Custom Die Cut Vinyl Stickers


Either you are running an election campaign or want to decorate your restaurant or room with your favorite quotes and brand logo, custom die-cut vinyl stickers are just the right thing for you. For personal or professional use, custom die-cut vinyl decals can prove to be very beneficial for you. They are comfortable to stick, stylish, and durable. If you want something different then usual and typically shaped stickers, these custom cuts are best for you. 

When it comes to custom cuts, there are no rules for any design and shape. You are free to design them according to your requirement. We at Premium Custom Stickers will help you in creating the masterpiece of your dreams.


    Vinyl stickers are processed adhesive stickers prepared with polyvinyl chloride or more commonly known as PVC. Polyvinyl is the most versatile plastic used in many different things, such as food wraps, auto parts for cars, and many other stickers. 

    Custom printed die-cut vinyl decals are a versatile and cost-effective medium of communication among the general public. These stickers can spread your message among all demographics without any regular investment. Vinyl stickers have become a modish way to make a big splash.

    Which Material Will Be Best Suitable for My Custom die-cut Vinyl Stickers?

    There are a lot of materials available for the manufacturing of die-cut vinyl stickers. Still, the best material depends on your choice of application. If you want to stick them outdoor, you should go for raw vinyl stickers. These raw vinyl stickers are engineered to use on the outdoor applications. They are waterproof stickers that can withstand Ultra Violet rays and another environmental harshness, including rain, excessive sunlight. 

    You can use them on any plain surface, including metal, glass, vinyl woods, or even walls. The best thing about die-cut vinyl is that they do not leave any residue after removal. As the most recommended type to use on outdoor is raw vinyl, we also offer other most used kinds of stickers such as:

    • Glossy Removable die-cut vinyl stickers
    • Matte removable die-cut vinyl stickers
    • Glossy removable die-cut vinyl stickers
    • Clear die-cut vinyl.
    • Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Stickers. 

    Types of Custom Die-Cut Vinyl Stickers which Our Company Offers

    Die-cut vinyl stickers come in many different tones, sizes, and thicknesses. These stickers are prepared through the die cutter with vinyl facing up and the paper carrier sheet down. However, vinyl comes in two basic types, the right up sticker for the opaque surface. While we also offer stickers for windows, also known as inverted stickers. 

    The best example for an inverted sticker is McDonald’s drive-through stickers to place on the glass from the inside. 

    Still, these both types can be further subcategorized into the following types:

    • Heat transferred die-cut vinyl stickers.
    • Adhesive die-cut vinyl

    Heat transferred die vinyl is placed using heat guns. They are prepared with a pre-installed adhesive that comes into action with the little application of heat. While on the other hand, adhesive stickers do not require any heat and can place straight just by peeling off the transparent sheet behind them.

    Select Amazing Shapes and Dimensions for Your Custom Die-cut Vinyl Stickers

    Though die-cut stickers can be designed into shape based on your requirements, however, you can also get some of the precuts such as:

    • Cut-outs
    • Ephemera die-cuts
    • Paper Embellishments cuts

    Avail our Quality Printing and Manufacturing Techniques for Your Custom Die-Cut Vinyl Stickers

    The quality of your vinyl stickers is based on your budget. Well, most stickers companies will tell you this. However, we offer the best quality printing at minimum rates. We offer a custom die vinyl sticker with no minimum quantity. The following are the printing technique we use:

    • Offset printing
    • Digital printing
    • Screen printing 

    Embrace Your Custom Die-cut Vinyl Stickers by Adding Additional Features 

    There are countless additional features that you can get with our services. These features will help you add grace, elegance, durability, and attraction to your custom die-cut vinyl wall decals. However, if you think your stickers are better off without any additionals and works well without them, you cannot avail them.  

    Here are some of the most commonly availed feature that we offer:

    •       Spot UV
    •       Embossing
    •       Debossing
    •       PVC Sheet
    •       Hot Stamping
    •       Silver/Gold Foiling

    Give an Attractive Finishing to Your Custom Die-Cut Vinyl Stickers with The Help of Coatings

    Without any coating, your stickers can not make a lasting impression. Your custom die-cut vinyl car decals have the ability to attract a broader range of new customers or voters. So, make it last longer. Through proper coating, you can make them last for years. The layers we offer at Premium Custom Stickers are as following:

    • Gloss Coating.
    • Matt Coating.  

    Get Prototypes for Your Custom Die-cut Vinyl Stickers

    We at Premium Custom Stickers encourage our clients to look at their custom printed die-cut vinyl decals briefly. The prototypes can be beneficial for both buyers and manufacturers. They can help us in the following ways:

    • Provides functionality and synergy.
    • Able to make actual contact. 
    • It allows us to detect flaws at an early stage and saves a lot of time and money.
    • It helps to develop the sticker with the user feedback.

    Why Choose Premium Custom Stickers for die-cut vinyl?

    Premium Custom Sticker can be your lifetime and trusted supplier of stickers. We know to build trust with the value your time and money that you are investing in our product.  Premium Custom Stickers can be your best option for wholesale custom die-cut vinyl decals.  


    What are suitable surfaces to use vinyl?

    Our die-cut vinyl stickers can be applied to any surface. They have adequate thickness, so even if you have an uneven surface, no problem. When it is applicable for un-even cover, smooth and flat surfaces are like icing on top of the dessert. 

    What is the removable adhesive?

    Removable adhesive is the best thing that you can have for stickers. You can easily stick and take off any die-cut sticker without leaving the sticky residue in simple words. 

    Where can I get customized die-cut stickers? 

    At PremiumCustomStickers! We offer great customization for your die-cut stickers; you will not feel the need to go anywhere. We make sure everything is available under one roof.