Clear Vinyl Stickers

Clear vinyl labels are a unique and impressive marketing tool. They are printed on a transparent sheet; these stickers are known for their unique design. As transparency gives them a very captive appearance, it allows them to merge into any background.

However, you can choose your sticker with a transparent background and make your custom design. Though to fully utilize its features, you must have a charismatic and well-defined design. Whereas, for the sole purpose of marketing, vinyl die cut stickers are the perfect fit.

On the other hand, some stickers have a colored background and completely cover the area where they are placed. Clear vinyl stickers indicate their backdrop where they are glued. This unique feature makes them different from every other clear vinyl sticker. The perfect example of clear vinyl can be seen on glass windows and doors, where their transparency can be beneficial at its best.

We at Premium Custom Stickers are providing the finest quality, which you will not find anywhere else, so hurry up.


    We offer high-quality printing on clear vinyl stickers and labels. If you want to manage the cost of your stickers, you can either choose offset or digital printing.

    Which Material Will Be Best for My Custom Clear Vinyl Stickers?

    The selection of the right Material for your print on clear vinyl is significant, as it will determine its lifetime. At the same time, many sticker providers claim to provide the best possible quality but are unable to maintain a reputable position in the market.

    Our permanent clear vinyl printable stickers can last for years if treated with the best coating that further protects them from fading away.

    Types Of Custom Clear Vinyl Stickers Our Company Offers

    Clear vinyl sticker is already a type of adhesive sticker. However, we at premium custom stickers provide even the sub-categories. Every kind of clear vinyl serves an entirely different purpose. Amon, these following types, see what fits best for your ideal. Here is the Type that we offer at our company:

    • Removable clear vinyl stickers
    • Permanent clear vinyl stickers
    • Repositionable suction cling.
    • Static cling

    You can also get the same sticker printer in all of the above-mentioned different kinds.

    Select Amazing Shapes and Dimensions for Your Custom Clear Vinyl Custom Stickers

    The shape and dimension of your clear vinyl sticker solely depend upon its usage. For instance, If you want a bunch of “No Smoking” clear vinyl, you should go round-shaped 4”x4” stickers. However, here a some of the built-in shapes we offer:

    • Round & Oval
    • Square & Rectangular.
    • Rounded Rectangular.

    After you are done with your shape, next comes the dimensions. For this, you need to decide where you want to put your die-cut clear vinyl stickers. You can give us your custom size in two dimensions height and weight (both in inches).

    Avail Of Our Quality Printing and Manufacturing Techniques for Your Custom Clear Vinyl Stickers

    The printing of your stickers is the part where you should put your money on. As we offer various types of printings, and all of them have their perks. Some of them last longer, while others can have detailed graphics. However, here the most popular techniques for printing that we use at our company.

    • Screen Printing or Serigraphy
    • Offset Printing
    • Lithography printing
    • Digital printing.

    Embrace Your Custom Clear Vinyl Stickers by Adding Additional Features

    The additional feature of anything adds life to it. Without extra add ons, your custom clear vinyl decals can not reach up to their full potential. Other get features can increase your sticker’s life, make them more exciting and worth enough. Following are the additional features you can add to your stickers.

    With the following add ons, you can get an enchanting effect on your clear vinyl labels.

    Give An Attractive Finishing to Your Custom Stickers with The Help of Coatings

    Without any coating, your clear vinyl sticker is just like on a hot road without any shoes. You may overlook its essential before getting it. However, layers on any sticker are as crucial as shoes under your feet. Get your sticker an attractive finish with the following coatings.

    • Gloss Coating
    • Matte Coating

    Based on the type of clear vinyl sticker printing, you can select the coating on your stickers. A gloss coating will give your clear vinyl sticker a shiny look, whereas a matte will add a frosted peer to the outer layer.

    Get Prototypes for Your Custom Stickers

    Before dispatching your full clear vinyl stickers wholesale order, we first provide our customers with prototype stickers. These prototype stickers will help you get a better understanding of your final product and will allow us to make necessary changes and improve the last batch of yours. With the help of prototypes, you can inspect your stickers in the following ways.

    • Flat View. (To detect any bubbles)
    • 3D Inspection (To check the quality of graphics)
    • Physical Sample. (To ensure the physical quality of the product)

    We encourage you to get a sample before your complete order; that helps both of us to evolve the custom vinyl stickers.

    Why Choose Us?

    We at premium custom stickers are dedicated to our jobs and give our best to provide the ultimate quality of sticker you are looking for. We work with original equipment manufacturers who can make every kind of customizations. With our wholesale custom clear vinyl labels, you can get our sample and see what quality of the product we provide the USA with.


    • How Do I Print My custom clear vinyl stickers?

    For printing your clear vinyl labels, you have to use a template. It is a file that shows the layout of the labels on your A4 sheet. You can also create a template by using the measurements from your clear vinyl sticker. Our templates are either word templates for use with graphics packages such as InDesign, Photoshop, etc.

    • What Type of sticker Is Adhesive Used for clear vinyl stickers?

    There are different adhesives that you can use to enable additional functionalities. Our clear vinyl stickers have bonded to achieve permanent application, removable application, durability, and environmental friendliness.

    • What Does Easy Apply Means for clear vinyl stickers?

    Easy apply refers to the innovative and time-saving tab stickering system for the divider range, which allows all types of stickers to be placed easily.