Reflective Helmet Stickers Are So Famous, But Why?

Are you someone who keeps hearing so much about helmet stickers but knows nothing about them?

If so, you’re in the right place. Dig in to find out everything about reflective helmet stickers.

What Are Reflective Helmet Stickers

Reflective helmet stickers are high-quality adhesive vinyl that helps illuminate them and reflects light. You can place them on any smooth yet flat surface, including the helmet. The surface can either be metal, wood, plastic, glass, or anything that is a level plane. The idea behind putting up reflective helmet stickers is to boost night vision every time a vehicle passes by.

Why Do We Put Stickers on Helmets?

The reflective tape and stickers on motorcycle helmets and other parts help increase the visibility on the road. Moreover, a reflective sticker also makes the helmet stellar and reduces the safety risks at night.

All About Reflective Helmet Stickers

The helmet stickers or decals for cars to helmets consist of high-quality vinyl materials that shine bright enough to reflect light. Also, it is advised to use stickers at night for best results. It is so because they illuminate from the light shed onto them by passing vehicles. These stickers are fully printed with vibrant color while the adhesive tape is on the other side. Adhesive vinyl is also available in various colors, so you can choose whichever you like the most. However, such stickers are best for outside applications only.

Moreover, the best way to apply your stickers is to place them on the cutouts made on the helmet previously. This customizes the top of the helmet, but it also keeps the motorcyclists safe at night.  

The History of Reflective Stickers

As true as it can get, helmet stickers don’t have a history because it was not long enough when they were launched. Despite that, stickers themselves have a long history dating back to the time of ancient Egyptians. Various archaeologists found remains of paper plastered to the walls in ancient markets to showcase the prices of goods.

Do Stickers Weaken the Helmet?

Not at all!

 This might be a massive query, but stickers do not weaken or ruin the quality of the helmet at any cost because they are pretty harmless. The purpose of the stickers is to decorate the helmet and not ruin it. Thus, they pose a low risk to the structure of your helmet.

Moreover, the adhesives used for stickers is not strong enough to harm the sleek coating on the helmet. The stickers are also weak enough to impair any of the other parts on the helmets.

With that being said, you should refrain from placing stickers on the vents and visors.

The Best Reflective Helmet Stickers:

The market is flooded with high-quality reflective stickers. So here is a list of three of the best reflective helmet stickers you can find.

VFLUO Reflective Helmet Sticker Kit

Firstly, this helmet sticker has a cohesive 3M and micro technology assembled in France. The sticker has a basic black color that is imperceptible in broad daylight. However, it works efficiently at night. To ensure the safety of motorcyclists, these stickers do an excellent job late at night.

Not only do they add more safety to your rides, but they are easy to use and look super cool.

B Reflective Retro-Reflective Sticker Kit

Firstly, the B reflective retro-reflective sticker kit is a multi-utility sticker that you can use for various purposes. From sticking it on bikes to sticking it on helmets and saddlebags, you can do it all. The kit has a total of 10 stickers. These stickers are almost invisible in the daylight, but they shine bright silver in the dark. The helmet looks like it did before eve after applying these reflective stickers unless you have a closer look. Besides that, you can see them light up the minute you shed some light on them.

Moreover, the sticker does not come off easily, which is a good attribute. It is so because you wouldn’t have to worry about your sticker coming off now and then.

Graphix Evil Eyes Reflective Helmet Sticker

Thirdly, this graphic evil eyes reflective helmet sticker is reflective white vinyl. The best part about this sticker is that you can see it from 100 feet away. It has a reflective color, but it is also available in numerous dimensions. These evil eyes are 100 efficient and effective at night. They also give the rider a sense of safety while riding alone at night.

How To Remove Stickers from A Helmet?

As stated previously, these helmet stickers don’t come off easily, which is the best part but when you want to take it off intentionally, here is how you do it.

If you try to pull them off, you should follow the ritual.

  • Grab some water and a rage
  • Add a drop of dish soap
  • Place the rag over the sticker
  • The sticker will come off, leaving the helmet as good as new.

Lastly, you should always refrain from using chemicals and blades to remove stickers because they will ruin the surface of your helmets.

The Aftermath:

Now that you know so much about reflective helmet stickers, you might also know that using these stickers is a fun and safe way to make your helmet look fantastic in no time. So, without any further ado, get your hands on the best reflective helmet stickers now.

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