All You Need To Know About Candle Label Stickers

Candle label stickers are a cost-effective way of adorning your candle boxes and providing relevant information to the customers. It is a part of the candle industry standard to have this information printed on the sticker, which should be sturdy enough to handle rough usage that can happen during shipping and handling. Candle manufacturers find it easy to design these stickers, as they are readily available in print shops around them.

Benefits of Custom Candle Label Stickers

Some of the benefits of using custom candle labels stickers are discussed below:

  • Feature Essential Information
  • A Cost-Effective Mode Of Advertisement
  • Add Value To Your Product
  • They Are Durable
  • They Improve Customer Experience

Now let’s discuss these benefits in detail:

Feature Essential Information

The first and most important benefit of using custom candle label stickers is that they help you communicate all the details about your product relevant to the customers. They provide information like ingredients, weight, manufacturer’s name, burn time, etc., which are necessary for proper customer experience. For instance, if a customer gets a burning sensation when he or she uses your candle, it is important to communicate this with the manufacturer in order to resolve the issue in the future.

Custom Candle Label Stickers Help You Save Money

Printing labels on these stickers can help you save money that would otherwise be spent on designing and then printing individual packaging boxes for each product. This not only saves time but also saves money in the long run.

They Add Value To Your Product

Information about your product makes it more attractive to customers. For example, when they see detailed information on custom candle label stickers, they are able to judge better and then make a purchase decision quickly.

Improves Customer Experience

Custom candle label stickers help you to improve customer experience by providing information about your product, which they otherwise would not find. Providing such valuable information enables them to make a better buying decision and increases conversions.

How To Make Custom Candle Labels That Perform Good

The following things need to be kept in mind when designing custom candle label stickers for candles:

Use High-Quality Materials

When you are designing custom candle label stickers for your product, make sure that the material used is a high-quality one. This will ensure that it does not tear during rough usage and also lasts long to provide relevant information for a longer time period.

The Printed Information Should Be Clear

The printed information should be clear because if the details provided on custom candle label stickers are difficult to read, the effect of providing relevant information will be lost. This is one reason why it is important to use high-quality materials in order to ensure that the printed material does not fade easily.

The Colors And The Fonts Used Should Be Suitable

The colors and fonts used should also be suitable for your product, as your customers may find it difficult to read something that is complicated. This also helps in adding value to the product because if the customers are able to read easily, they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

The Information Provided Should Be Precise

While designing custom candle label stickers for candles, make sure that all the information provided is correct and precise. This is important because if there are errors, people will make fun of them, and your product will lose its value.

Difference Between Kiss Cut and Die Cut

There are two primary cutting techniques used when it comes to stickers and labels:

  • Kiss Cut Technique
  • Die Cut Technique

Kiss Cut Technique

Kiss-cut label printing is a relatively cheaper method for label printing as compared to die-cut labels. If you want to save money and do not mind the lack of precision and finishing on your printed label, then a kiss-cut will be a great choice for you.

Die Cut Technique

On the other hand, die-cut is a more precise and professional way of designing and printing labels. However, because die-cut labels require a much higher degree of finishing than kiss-cut, they come with a greater price tag as well.

If you want to create high-precision and high-quality label designs for your product, then die-cut stickers will be the ideal choice for you.

Add-Ons And Their Combinations For Stickers For Candles

Some of the most popular add-ons include the following:

  • Embossing
  • Spot UV
  • Hot Stamping
  • Debossing


One of the most popular add-ons for sticker labels is embossing. Embossing adds a great level of detail to your custom stickers and also makes them feel much more durable. In addition, as compared to other options, embossed stickers are relatively easy on your pocket.

Spot UV

Spot UV is another popular option for sticker printing which adds a beautiful gloss to your stickers and labels. It makes them feel like something professionally printed and adds value to your label design.

Hot Stamping

You can always go with hot stamping if you want to add some color to your custom sticker designs. Hot stamping enables you to print with many colors and is a great way to add value to your product.


A debossed label is two-fold as it adds value to the product and makes it more durable. In addition, debossed labels are relatively easier on your pocket as compared to die-cut or kiss-cut labels.

These are some of the most popular add-ons. However, did you know that you can use them in combinations? Some of the commonly used combinations of the add-ons discussed above are as follows:

  • Spot UV + Embossing
  • Embossing + Debossing
  • Hot Stamping + Spot UV
  • Debossing + Hot Stamping

Now let’s discuss these combinations in detail:

Spot UV + Embossing

The combination of spot UV and embossing is a great way to add value and beauty to your custom labels and stickers. As seen in the image above, this combination adds a nice gloss effect that enhances the design and makes it look more appealing.

Embossing + Debossing

The combination of embossing and debossing can help in creating some seriously nice custom labels. In addition, because the texture created by the combination is unique, this will add an extra level of detail to your product.

Hot Stamping + Spot UV

If you want something that looks not only beautiful but also feels durable, then, hot stamping and spot UV go great together. This combination creates a unique look that makes your product stand out from the rest of the products in its category.

Debossing + Hot Stamping

This is another popular combination that can make your custom stickers and labels feel much more durable. In addition, the detailed texture created by this combo adds to the beauty of your product and adds value to it.

In order to choose the right add-ons for your product, you will need to consider three things:

  • The Type Of Material Used In Manufacturing The Product
  • The Purpose Of Using Labels For Candles In The First Place
  • Your Budget

But, you will rest assured knowing that your product stands out from the crowd thanks to the creative candle label ideas leading to different combinations of add-ons.

Finishing Coats For Premium Candle Label Stickers

Some of the commonly used finishing coats are as follows:

  • Matte Finish
  • Gloss Finish
  • Soft-Touch Finish
  • Varnish Finish

Matte Finish

Matte finish offers a nice textured feel to the stickers and labels that have been printed on it. As seen in the images above, this type of finishing coat is very popular among customers as compared to glossy or shiny finishes

Gloss Finish

A glossy finish has a reflective surface which makes your custom label stand out from the rest of the products in its category. This is because the finish catches light easily and also makes it easy for people to read the text printed on the sticker label.

Soft-Touch Finish

Having a soft-touch finish adds an extra layer of protection to your custom stickers. This allows you to rest assured that your stickers will stay intact until they are handed over to the customer.

Varnish Finish

Lastly, the varnish finish offers protection to stickers and labels from water and harsh weather conditions. It also makes them scratch-proof and adds extra value to your custom sticker design.

Summing It All Up

Custom candle label stickers are a great option for adding value and beauty to your products. However, having a creative label design and applying add-ons can help in adding an extra level of detail and appeal.

Now that you know the different types of add-ons available for stickers, along with the finishing coats, it’s time for you to start designing today. But are you sure that you can handle it and do so error-free?

You see, there’s always a chance of something going wrong, and that’s why we recommend using a professional for your candle labels ideas and their execution, such as Premium Custom Stickers.

Premium Custom Stickers can craft custom candle label stickers hassle-free and cost-effective. So, give us a call today, and let’s discuss how to create stunning stickers for candles.

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