Face Stickers

People love to keep their loved one’s picture close to them. With the evolution in the technology, now you can get a sticker of your loved one’s face and stick it on your laptop, desk, at the back of yoru phone or anywhere you like. All you need to do is send us a picture of any one with a clear face, it could also be your pet. Our expert designer will crop out the face from that picture will make a die-cut custom face sticker of any desired size.

    Our face stickers can stick on anything and you can keep the picture of your loved one always close to you. With our digital printing, we can get you the perfect smiley face stickers that you are looking for. With our experienced designers, you can get the perfect face cut sticker of any face.

    What Materials Will be Best Suitable for my Custom Face Stickers?

    We at Premium Custom Stickers use the best material for your custom printed face stickers. However, you do have a choice when it comes to the material of sticker. We use a couple of materials for the manufacturing of face stickers. Such as, we use different paper types to produce eco-friendly face stickers for our clients. However, for clients who want water-resistant stickers, we recommend vinyl stickers for such purposes. The main three types that we offer are:

    • Paper
    • Vinyl
    • Propylene

    Types of Custom Face Stickers Which Our Company Offers

    Custom face stickers can be printed in different types. Premium Custom Stickers focuses on the needs of our clients and creates face stickers according to their requirements. We come with different types of face stickers as we use various materials. This makes it possible for us to precisely fulfill the need of our clients. Some of these types are very simple, while other offer luxury results.

    People use face stickers on their laptops, office cabins, coffee mugs, and so on. So such purposes our waterproof smiley face stickers are perfect. We also provide paper custom face label sticker for candles. Paper custom sticker for face is completely eco-friendly. Hence, these stickers pose no harm to the environment and the ecosystem. Following are some of the types that we offer with exceptional results.

    • Custom Vinyl Face Stickers
    • Glass Face Stickers
    • Custom Face Decal Stickers
    • Pre-cute Face Stickers
    • Sheet Face Stickers(For bulk quantity)

    Select Amazing Shapes and Dimensions for Your Custom Face Stickers

    With Premium Custom Stickers, you can get custom stickers for the face in any desired dimension. If you want to stick a face sticker on the wall, we can get you max-size smiley face stickers. Moreover, the quality of the max-sized sticker will be the same as the smallest sticker. Premium custom sticker is known for its supreme quality. All you need to do is upload a clear picture of any face, but remember the quality of the print can be compromised if the photo is with low resolution. However, we will try to improve the quality of the image as much as we can and provide you with the best face sticker you are looking for.

    Avail Our Quality Printing and Manufacturing Techniques for Your Custom Face Stickers

    Our printing and manufacturing techniques contribute greatly to the eventual quality of our face stickers. Therefore, we only rely on the state of the art resources. For manufacturing these stickers for you, we have a set of techniques. Why multiple techniques? Because different materials require different techniques for perfect results. Some key printing strategies we prefer for custom printed face stickers are below.

    • Flexography
    • Offset Printing
    • Digital Printing

    We also have different strategies for the manufacturing of these custom face stickers. Using die-cut and kiss-cut techniques, we produce precise stickers for you. We make sure of excellent quality for all stickers we produce.

    Embrace Your Custom Face Stickers By Adding Additional Features

    We can manufacture highly exquisite and fashionable face stickers. The use of additional features lets you create outstanding face stickers. These additional features are okay to use with all different types of stickers. Therefore, you do not have to worry about what type of stickers you order. Instead, focus on our outstanding features that transform your stickers. These features always offer promising results. The following are a few of these features we offer to our clients.

    • Pre-cute Face Stickers
    • Custom-cut Face Stickers

    Give an Attractive Finish to Your Custom Face Stickers with the Help of Coatings

    Face stickers look cool even without additional features. However, face stickers are incomplete without an appropriate coating. Coatings serve different purposes. Our basic UV coating extends the lifespan of the face stickers. Furthermore, matte and gloss coatings not only improve on appearance but also feel. Choose from multiple coating options for your personalized face stickers. We make custom stickers for face with both matte and gloss coating based on your requirement.

    Get Prototypes for Your Custom Wall Stickers

    Premium Custom Stickers attempts to create perfect wholesale face stickers, and our free prototypes help us in this cause. These prototypes highlight the necessary improvements in sticker designs. If you don’t like the print or cut of your face sticker, you can inform us, and we will make necessary improvement to satisfy you.

    Why Choose Premium Custom Stickers?

    We offer unique solutions to your diverse stickering needs. Our countless options let each of our clients create outstanding wall stickers. Moreover, our wholesale custom face stickers are never low on quality. Freely order wholesale custom wall stickers from Premium Custom Stickers.


    Is it possible to order one vinyl face sticker only?

    We manufacture vinyl wall stickers with custom options. Therefore, you can get the minimum amount of custom face stickers.

    Do these stickers leave an adhesive residue?

    Our custom face sticker leaves no residue after removal, you can use them on any flat surface for as long as you want and can peel them off without worrying about the residue.

    How can I order stickers from Premium Custom Sticker?

    For order placement, you can use our helpline services without any trouble.