • Are these stickers waterproof?

Yes, these business stickers are weatherproof.

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