Matte, Gloss, Or Varnish for Vinyl Lip Gloss Labels?

Vinyl lip gloss labels can take your lip gloss tubes and package to the next level. However, to do that, you must make sure that you design them to attract customers and enhance their experience. 

Customizable lip gloss labels are one of the best tools to achieve that.

These labels for lip glosses can be a great choice if you want to promote your business, brand, or product creatively and innovatively. 

They are available in the most diverse styles, shapes, and colors. Not to mention that they can be made even more attractive by choosing the ones that feature glossy accents.

This blog will tell you everything about designing vinyl lip gloss labels. We will go over various finishing coats including, matte, varnish, and gloss finishing. Furthermore, we will give you some tips and tricks that will help you outshine trendy labels to make a unique impression on customers.

Let’s begin. 

Basic Design Parameters to Keep in Mind 

Before we head into the nitty-gritty of finishing coats and such, we must have a firm grasp on the basics of designing eye-catching vinyl lip gloss labels.

When coming up with lip gloss label ideas, it will help to keep the following factors in mind:

  1. Message: It is crucial to have a clear message in mind before beginning the designing process. This is going to be the main theme of the label. 
  2. Shape: The shape of the lip gloss labels can make or break your design. It would be best if you chose something that complements the shape of your lip color.
  3. Size: The size also matters a great deal as it will impact the overall aesthetics of your label. You need to balance it with the size of your lipstick tube or bottle.
  4. Font: The font that you choose can also be a huge determinant of your success or failure. Make sure to choose easy on the eyes and catchy to boot.
  5. Color(s): An eye-catching color combination on printable lip gloss labels can also be a great selling point. Do not limit yourself to the traditional red, black, and white color scheme. There are countless options available to you.

Once these factors are covered, it will be much easier to create stunning labels for lip glosses. That being said, let us move on to the fun part!

Vinyl Lip Gloss Labels with Matte Finish Coating

Matte finish coating is one of the most popular choices for designing vinyl lip gloss labels. It is suitable for both matte and glossy lipstick tubes/bottles. 

When it comes to matte finish coating, the color choices are endless. However, for this lip gloss label printing style, you must begin with a white or light background to make your message pop up in contrast to the surface.

This option is one of the most famous styles for vinyl lip gloss labels. The highly affordable price makes it accessible to people of all budgets.

Another benefit is that matte finish coating allows customization in shape, size, and color(s). You can print lip balm labels easily on any surface, whether smooth or textured. It is also resistant to scratches and moisture.

However, there are some drawbacks that you must take into consideration. For instance, the matte labels cannot be used for oily or greasy containers. Some may also find the printing process difficult if they lack the proper equipment and experience in the field.

Vinyl Lip Gloss Labels with Glossy Coating

Glossy coating is a wonderful option because it adds an extra dimension to your lip gloss labels. If you are looking for a stylish method of printing this kind of design, choose a glossy finish coating.

It is highly effective in enhancing your printable vinyl labels’ colors, contrast, and vibrancy. The addition of the shiny surface makes them stand out even further on matte surfaces.

The glossy lip balm labels are ideally suited for the sleek appearance of lip gloss tubes. They are also perfect for marketing purposes.

However, just like matte finish coating, it is not advisable to use them with oily or greasy containers as they will easily come off. 

Furthermore, customizing lip gloss labels with gloss coatings helps create an even more captivating design. The colors and contrast will also appear sharper on glossy labels instead of matte ones. 

Vinyl Lip Gloss Labels with Varnish Coating

Varnish coating is another great option for customizing vinyl lip gloss labels. It has a shiny and bright surface that makes it visually appealing while providing optimal protection against scuffs, dust, and moisture. 

It has a finishing that lies between the extremities of matte and gloss finishing. This type of finish is perfect for high-end items such as cosmetic products or expensive perfumes.

It also works well on both matte and glossy container surfaces. Since it lies somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, you can expect your label to sit firmly on a smooth or textured surface.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks that you need to take into consideration before deciding whether to use this option for lip balm labels.

For example, this type of coating is the most expensive option and requires highly specialized equipment. It can also be difficult for people who lack printing experience to use.

To Sum It Up

To conclude what we have learned, we can say that we should consider the surface where it will be applied when coming up with lip gloss label ideas. Some surfaces are more appropriate for certain types of finishings, while others are not advised to use at all.

It is perfectly fine to stick with one style, but if you are looking for an extra pop in your design or have different containers requiring different finishing styles, don’t hesitate to mix and match. Have fun customizing your labels!

If you are looking for help with the printing process, feel free to connect with our customer care representatives.

The team at Premium Custom Stickers is ever-ready to help you create the alluring vinyl lip gloss labels that help boost your brand marketing efforts.

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